Mandatory vaccine in Britain

Mandatory vaccine in Britain

UK Government Passes 

Forced Vaccination Act l 

Mandatory Coronavirus 


The UK Government has just amended their Public Health (control of disease) 

Act which I will refer to as the UK government forced vaccination act. This 

extremely extensive amendment seems to act as quite a planned and 

aggressive coronavirus /covid 19 counter measure put in place in order to force 

mandatory vaccinations upon the UK citizens. FACT – The document itself has 

been issued directly from the UK government and can be found on their website. 

The evidence is extremely compelling and disturbing, The amendments have 

taken place in the Public Health Act 1984, by the UK government and it basically 

depicts the dark future of mandatory vaccines in the UK. The official name of the 

Act is Public Health Control Of Diseases Act 1984. This act gives the UK 

government executive authority within regards to issuing mandatory vaccines to 

anyone of their citizen with zero judiciary process. This act will allow the UK 

government to force vaccines basically upon anyone it chooses. The funny thing 

is that this “forced vaccination act has not seem to have made the news. This 

Act which has just been amended by the government is a lengthy read and I 

cover the key main points in this video so please do yourself a favor and read it 

for yourself. web link –…

 I first found out about this news on Mr Cheswick’s channel, then I did my own 

extensive research and came to my own conclusion after reading the document 

in detail. Thnak you Mr Cheswick for initially spotting this and bringing it to my 


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