Medvedev: It’s Time Russia Crushes Ukraine

Medvedev: It’s Time Russia Crushes Ukraine

REPORTS: Ukraine Begins “Main Thrust” of “Counter-Offensive”

Medvedev: It’s Time Russia Crushes Ukraine

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev posted a scathing message on Telegram today urging the Russian government to crush Ukraine. Mr. Medvedev was responding to the destruction of a vital dam that was severely damaged on Monday, resulting in flooding of towns and villages. We will tell you later in today’s TruNews what Mr. Medvedev said.

In other World War 3 news, a Substack blogger revealed that the FBI has worked with Ukraine’s intelligence agency to identify the names of American reporters and bloggers who have covered the Russia-Ukraine war from an anti-Ukraine perspective

Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart. Airdate 6/07/23

From Dmitry Medvedev

The enemy has long promised a great counteroffensive.

And it looks like something has already started.

No surprises, since the Kyiv regime has no choice. We must attack. It is necessary to justify the received loot and weapons. The disappointment of the owners can cost Zelensky and Co not only posts, but life itself.

A few reports from American agents, who have long been in command of the SBU, are enough, and the whole cocaine shobla will be instantly written off as scrap.

They will be accused of wasting American taxpayers’ money. Moreover, they will do it by someone else’s hands, as they like in Langley: they will give the order to radical scumbags to slap a drug addict for treason to the Republic of Ukraine and the Bandera cause, and then hang him by his feet along with his henchmen, as they once hung the Duce and his fascist junta on Loreto Square in Milan.

Therefore, the Kyiv regime has only one way out – to go to the end, sending thousands of mobilized to death.

But in this case, we should not underestimate the enemy.

The enemy and the Western world that supports him are ready to do anything to wipe our country off the face of the earth.
Therefore, now the main thing is to concentrate as much as possible and give a decent answer. Our army has a significant advantage in aviation, armored forces, and high-precision weapons. And, of course, moral high ground.

We need to stop the enemy, and then launch an offensive.

His goal today is not only to liberate our lands and protect our people. His goal is the complete overthrow of the Nazi Kyiv regime, which entrenched itself in the country of 404.

See the crazy headlines. “Crazy’Putin” is yet again doing to himself!

‘Crazy’ Putin Sacrificed Crimea by Blowing up Dam—Ukraine Mayor

Russian President Vladimir Putin has sacrificed the lives and future well-being of residents living in annexed-Crimea by destroying the Nova Kakhovka dam, Ukrainian officials told Newsweek. Ivan Fedorov, mayor of the occupied southern city of Melitopolsaid that the Russian leader was “crazy.”

Crimea Faces Decades Without Water After Ukraine Dam Collapse: Kyiv Adviser

Tetyana Tymochko, who also serves as an adviser to Kyiv’s Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources, told independent news outlet Ukrinform that the dam’s destruction was “a result of the terrorist actions of Russian occupiers.”

“This will cause one of the largest man-made disasters in Europe in decades and endanger the lives of thousands of civilians,” Tymochko claimed. “Russian occupiers have caused an artificial uncontrolled flood, which will be accompanied by inundation of settlements and destruction of downstream facilities.”

“This will have huge negative consequences for agriculture throughout the region. Crimea may be left without water for 10-15 years, and possibly forever.”

Russian troops ‘swept away’ by flooding from Ukraine dam collapse

Russian troops were seen being swept away by raging floodwaters and running for their lives after the Nova Khakovka dam collapsed, according to a Ukrainian officer.

Capt. Andrei Pidlisnyi told CNN that at the time of the dam breach early Tuesday, “no one on the Russian side was able to get away. All the regiments the Russians had on that side were flooded.”

The officer suggested that Vladimir Putin’s soldiers may not have received an advance warning of what he claimed to be a Russian attack.

According to Pidlisnyi, the flooding killed or injured many enemy troops stationed on the east bank of the Dnipro River, which is under Russian control.

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