Marburgs – the next pandemic

Marburgs – the next pandemic

I am putting this out with some urgency.  I shall be covering this further tomorrow.

EMERGENCY Defence against WHO – No More Virus Psyops – The Facts/Astrid Stückelberger,Dr. Lee Vliet

Former WHO Executive on International Health Regulations & Human Rights, Dr. Astrid Stückelberger from Geneva, Switzerland, is joined by Dr. Lee Vliet and Ann Vandersteel, from the United States talking to Pascal Najadi about the new WHO artificial Marburg Virus Pandemic Psyop, the lethal mRNA Vaccines, the complicit Main Stream Media and how to create the effective Defence against the subversive WHO trying to usurp our Nations’s Sovereignty. This time we the People will stop the WHO in her Tracks. Exit the inhuman WHO. Humanity is now United across the World against WHO and her actors.

The Presumption of Innocence applies to Swiss President and Health Minister Alain Berset

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