Lockdown in Lower Hutt; photo essay

Lockdown in Lower Hutt; photo essay

I have put together a photo essay on the lockdown highlighting all the inconsistencies and injustices done to small businesses.

You can see the photo essay HERE

Not much activity at the mega COVID testing site on a late Sunday morning

But there is a queue on the main street to get the jabĀ 
Any businesses that cater to people’s basic needs – greengrocers, butchers – have been ordered to close while businesses that sell boutique food catering to the more well-off are open for business!

During the last lockdown butchers and vegetable shops were forced to shut down while the supermarkets, practically given monopoly rights, became the only places for people to shop along with some boutique shops that cater to the elite.

It looks as if this is being repeated this time.


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