One thought on “Max Igan: Something Major Will Happen Before The End of This Year!

  1. Am not watching this video, but will respond to the accompanying statement, presumably Mr Igan’s: “Something Major Will Happen Before The End of This Year!”

    Have seen him only once, when the pandemic was starting up, and he said: “There’s no virus.” Yeah, sure. Maybe he’s changed his tune ?!?

    Something ‘major’ already has happened. My friend and soul brother, So(u)lAmigo and I have discussed this event as an important symbolic indicator of one aspect of the current times — an event featured in Robin’s blog.

    Why the eruptions on the Spanish island of La Palma are in a strong sense symbolic is that they appear to be the ‘canary in the coal mine’ for present & coming *earth changes,* likely of the civilization-changing kind. Fate has been helpful in giving us an easy clue, because, after all, the on-going Santa Cruz de La Palma fireworks are taking place among the Canary Islands, where birds of this particular feather are found in great numbers.

    For notable developments, trends, etc, whether for ‘good’ or for ‘bad,’ in the world, my friend considers Japan to be ‘the canary in the coal mine,’ as it’s the first among the major of advanced nations west of the international dateline to meet ‘the rising sun’ (and therefore first to suffer, experience, invent, make popular, etc —- e.g., mass mercury poisoning, sarin gas attack, atomic bombing, nuclear meltdown from quake/tsunami, lateral movement of entire 1/3 of country by 8 feet, supply chain rationalization, factory robotics, transistor-based communication devices, introduction of an early aircraft carrier for its Pacific-war navy, high-speed bullet train, around-the-world-under-water-without-surfacing submarine, greying of the population, and so on).

    The symbolism of the canary has been known to meet the reality test. However, whether or not we ignore canaries, in how they respond to stress situations or point to what’s coming around the corner, is up to us.

    Our present pandemic was marked by the rare conjunction of Saturn & Pluto, and the astrological view saw it happening in Capricorn, the ‘earth’ sign of high human achievements (so-called) for civilization (great engineering feats, corporate success, enhanced status through fame & fortune, and so on). Saturn is an ‘earth’ planet and Pluto is ‘water.’ ‘Conjunction’ is about joining forces… collaboration, collusion, or the like. But Saturn is the ‘taskmaster’; Pluto is the powerful ‘Fate’ planet (doesn’t matter if demoted by astronomers — it doesn’t care; it has its agenda). When the two get together, their fusion of difficult energies offers an escape route between ‘a rock and a hard place.’

    This 4th such get-together in about 2,000 years took place in 2020 on January 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th. On the 9th, the Chinese government announced the presence of Covid-19 in Wuhan and area.

    The previous Saturn-Pluto conjunction was in 1512 (my astrologer friend will let me know if I’m off on the exact year) when conquistador Hernan Cortes arrived off the east coast Yucatan, Mexico. By 1521, the Aztecs were completely conquered, and 2021 marked the 500th anniversary year (noted on ‘The Guardian’ news channel) of this great historical change in that area of the new world (not exactly a celebration among all Mexicans). At the same time in Europe, the Protestant Reformation was initiated by Martin Luther, a huge shift in religion, for certain.

    Robin had an article, dated 23rd September 2021, on the recent earthquake in Australia — 5.9 magnitude, he said. I left a comment, mentioning the term my soul brother uses: ‘Clusterings.’ Since then, there have been more quakes. Another 5.9 in Baluchistan Province, Pakistan, with 15 dead and 200 injured, 7th October. Again on 7th, a 5.9 around Tokyo, Japan, the first major quake since 3/11 2011 in north eastern Japan.

    And while the following are not exactly ‘earth changes,’ they are related. On 5th October, in Genoa, Italy, 74 centimeters of rainfall in 12 hours !!! On the same day, off the South California coast, an oil spill from a tanker… 3,000 barrels, which I think is over 400,000 litres.

    So, yes, clusterings of related events which concern our dear home, Planet Earth.

    There are 2 1/2 months to go before 2021 is over. There may be no major event taking place; there may be one far beyond the level of ‘major.’

    [—an error in a comment of mine in a former article, where I said December 21, 2012 was the end of the 5th great period of approximately 5,125 or so years of the Mayan calendar. My friend has since corrected me and said, it was the end of the 4th period. Sorry about that.—]

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