2 thoughts on “MASS PSYCHOSIS – How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL

  1. This is excellent….after viewing this I
    definitely have a better understanding of what is happening at the present time….. highly recommend this video … many thanks for all the work you do, Robin, and wishing you all the best ..

  2. Marvellous creativity in those drawings. Artist’s exhaustion, completely understandable.

    My soul-amending friend says people in these times may not have the leisure to read Carl Jung’s work covering 20+ large volumes, recommends instead his fascinating easy-to-read autobiography — Memories, Dreams, Reflections. Besides being a psychologist and artist, Jung was an astrologer who said we were approaching the threshold of the Aquarian Age, symbolized by a figure pouring water for those who thirst (Communism is an Aquarian movement), and are near the end of 2,000-plus years of the Piscean Era, symbolized by 2 fish tethered together (a time when the problem of opposites reigns — the fight between good & evil, swinging from love to hate and back, and so on).

    Aquarius is the zodiac sign of the Collective, and my friend (who also practices astrology) claims, during the early years of this period, the rights of the Individual will go begging. But aren’t we going into mass extinction? Despite things getting pretty hot, he feels there will be ‘pockets of survival.’ Mass psychosis? The vaccines are going to be taking care of that, right?

    My friend’s words: If it’s one’s Fate to survive, that’s what will happen!

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