Massive turnout in Washington DC

Massive turnout in Washington DC


First, the Orwellian headlines (tucked under world news)

Trump has made little headway in the courts with his lawsuits and for the first time on Friday he began to sound doubtful about his prospects, telling reporters “time will tell” who occupies the White House from Inauguration Day on 20 January.

Flag-carrying Trump supporters, some chanting “Stop the steal!” and “We are the champions!”, streamed into a rallying point at Freedom Plaza near the White House in downtown Washington and were due to head toward the US Supreme Court building.

The demonstrations in Washington and other cities featured a mix of the president’s backers, including conservative personalities as well as members of the far-right Proud Boys group and Oath Keepers militia in a public display of support for his effort to stay in power.

Trump’s motorcade briefly drove slowly through the crowds on his way from the White House to his golf course in Sterling, Virginia.

Flag-waving supporters chanted “USA!” and “Four more years!” as the cars rolled by.

Outside the course, anti-Trump demonstrators waved signs including, “We voted – You’re Fired.”

As the marches kicked off, Biden told reporters in Delaware that he was getting closer to forming his Cabinet.

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