The number of COVID vaccine injuries is staggering

Knowledge transfer from brain-to-brain and remote control of the human body and mind is already reality

Vax deaths are suicide say life insurance companies

‘Highly virulent’ new HIV strain discovered in the Netherlands

British children up to 52 times more likely to die following a COVID shot: government report

This guy has been in my trunk since SATURDAY fully naked. It’s currently Tuesday.

Trudeau warns convoy protesters: “you now need to understand you are breaking laws,”

Brave Canadian Trucker In Ottawa Gives Swift Powerful Speech (End clip)

Nevada ending the mask mandate for children, check out their reaction


TWO million strong in Australia

Australia’s BIGGEST convoy descends on the capital

Huge Convoy to Canberra anti-mandate protest the biggest yet

A huge crowd swarmed to Canberra as the anti-mandate Convoy To Canberra protest gains momentum in the nation’s capital.

Last night traffic was brought to a standstill as cars, caravans, trucks and buses flooded into the city from all states.

The crowd today met at Commonwealth Park before starting the march to Parliament House where a range of speakers addressed the crowd.

Livestreams of the event struggled to broadcast online with many displaying ‘no signal’ messages on YouTube and Facebook.

Thousands chanted ‘SACK THEM ALL’ outside Parliament, frustrated by the lack of action in removing vaccine mandates and restrictions. Many in the crowd have lost their livelihoods due to the mandates, with some firefighters, paramedics, nurses and pilots wearing the uniforms they used to put on every day for work.

Protesters have been camping at Exhibition Park after their ‘tent city’ was moved on from outside the National Library.

They have been been given an eviction notice to vacate the site by Sunday so the grounds carry out ‘significant works’ in relation to the upcoming Royal Canberra Show held February 25 to 27.

Anyone who does not have a booking with EPIC, or are not employees, will be required to leave the area before Sunday or risk being accused of trespassing.

Organisers last weekend put out a call to come back today in bigger numbers, while the mainstream media in Australia continues to refuse to cover their cause.

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