Massacre in Kramatorsk by Russian Iskander: Dozens of American, Polish & British soldiers dead – “Beheading” of 56th Brigade

Massacre in Kramatorsk by Russian Iskander: Dozens of American, Polish & British soldiers dead – “Beheading” of 56th Brigade

WarNews24/7 is reporting on this HERE

UPDATED 3:42 PM EDT — U.S./NATO HQ in Kramatorsk Reportedly “Hit” by Russian Missile(s) – Conflicting Claims and Blame

Late yesterday, June 27, 2023, reports began FLOODING out of Kramatorsk, Ukraine, that a Hotel/Restaurant in Kramatorsk had been brutally hit by “Russian” Missiles, and NUMEROUS American-English Speakers — and troops with American Flag patches — could be heard and seen in the aftermath.

Kramatorsk, once a city of 150,000 inhabitants, is the last major urban center under Ukrainian control in the east of the country. It lies about 30 kilometres (18 miles) from the frontline.

Photos and video proved there was, in fact, a missile strike.  Those photos and video also PROVED American troop-type people were hit, some injured, some killed.

Within an hour, Ukraine publicly claimed that innocent children and “American tourists” were the victims. 

“Tourists?” In military uniforms?   In an area 30 or so miles from the active front lines that is being shelled almost daily now, after the loss of Bakhmut??


Then, some damning pictures came out showing the remnants of a missile trail in the sky over the hotel, and worse, missile debris on the ground PROVING the missile was a British Storm Shadow missile.    Russians don’t use those . . . .

About an hour ago, the Ukrainian Air Force tried to strike again, but something went wrong.

The Storm Shadow missile suddenly changed trajectory dramatically, hitting

This morning, the story has changed quite a bit – TWICE !

First there was a claim that the Ukraine Air Force “accidentally” targeted the hotel.  Well, that might certainly be possible and would explain the Storm Shadow missile debris.   It would also explain the extensive damage – it could, in fact, have been a Russian missile and then a Ukrainian missile by mistake.

But wait, the story changed yet again. 

NATO Troops have been using this place for awhile and posting on social media, complete with geo-tags!

MOREOVER, American Mercenaries also posting to social media that THEY use the place:

Word is out this morning that officials are looking for the people who betrayed the secret meeting taking place, to the Russians.”

Secret meeting?  With Americans and other NATO troops, under arms and in military uniforms?  Inside the war zone of Ukraine?


Freshly obtained video also shows this so-called “Pizza Restaurant” was, in fact, a military Baracks and Headquarters:


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