Mainstream DENIES death of teenager UNRELATED to vaccine

Mainstream DENIES death of teenager UNRELATED to vaccine

I have developed a respect for what Kelvyn Alp is doing although I probably don’t agree with his politics.


We are told to “follow the science” by hand-picked “experts”, but real science is not what they mean. What the establishment stalwarts wish, is for people to blindly follow dictates that have no basis in genuine scientific investigation and is more like the new religion, scientism.

As the “Covid-19” narrative crumbles, the actual science exposes everything from faulty tests to manufactured infection rates and relabelling of the common cold & influenza. It certainly doesn’t take a medical specialist to see that this so-called “deadly pandemic” is not dropping people like flies after an aerosol bombardment. In fact, it’s probably the lamest “deadly pandemic” ever manufactured, but the PR spin has been very effective in achieving desired results.

As Counterspin has stated from its inception, any “pandemic” would be driven by the jabs being dished out like hors d’oeuvre at a cocktail party. This is most certainly a case of the cure being worse than the disease. The lack of journalistic integrity and inquiry by fake media, is not only a disservice to the public, but does, without a doubt, make them complicit in the preventable death and maiming of so many.

The ‘New World Order’ has been rebranded as ‘The Great Reset’. The plan has always been depopulation, control, and transhumanism via war/civil unrest, starvation/food shortages and disease/never-ending “covid” variants, all exacerbated by climate change.

Big pharma, big tech, fake news and fake science have all conspired with agents of The Great Reset, identifying as democratically elected leaders the world over, to hoodwink a fearful and desperate populace into taking a jab, they claim to have recently developed to combat covid.

Yet in a 2017 CBSN interview, referencing the World Economic Forum Davos meeting, Bill Gates (with no science & no medical background, it must be added) discusses a new way of building novel DNA/RNA vaccines as a solution to an epidemic, as though it were a computer program.

The NZ Great Reset agents would like us to believe that the mRNA vaccines minimise transmission and yet stated under OIA that reducing transmission was not an outcome measured in trials of the Pfizer vaccine.   

Furthermore, reports of adverse reactions are being covered up by the medical establishment & families are being urged not to discuss them.    

With reports of 4 teenage deaths in NZ within 2 weeks of receiving the jab, a group of honest & brave medical professionals and scientists are calling for the vaccine rollout to be stopped.

NZDSOS state even the remotest suspicion of vaccine harm must be immediately and transparently investigated. PM Adern’s suspiciously rapid public denials were insulting to the investigation process, and to Isabella’s family, and a major red flag.

Heart attacks in the young are incredibly rare. NZDSOS have been alerting the government for months about suspicious deaths, especially in younger patients, and clusters in rest homes, that require a close look, even on a ‘just in case’ basis.

They seem to be deaf, and looking the other way, like many other governments.  At some point the worldwide vaccine death count will be admitted, but too late for tens of thousands dead and millions already reported injured.

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In the case of the death of Isabella Alexander the authorities jump in to say they KNOW, without an autopsy, that her death was not from the vaccine but do not bother to explain how a very healthy, 17 year-old can suddenly have a heart attack after taking the jab.


Chief Coroner & judge Deborah Marshall said she was aware of “ongoing speculation” about the death of the teenager which was recently referred to the Coroner’s Court.

“Based on the information available to date, it does not appear that the death in question is linked to the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine.”

“However, this issue will be investigated carefully by the coroner and pertinent information will be requested from various agencies, including the Covid-19 Vaccination Independent Safety Monitoring Board.

“It could be a number of months before the final post-mortem report is received and all information relating to this death is obtained from relevant agencies.”

Given that the vaccine is being called into question by medical & scientific experts, would an immediate FULL investigation not be of utmost importance?


Coroners are like judges. They are qualified lawyers appointed as judicial officers to look into unexpected, violent or suspicious deaths to find out what happened.

Coroners make comments or recommendations if something can be done to prevent similar deaths happening again. Coroners don’t hold trials. They don’t blame people or punish them.

Judge Deborah Marshall is the Chief Coroner and was appointed to that position in February 2015. She took over from Judge Neil MacLean, who was appointed as the first Chief Coroner in February 2007.

Judge Marshall attended Auckland University, gaining a BA and LLB(Hons).

After gaining her law degree, Judge Marshall joined Meredith Connell, the Office of the Crown Solicitor in Auckland. She became a senior crown prosecutor and a partner in that firm in 2003.

During her time at Meredith Connell, Judge Marshall was involved in criminal prosecutions and was also on the medico-legal team, acting as counsel in inquests and providing advice to many health-related organisations.

After leaving Meredith Connell in 2011, Judge Marshall worked part time as general counsel for the Serious Fraud Office and was a legal advisor to Professional Conduct Committees set up by the Medical Council of New Zealand. In January 2013 she was appointed as a coroner in Auckland.

To be appointed as a coroner, a person must have held a practising certificate as a barrister and solicitor for at least 5 years.

Coroners are appointed under section 103 of the Coroners Act 2006. Other relevant provisions are in sections 104 to 114. The Governor-General makes the appointments on the advice of the Attorney General after consultation with the Minister of Justice.

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Here is the mainstream news article on this

Speculation that the death of an Auckland teenager’s death was related to the Covid-19 vaccine is incorrect, the Chief Coroner has said.

Recent online rumours have been spread about the death of a teenager being linked to the Pfizer vaccine.

Chief Coroner Judge Deborah Marshall said she was aware of the speculation of the death of the teenager, which was recently referred to the coroners court.

“Based on the information available to date, it does not appear the death in question was linked to the Pfizer Covid vaccine.

Covid-19: Woman with medical issues dies from myocarditis, rare side-effect of Pfizer vaccine

However, this issue will be investigated carefully by the coroner and information will be requested from various agencies, including the Covid-19 Vaccination Independent Safety Monitoring Board.”

Marshall said it could be a number of months before the final post-mortem report was received and all information relating to the death was obtained.

The coroner’s findings would be made available once the inquiry has been completed, Marshall said.

To date, only one death in New Zealand has been linked to the Pfizer Covid vaccination.

The woman in her 50s, had other medical issues, and died from myocarditis, which is known to be a rare side effect of the Pfizer vaccine, the Ministry of Health said.

Myocarditis is an inflammation of the heart muscle wall. There are many possible causes of myocarditis – the most common is viral infection – and more than 100 people get hospital treatment for it in New Zealand every year.

An Israeli study has found myocarditis occurred in 2.7 per 100,000 persons vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine. The same study found that the risk of myocarditis with Covid-19 was 4 times higher (11.0 per 100,000 persons infected).

That case was still active before the coroner and the causes and circumstances of the death were yet to be determined.

More than 4.2 million doses of the vaccine have been administered since the roll-out began and more than 1.4 million Kiwis have had two doses.

Rumours and political spin can make it difficult for Kiwis to get vital pandemic information. Our journalists only use reliable sources, verified facts and accurate data. We’re committed to ensuring every New Zealander can trust what they’re being told about cases, health advice, locations of interest and vaccinations.

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Rest In Peace Isabella Alexander



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