Liz Gunn’s Mother of all Revelations

Liz Gunn’s Mother of all Revelations


In the past day truly explosive information has been made available from a New Zealand whistleblower, “Winston Smith”, whom we now know worked in the Ministry of Health, who worked with and interpreted data that he had been working on that reveals in a very specific way the true extent of the effects of the vaccines that New Zealanders were cajoled and bullied (and in many, cases, mandated), into taking.

The data was so specific that it revealed clusters of deaths, mainly (and inexplicably) in the South Island, right down to a specific pharmacy in Invercargill where a full 30% of people who took the jab there subsequently died.

This information is now truly out there on the international stage thanks to Liz Gunn’s videos and now to a lecture by Steve Kirsch at MIT who has guided people to how they can access this data so that, by now, there will be many people from all around the world (not just in New Zealand) who have downloaded the database and are busy crunching the data.

Here is the latest from Steve Kirsch:

It is out there and should be something of a nuclear bomb.

What has been revealed  is so shocking, so specific, that any NZ public servant who was involved in collecting and collating this data was implicated – knowingly or unknowingly in a deeply-criminal endeavour. They are just as involved as people who kept statistical records of genocides in the past.

The weight of this was clearly too much of a burden for the statistician who we know as “Winston Smith” (yes, the lead character from George Orwell’s 1984) who decided that he could not sit on this bomb and went public. “Winston” is a gentle and selfless hero as can be seen in his video appearances with Liz Gunn.

I have been concerned about all this in a way I shall explain, from the moment Liz Gunn annouced her coming M.O.A.R ‘(Mother Of All Revelations’) just before the November election in NZ.

Well, now, unfortunately Winston has been outed and the NZ media is all over the story.

What is not surprising is that the NZ media, already up to their necks in their involvement in a criminal endeavour by repeating lies and inversions of the truth that would make George Orwell blanch, such as “there have only been four deaths from the vaccine” and generally calling the truth lies and vice versa, have leapt on the story.

What is more surprising is the speed with which they have acted – within hours of Steve Kirsch’s lecture. All this makes me think that the spooks have been aware of Winston’s identity for a while, probably since Liz Gunn’s first video and have been waiting to pounce, like a cat with a mouse in its sights, to take action at the appropriate moment.

Last night I saw the media headlines, then came across these comments from Billy te Kahika that made me sit up and pay attention:


And so it begins for poor ‘Winston Smith’.

The work about causal mortality correlated to the VX  he has done is fantastic and it, along with data from scientists like Dr Guy Hatchard, overlaid with data from all around the world, is condemning of governments – including our own.

Thanks to the exploitative way he has been presented he will now suffer persecution.  I am deeply concerned for him.

Just like the way the Baby Will case was exploited for attention leading to a disaster – this has been done in the same way and this man’s head is going to roll.  Read this article below – it is just the beginning for him.

We need to stand behind him – he is now a target and I know what that means and what it feels like.

When dealing with witnesses or informants the number 1 rule always is to protect & safe guard them.  When are we going to learn this is not about headlines?

May God protect him & his whanau if he has one – I will be praying for him tonight with all of my heart.

What Billy has said has confirmed concerns that I have had since before the NZ election.

To give some background for those unfamiliar with NZ politics there were people trying to bring what is a tiny opposition movement together and to vote for the party that was most likely to get into parliament and to be able to make a difference.

It became obvious that that party would be the New Zealand First Party led by Winston Peters, who had been in coalition with Jacinda Adern’s Labour government in its first term, when we had the first covid lockdowns but before the mass “vaccination” campaign.

In the leadup to the 2023 election, Liz Gunn announced that she and her NZ Loyal Party were standing in the election and essentially, through their main backers, Counterspin Media, to campaign AGAINST Peters. When It became clear that there was no hope that the Party was not going to get sufficient votes to get her anywhere near a seat in parliament the rhetoric became quite nasty and Liz Gunn made the claim that she was going to get 2 million votes (something that, in my mind betrays an unbelievable degree of delusion).

As it turned out on election night, NZL did not get 2 million votes but received just over 1% of the votes, admittedly well ahead of any of the other minor parties, whereas NZ First ended up not only getting back into parliament but being in a position that made them indispensable to the right block in coalition talks that allowed NZ First to reach a coalition agreement with the National and ACT parties that I would never have thought possible and that potentially allows for the maximum degree of change possible within the political arena.

It is in this context that we have Liz Gunn’s M.O.A.R, which was dangled in front of us just before election night, when those of us with a head to think knew which way things were going.

Liz Gunn does not seem to me to be one to ever acknowledge her failings, let alone fall on her sword (who ever does that in politics these days?!), so I see her M.O.A.R partially at least, was her response to an election disaster.

Personally, when I heard her first video on this I was somewhat sceptical that we would ever hear more about it.

In fact I was proven wrong.

I fully embrace the information revealed by “Winston Smith” but immediately had concerns about how this was brought to our attention.

The first thing that leapt out at me was that the  video started with “Winston” explaining his background and his motives, in which he became quite emotional and asked to start over again, allowing us to hear a repeat.

This was never edited out.

That is not because there was no editing, because there are clear signs of editing later in the interview.

But the more alarming thing was that, apart from giving him a false name, there was no attempt whatsoever to hide his identity. This may have been because he didn’t want to hide his identity, but a responsible person would have counselled him not to do that and provided him with some protection by hiding his face and disguising his voice.

In general, the way such supremely-important information was released was, in my opinion, borderline – inept.

Such important information, and you had two people in front of a camera looking at material on a flat-screen TV!

They could surely have done better given what was at stake.

The very least that could have happened would have been to provide a screenshare.

What would have been better still would have been to have had this information “from an anonymous source” written up in a printed article with all the relevant graphs provided.

But none of that happened, and we are left with Billy te Kahika’s comments that in my mind largely hit the mark.

At the moment it looks as if the Deep State is preparing itself to go after Winston. It may well be that any precautions that could have been made would have come to naught because our security organs may have been aware from the outset.

A responsible person (and I can only think of Julian Assange) would have sat on the information, and kept it in great secrecy until it could be released in a way that provided everything people needed to know and protected the whistleblower.

But we have few in this country that appear to be aware of all this.

Certainly not Liz Gunn.

Admittedly, there will be information that I am not privy to.

These are simply my reflections based on the information I have at my hands.

My feeling is that there are few heroes in this saga.

We have a few in this country whom I will not mention because of the risk that I may leave someone out.

We have the government, the public servants and the media, who literally have blood on their hands.

We have the vast majority of people who have swallowed all the propaganda and allowed themselves to be jabbed and will continue to do so, with no idea of the risk.

But it is the others who give me room for concern.

We have many who are aware of the dangers of the jab and do not want to be told that they have to have it.

What upsets me is the sometimes aggressive tribalism amongst the tiny number who stand in opposition to all this. It seems to me that people do not take time to properly research the matter but decide which ´side’ they stand on.

When this information came out I sent it out far and wide.

Mostly, I think people could not see what the big deal was because they didn’t look. One example was someone who came back with the reflexive comment that this was nothing more than what Guy Hatchard had presented.

For all my respect for Guy and all he has done, I have to say that this data is at the very least the equal of anything Guy has been privy to. The person obviously had not listened properly.

Or even worse, it could be case of rejecting the evidence because it came from the “wrong” side.  Its like, if you are a Voices for Freedom person you are not going to listen to something that comes through Liz Gunn.

All of this is what I call ‘contempt prior to investigation’ and it is rampant in this country.

I am unwell and largely homebound so I am not privy to everything people are saying apart from what I see on social media. However, I have the impression that a lot of people in the movement are more than happy to leave all the “negative” stuff behind them and focus on politics.

What has transpired in the past few days should have the effect of concentrating people’s minds and bringing them back to the crime that has been, and continues to be perpetrated against us.

But will it?

I am not so sure.

For those who are putting their hope in politics and think Winston Peters is going to deliver some sort of miracle I would counsel them to pay attention to the Minister of Health in the new Coalition, Shane Reti:

“There are many conspiracy theorists out there who unfortunately disseminate harmful disinformation, however, as Minister and as a physician, the public can and should continue to have confidence in vaccines. I am reassured by experts confirming that there is no evidence supporting the allegations that have been made.”

Does this give you room for hope?

Not me!

I cannot but come back to the words of the other “Winston” – the whistleblower – “the Truth shall,set you free”.

That is what I take refuge in – not people, not movements.


It has been suggested by one person close to Counterspin that NZ Health “has no recourse” because we have the Protected Disclosures (Protection of Whistleblowers) Act 2022, designed to protect whistleblowers:

In response to this I would point out that we have the Bill of Rights.

But to what avail has that been to people trying to exercise their rights over the past 3 years?


While I was writing this Steve Kirsch announced that the company that was hosting his account “inactivated” it.

A sure sign of guilt!

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