Mark Steyn quits GB News

Mark Steyn quits GB News

BREAKING: Legendary news anchor, Mark Steyn, quits GB News after they threaten to make him pay fines to the media regulators for casting doubt on safety of C•19 vaccines. Significant loss for GBNEWS.

There were ever only two reasons for watching GB news – Neil Oliver and Mark Steyn

Mark Steyn savages GB News

This week Mark Steyn became the latest star to leave GB News, following a lengthy leave of absence for health reasons. The TV shock jock has made a name for himself with his diatribes about the Covid vaccine. But it seems that not all at the channel welcomed Steyn’s multiple Ofcom investigations. The presenter uploaded a resignation video on Monday, complaining that TV bosses wanted to make him financially liable for any fines imposed because of his show’s output and calling CEO Angelos Frangopoulos an ‘habitual liar.’

And it seems that Steyn is not done yet unloading on his former colleagues. Announcing the launch of his first ‘post cardiac Steyn Shows‘ on Wednesday, his website attacked the ‘duplicitous weasels of GB News’ and sneered at the channel’s supposed ratings. ‘At one point yesterday GB News was down to 700 viewers. As Mark observed, it would be more cost-effective to invite them all round to the car park at Watford Gap’. Why such a shift from the onetime GB favourite? Could it be the lack of any public signs of remorse from Steyn’s colleagues at his departure?

Not a bit of it, according to the Canadian’s website: ‘There has been a lot of chatter on Twitter about how no one at GB News is standing with Mark. Well, Alexandra and Eva and Leilani certainly are, and we are very grateful to them’ it writes, in a promotion for a show with three guests which discusses:

Different aspects of the Big Picture, from the war on farming to the war on basic biology. They also find time to mull the British state censors at OffComm and the death of free speech in the wider west, and to ponder whether Klaus Schwab is pregnant.

Good to see that Mark has landed on his feet. And if you’re still looking for a gift for Valentine’s Day, why not get her a trip on the ‘first post-Covid Mark Steyn Cruise’? It offers ‘plenty of chances to meet, schmooze and hector me and my guests’ with former congresswoman Michele Bachmann among those listed online.

Who needs GB News, eh?

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