Mike Adams: Don’t go down with the left-wing VACCINE SUICIDE CULT 18560

Mike Adams: Don’t go down with the left-wing VACCINE SUICIDE CULT 18560

In these apocalyptic times I am starting the warm to Mike Adams, especially on health matters.

I tend to still switch off when he gets to politics.

I used to think he was nuts but now am not so sure.

This is hyperbolic and satirical but always with a lot of truth underpinning it.

At least he has a sense of humour.

Situation Update, Mar 24th – God’s Great Reset and surviving the tribulation

Image: Situation Update, Mar 24th – God’s Great Reset and surviving the tribulation

(Natural News) An excellent article published by The Burning Platform asks the question: What does the Bible say about mass death during the tribulation and end times scenarios?

A full analysis of the Book of Revelation tells us that at least half the current human population will be extinguished, leaving somewhere under four billion humans still alive. But many other passages that describe mass death don’t give any specific number, yet they describe horrific events that would clearly kill large numbers of people across the planet. So the estimated death count in the aggregate might be somewhere closer to 95% of the current human population. This would leave just 380,000 humans still living, with around 7.2 billion humans being killed.

Some of the descriptions leading to this estimate include:

  • The Fourth Seal, the Pale Horse: Death comes via “sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth”…
  • The Sixth Seal. From the article above: “Seal 6:  Massive earthquakes all over the glove. Sun turns black. Moon turns blood red. Stars fall from heaven. The heavens recede ‘like a scroll being rolled up’. EVERY mountain and island was ‘removed from its place’ Every human on earth begs for death.”
  • The First Trumpet: “Hail and fire mixed with blood.  One third of earth, trees, and all green grass burned up.”
  • The Second Trumpet: “Huge burning mountain thrown in the sea. One third of sea turns to blood. One third of everything living in the sea dies. One third of ships sunk…”
  • The Third Trumpet: “A star named Wormwood crashes into one third of the rivers and springs. One third of the rivers turn bitter.”
  • The Fourth Trumpet: One third of the sun, moon, and stars are struck and are “turned dark”. An eagle appears and cries out that the next three trumpets (three “woes“) will be even worse.

… and so on.

This mass death (judgement against humans for turning against God) is being called “God’s Great Reset.” And it will make the man-made Fauci plague of covid look like child’s play.

There’s a lot more discussion in today’s podcast (below).

Was Boulder’s Muslim shooter an MK Ultra victim or targeted by demonic possession?

The other primary topic covered in the podcast today concerns the Boulder shooter who killed 10 white people and turns out to be an anti-Trump Muslim immigrant who very closely mirrored philosophies and rhetoric of the political left. While it’s possible he may have simply snapped and decided to resort to extreme violence on his own, we must also consider two additional possibilities:

  • Was he “MK Ultra’d” and subjected to brainwashing and hypnosis control from an early age in order to wind him up for a planned shooting event?
  • Was he possibly targeted by evil supernatural entities for demonic possession or influence? He exhibited a lot of behavior, according to news reports, that would fit this description.

Again, we can’t know the mind of this killer just by looking at him, but we need to consider all the possibilities of what drove him to this action. The lying left-wing media, of course, absurdly claims the shooting was due to “white supremacy” even though all ten victims were white and the shooter was a Muslim immigrant from Syria. Then again, the media deliberately lies without reservation, at every opportunity.

Hear the full podcast

Some other breaking news items are covered in today’s podcast, including Angela Merkel’s claim that Germany is now in a new wave of the covid pandemic. (And you thought 2020 was bad… just wait…)

The “woke” Pentagon, meanwhile, suddenly realizes that men and women are different since women can’t pass the regular fitness test created for men. So now they’re going to have a “women’s” fitness test so they can pass. Will those women also be pregnant so that the Pentagon can go full woketard and send pregnant women into front line combat?

Hear the full podcast here:


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