2 thoughts on “Massive Bio-Structures Found in Bodies of the Vaccinated

  1. Hairs with “reptilian scales” hahahaha. The damned Reptoids are in on it too!

    This is a poisoning the well op.

    The clots and amyloidosis are real, the nanobots no so much. Dowd and Celia Farber do not mention anything along the cyborg lines, though there is an implication that they do in the clip. Guilt by association so we can dismiss all this as kook city.

    It is an old game, that it is why one should stick to ethical scientists not tabloid “exposes”.

  2. I saw those “reptile scales” quite a while ago. At least 5-6 months ago on La Quita Columna. They described them as “plant like structures.” Because they found kinks in the “tubes” that looked the way plants kink and grow.

    If the Water Hydra DNA splice /straight injection evidence/theory, holds any water, that would make more sense. Pun intended.

    Things look different than you would expect under a microscope. My layman eyes see “scales” but it could be anything. In fact a single hair under a microscope looks pretty similar.

    In the USA if they get approval for inclusion of cv injections for school attendance. It creates a loophole, where they can force it on adults without a new law.

    In Canada you are at the whim of some goof. They only suspended the vaccine mandate for national travel. They demand truckers be vaccinated and the travel ban can be reinstated at anytime.
    You cannot get proper medical treatment without injections or a Chinese nasal swab with ethylene oxide and who knows what other toxins, before each visit. B.O.H.I.C.A.

    I am not a fan of INFOWARS. Though I wish more morticians would spread the word. I have seen John O Looney, and maybe 1 or 2 other guys with commonweath accents. I forget if they were UK, AU, or NZ.

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