Martial Law: Trudeau to Seize Bank Accounts of Freedom Convoy Truckers and Supporters

Martial Law: Trudeau to Seize Bank Accounts of Freedom Convoy Truckers and Supporters

NATO ally Canada is now under a state of martial law. It’s Justin Trudeau’s payback to Canadian truckers who bravely defied his illegal order to force them to be injected with the World Economic Forum’s gene therapy human bio-medical operating system. We have details about Trudeau’s revenge against Canadian truckers who want freedom from tyranny.

Rick Wiles. Doc Burkhart. Airdate 2/15/22.

3 thoughts on “Martial Law: Trudeau to Seize Bank Accounts of Freedom Convoy Truckers and Supporters

  1. The thrust of Wiles approach is quite understandable despite his exaggerated (American) style. Trudeau has always been roundly criticized in Canadian media, with no problems accruing. It’s only this particular truckers’ event in Ottawa and other strategic protest spots that are the focus of Trudeau’s current draconian effort.

    It can easily stand as a rehearsal for future activation of security measures and planned infringement on civil rights when things everywhere start getting more chaotic. Bringing the Emergency Act into play at this time is definitely crossing into the threshold of control of the masses.

    How the majority who have accepted the pressing regimen of vaccinations, tests and confusing onslaught of information and pronouncements, how they will react then to this eventual attempt at more expanded control can’t be presently predicted.

    Whether they will help enforce it to keep trapped the less-than-10% who are un-vaxxed Canadians, or whether they have a panic reaction themselves to what extreme Climate Change brings is still speculation. As an individual, one may have a good idea where it’s all headed. But at this point, not likely the majority.

    The only place one can continue to be truly free is within one’s inner self (for want of a better expression), where only one person has the entry key. To deserve the real freedom residing there first requires more than a bit of forethought and dedicated practice.before the process is established and then remains continual. Easily said.

  2. Chance to add note for Robin, which have wanted to do for some time.

    Don’t recall when I first started noticing. That the lines of some of the articles are cut off at the right margin. Cannot make out how many spaces & characters are missing, though usually never enough that the article can’t be understood.

    Not sure, but it might be happening in those articles where a video is embedded?!? And/or does it depend on whether the reader is using a tablet or a computer?

    Always appreciative of your work, Robin.

    Cheers!!! Wesley

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