Mike Yeadon explains the five phases of the Great Reset

Mike Yeadon explains the five phases of the Great Reset

Mike Yeadon, ex-Pfizer scientist sent this out Thursday.


We are approaching Stage 5:

Phase 5:

Establish chaos and Martial law. (November 2021-March 2022) and most people still think we are going back to normal!?

The pathway to new world order …

Phase 1:

Simulate a threat and create fear. (December 2019-March 2020)

– Mount a fake pandemic in China.

– Kill tens of thousands of elderly people.

– Increase the number of cases and deaths

– Position vaccination as the only solution from the beginning.

– Focus all attention on Covid-19.

Result, (almost) general panic

Phase 2:

Sow the tares and division. (March 2020-December 2020)

– Impose multiple unnecessary, liberticidal and unconstitutional coercive measures.

– Paralyze trade and the economy.

– Observe the submission of a majority and the resistance of a rebellious minority.

– Stigmatize the rebels and create a horizontal division.

– Censoring dissident leaders.

– Punish disobedience.

– Generalize PCR tests.

– Create confusion between cases, infected, sick, hospitalized and dead.

– Disqualify all effective treatments.

– Hope for a rescue vaccine.

Result, (almost) general panic.

Phase 3:

Bring a treacherous and deadly solution. (December 2020-June 2021)

– Offer a free vaccine for everyone.

– Promise protection and return to normality.

– Establish a herd immunization target.

– Simulate a partial recovery of the economy.

– Hide statistics of side effects and deaths from injections.

– Passing off the side effects of the injections as “natural” effects of the virus and the disease.

– Recover the notion of a variant as a natural mutation of the virus.

– Justify the maintenance of coercive measures by not applying the herd immunity threshold.

– Punish health professionals for the illegal exercise of care and healing. –

Result, doubts and feelings of betrayal among the vaxx, discouragement among opponents.

Phase 4:

Install Apartheid and the QR code. (June 2021-October 2021)

– Voluntarily plan for shortages.

– Impose the vaccination pass (QR code) to reward the vaccinated, punish the resistant.

– Create an Apartheid of the privileged against the others.

– Take away the right to work or study from non-vaxx.

– Withdraw basic services to the non-vaxx.

– Impose PCR payment tests on non-vaxx.

Result, First stage of digital control, impoverishment of opponents

Phase 5:

Establish chaos and Martial law. (November 2021-March 2022)

– Exploit the shortage of goods and food.

– Cause the paralysis of the real economy and the closure of factories and shops.

– Let unemployment explode.

– Apply a third dose to the vaxx (boosters).

– Take up the murder of the living old men.

– Impose compulsory vaccination for all.

– Amplify the myth of variants, the efficacy of the vaccine and the immunity of the herd.

– Demonize the anti-vaxx and hold them responsible for the dead.

– Arrest opposition leaders.

– Impose digital identity on everyone (QR code): Birth certificate, identity document, passport, driving license, health insurance card …

– Establish martial law to defeat the opposition.

Result, Second stage of digital control. Imprisonment or removal of opponents.

Phase 6: Cancel the debts and dematerialize the money. (March 2022-September 2022)

– Trigger the economic, financial and stock market collapse, the bankruptcy of the banks.

– To rescue the losses of the banks in the accounts of their clients.

– Activate the «Great Reset».

– De-materialize money.

– Cancel debts and loans.

– Impose the digital portfolio. (Digital Wallet)

– Seize properties and land.

– Ban all global medicines, including total ban on herbal medicine.

– Confirm the obligation to vaccinate semi-annually or annually.

– Impose food rationing and a diet based on the Codex Alimentarius.

– Extend the measures to emerging countries.

Result, Third stage of digital control. Extension of the N.O.M. to the whole planet.

(Novus Ordo Mass, translated it means New Order.

11 thoughts on “Mike Yeadon explains the five phases of the Great Reset

    1. According to Yeadon’s joint Telegram channel (shared with Robin Monotti) it was forwarded from Lau Mdz, whoever that may be, and not written by Yeadon himself!

  1. Why for things about the truth and against covid so called vacine19 pepople always asks for source but never asks for source when its pro-vaxx..
    There is also fact check that lies ..saying he never said vaccines causes infertility..some write articles only to promote the vaccines which any one can do..but will never publish all those docs and scientist who are against..

  2. Looking on Robin Monotti and Mike Yeadon’s Telegram channel, it seems that someone called “Lau Mdz” forwarded this article to them and they posted it. It doesn’t appear that Mike Yeadon actually wrote it! So many things are being shared out of context these days – it pays to check every source!!

  3. This was supposedly released by a Canadian politician towards the start of this plandemic.
    It went into a bit more detail and was surprisingly close to what unraveled.
    The guy remained anonymous for obvious reasons, but said he made the notes at a briefing he had been asked to attend.

  4. Here’s a link to check for yourself.

    In this video Michael Yeadon is explaining what is going on right now in this prankdemic world. How we are all being fooled by our Governments. The real problem is that even worldwide journalism is in under control of hose who are behind the great reset (Schwab). So if we want to receive news that is not censored and manipulated then we need to stop believing mainstream media and social platforms such as Google, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram … and start using independant like Telegram, Mewe, Bitchute qnd a lot of others nstead. At least, that is what I did and in my opinion it is the only possibility to reveal the truth and to awaken the world before it is too late.

  5. Since when in the past have we been told the truth from mass media/govt cover ups? Lincoln, JFK, Rothschild and the 5 missing on flight… Come on people wake up!!!

    1. This is an automated troll bot telling you to wake up!!!
      Wake. Up!!! Wake Up!!!
      Breathe slowly. Big deep breaths. That’s it. Now. go. back. to. sleep. We know. Feel free to cut and paste this comment next time somebody rants to wake up!!!

  6. Seriously folks, this is textbook hyperinflation!! You absolutely need to be regularly stacking God’s money: PHYSICAL gold and especially silver!! It will protect you from the fallout, just as it has done for 6,000 years. This is not a drill!

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