Medicine in the covid era – a failed paradigm

Medicine in the covid era – a failed paradigm

The following is a copy of a letter that I have sent to my local medical centre. 

The doctor to whom this was addressed was never ever my choice but became “my doctor” by default because NZ government legislation requires people to be registered with one medical centre and will not allow them to seek out competent practitioners.

The government is now passing legislation which takes away the freedom to choose natural medicines whereby the bureaucrats will have the power to decide which products will be available to people (at huge cost) and which will not.

It is at once a complaint of the treatment I have had over the last 10 years and my thoughts (expressed to him) about the medical system that has aways failed those with chronic conditions that are not easily pinholed but affect several body systems but with the “covid pandemic” has become a completely failed paradigm.

I have not named either the medical centre in central Lower Hutt or the doctors involved.


To:Dr H. McC,

Over the summer period, the health condition I have had over the period I came to you with took a rapid turn for the worse. During that time I caught covid-19 (the second time I have had ‘flu’ in 15 years). I recovered from it relatively quickly but have had an aggravation of symptoms I have had for some years, so they cannot possibly be construed as “long covid” because they pre-existed.

These are the same symptoms I have reported since I first consulted you, but with an intensity that often keeps me bed bound for much of the day. They include:

  • Extreme and constant exhaustion
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness on standing
  • Chest pain that is quite distinct from gastric reflux
  • Loss of memory and loss of cognitive function, as identified by Wellington Hospital
  • Periodic shortness of breath

For years I have brought an account of these symptoms to you without once having had a discussion of what could be going on, or questions asked which would allow for a differential diagnosis to then decide what physical tests should be done.

I wish to explain why I have never returned for a consultation in the last 2 years and it is clearly not because I had no health issues that needed your attention. 

I came after seeing your junior doctor because I had started getting burning feet and altered sensation. I raised the findings of tests for homocysteine that I had done and paid for myself because your locum had refused them. I pointed out that low levels of homocysteine could be linked to serious conditions such as higher risk of strokes or kidney disease. He suggested a consultation with you. 

When I explained my symptoms of tingling, burning feet you asked, as I recall, no questions about these or any other symptoms but tested my reflexes, which may or may not have had relevance in a diagnosis or may have provided something to put in my notes.

I recall that no questions were asked or any explanation offered as to what might be behind this. Instead, your main interest appeared to be to ask me and my partner Pam what our intention with regard to “vaccination” was, despite the fact that Pam is not your patient.

From that moment I decided to forgo any further consultations as a fruitless exercise. Two years later I still have the exact same symptoms. 

The last time I was referred to anyone was in 2016 when I was referred by W.C to the neurology department at Wellington Hospital  where I received important tests of my physical and cognitive function. I later received a diagnosis of a condition called called Parkinson’s Plus. 

I have throughout rather expected that it is good practice to discuss the condition, recent tests etc but that has never happened. This is largely to provide some context to the situation and perhaps relieve some anxiety 

However, I recall no reference to any of this but rather, “what can I do for you today?”, all delivered with an uncomfortable feeling of being fobbed off and not taken seriously, despite diagnoses of sarcoidosis and Parkinsons.  No questions, no referrals – nothing but endless generic tests that without a clinical context mean nothing if a serious diagnosis and treatment plan is what is in mind.

One person who did want to talk about my blood tests was Dr. J.F who wanted to discuss my blood tests despite having no knowledge of my clinical history, apart from the notes in front of her. The last thing she had done on a previous visit was to suggest an online survey that I am sure was designed to demonstrate that I was clinically-depressed. 

You may recall that she wrote in her contemporaneous notes that I was abusive and threatened her with my stick, when the truth was nothing like that and I was being nothing more than emphatic although I did use the “f-word”, directed not at all at her but the suggestion of the use of an antihistamine as sleeping medicine. I am sure that the use of mistruths to justify one’s actions is not an example of high professionalism.

You will not be aware of another incident because I have never mentioned it.

For a while, I had consultations with Dr. K.while Dr. C was away. He was, indeed most thorough in his consultation and told me that the basis of my condition was obesity and assured me my symptoms would improve 50 % if only I lost weight. On a subsequent visit he was adamant I had sleep apneoa, something I found risible.

At the same stage the question of my clinical notes from Dr. C’s previous practice going missing in transit and the failure of anyone to try and track them down came up. In response to Dr. K’s irritation – “how dare you accuse our receptionist” – my own anger must have shown itself by my saying I was contemplating taking a complaint to the Health and Disability Commissioner. His response I still recall as if it was yesterday: he said – “what can I do to induce you not to take that course of action?” and offered me a free treatment.

I declined the kind offer, went out to pay and while I was paying my bill Dr. K rushed out to say he had a special fund.

This time I accepted his bribe.

Right at the beginning of my illness I was fortunate to have a doctor who realised the seriousness of an acute flare up of oedema and referred me immediately to hospital.  An exceptional doctor in A & E asked me many questions and did not give up until he had reached an interim diagnosis of sarcoidosis.

Other more mediocre doctors would have overlooked the seriousness of the situation and come to the conclusion that I was either suffering from depression (Dr. F) or from sleep apnoea (Dr.K).

That is in fact what has been allowed to develop into a serious, chronic illness. I hold this practice (with the possible exception of Dr. C, who tried his best), at least in part responsible for the situation I am in.

At no stage has anyone gone beyond the most routine of tests or taken my situation seriously. The tests (such as routine blood tests) appear to me to be nothing more than expensive ways of throwing me off the scent and to demonstrate that nothing serious was amiss.

It is common to ask what I would want from any negotiations. For me it has gone beyond any forlorn hope of a positive clinical outcome. Rather, I would be looking for some honesty from you and an acknowledgment of two possible situations.  

Either you are not sufficiently qualified to treat chronic conditions such as autoimmune diseases or chronic fatigue that go across several body systems, in which case you should have referred me to someone (if, indeed, they exist), 

A second scenario is one whereby you follow a dogma that I believe is taught in medical schools (you can tell me if this is an urban myth), that if a condition is not self-limiting and if commonly-prescribed medical tests fail to come up with anything, it is regarded as psychosomatic – in the patient’s head – something I believe is called somatisation symptom disorder.

I have a suspicion that you are going to regard me as a troublemaker and “suggest” I find another practitioner. 

I have two answers to this.

First, that as a patient I have the right to raise serious areas of concern without threat of reprisal.  

The second I can illustrate with an anecdote about Mullah Nasruddin, who was discovered sweating while he ate one hot chili after another. When asked why he was doing this he said: “I am looking for a sweet one”.

I have an appointment with you later this month. However, my health is too delicate to risk sitting in a waiting room, exposed to other very sick people so I hope you can find a way to accommodate this.

I look forward to a frank and honest discussion addressing what I have raised in this letter.

Thank you for your attention.

Yours sincerely,

Robin Westenra, Dip. Ac



I have a few words about covid19 and how I would see it diagnosed and treated from a traditional differential diagnosis point-of-view.

It makes sense to me that if a patient presents with serious shortness of breath the skilled practitioner will ask questions and follow up with tests to distinguish between two situations: a serious respiratory illness such as covid19 or a condition akin to altitude sickness whereby the blood is not carrying the oxygen to the lungs. 

These are two distinct clinical conditions. If you put a patient on a respirator if they have the second condition you will kill them, as occurred in New York in 2020.

Here is a discussion on this with Dr. Larry Pavlevsky, a New York pediatrician:

During my research I came across a South African doctor, Dr. Shankara Chetty who treated his rural patients with covid19 according to the presentations he saw in front of him. He treated, not with anti-viral medication, nor did he send them home as was happening in 2020, but followed his own clinical observations and treated, as I recall, with corticosteroids and, at a later stage, antihistamines. 

Unconventional, I grant, but he successfully treated many over 6000 patients this way and did not lose one patient, which is a lot more than can be said for protocol medicine in the West.

Here is a discussion about this between competent medical doctors:

In this country this would have been forbidden by the Ministry of Health and Dr Chetty would have shared the fate of the many doctors who have been mandated out of their practices for daring to think laterally or critically.

From my considerable research over the past 3 years I have come to the conclusion that the government position is an inversion of the true position, both during the covid lockdowns and now when we are told that “the pandemic is over” and that the mRNA shots (they are not vaccines by any classical definitions) are “safe and effective” for all.

The evidence shows none of this is true.

For instance, some time last year we were told by Prof. Michael Baker that the unvaccinated were many times more likely to end up in hospital. He never presented any statistics to justify such a position. 

But I found the official statistics published by the Ministry of Health. These clearly showed that, at a time when we were being reassured that the vaccines were “safe and effective”, by far the majority of cases ending up in hospital were the vaccinated and of these, the majority had received boosters.

These were official figures and one did not have to be very bright to draw the conclusions above. 

After Prof. Baker’s statements, the government stopped releasing these statistics. This has happened in other jurisdictions as well.

I wonder why.

We are constantly told to “follow the science”, but which science? 

The statements of health bureaucrats who never back up their statements from on high with any evidence? 

Or the experience of fully-credentialed medical practitioners such as cardiologists, and information derived from official data, whether released or leaked?

If you are pressed for time I recommend that you watch the statements below by a considerable number of your colleagues in the United Kingdom representing the interests of their patients:

Two things are clear to me:  

The idea that the “pandemic is over”, which led to a relaxation of policies and the ending of the mandates (but not for doctors, nurses and midwives who were mandated out of their jobs and continue to be punished), is completely false and very dangerous.

Right now, we have a situation in China where the relaxation  of their draconian “zero covid” policies there has seen an outbreak of covid with reports (hard to verify) that up to 900 million people (!) have been affected and very large numbers of people have died. 

And yet, in the midst of all this we have had the lunatic and truly alarming policy of the Jacinda Adern government to open up to flights from China.

At the same time, we have a situation where large numbers of people have died or been injured from the mRNA injections. 

Because of the censorship and the vicious campaign against the “vaccine”-injured and the unjabbed this is hard to substantiate in this country but we can infer from statistics from some other countries, including Australia.

Figures crunched by an amateur statistician show that the number of annualized deaths in New Zealand in 2022 was 20% higher than the annual average number of deaths over the 2015 to 2019, pre-pandemic period. Interestingly, the deaths in 2020, the year of the lockdowns, the figures were actually LOWER than average:

If this data could be dismissed as unreliable, data coming from the US insurance industry cannot.

Edward Dowd, who has a successful background in analyzing data and identifying trends from his career on Wall Street, has gone through several datasets from around the world, including the US Society of Actuaries, which has identified a 40% increase in deaths amongst the working population of 15-64 who were mandated, compared to 32% for the general population who in general were not. 

Furthermore, this increase corresponded with the far less virulent strain of covid-19, Omicron, when the pandemic should be finishing. 

The preponderance of sudden deaths from heart attacks and strokes and the increase in myocarditis and strokes has been dismissed and the most ludicrous of causes ascribed to this phenomenon.

A leaked Pfizer-CDC report shows that nearly half a million children and young adults have died since the introduction of vaccinations for children.

Case Unknown: the epidemic of sudden deaths in 2021 and 2022’

Fauci Lied; Children Died: Secret CDC Report confirms nearly 120k Youngsters ‘Died Suddenly’ in the USA by Oct. 2022 following roll-out of COVID Vaccines

In our personal sphere we had several unexplained deaths amongst acquaintances and neighbours, and know of at least 3 or 4 people who have had blood clots and not recovered. We have never encountered this before in our lifetimes. 

Another friend who, until being mandated from his job as a gravedigger, noticed that he was burying far more people in 2021 than at any time in the previous 30 years. 

While “anecdotal” this is scarcely coincidental, especially when compared with the statistics.

These reports in my opinion, are so damning and the information within them so alarming that I fully expect your mind to rebel and go into full denial. 

Nothing would delight me more than to be proved wrong.

However, I will proceed to deal with factual evidence and the opinions of more open-minded professionals rather than top-down assertions of medical and government bureaucrats, presented without a scintilla of objective data to back them up. 

I have left out of this the whole discussion about the wisdom of vaccinating the population in the midst of a pandemic and the question of antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE), as identified by vaccinologist, Geert vanden Bossche, that I believe is happening.

Put simply, the vaccinated are losing their immunity:

This is not in the letter, but is the perfect way to end. It perfectly illustrates the depths modern medicine has sunk to.



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