Mike Yeadon speaks out

Mike Yeadon speaks out

VSRF Livestream #92 – The Yeadon Files: Former Pfizer Scientist Speaks Out

Dr. Michael Yeadon: “ In the Respiratory Field, I Am Faced With Strong Evidence That Illness-Conveying Viruses Aren’t a Thing.”

Dr. Yeadon comments on a paper published in Nature

Atomic force microscopy analysis of native infectious and inactivated SARS-CoV-2 virions

By Dr. Michael Yeadon August 31, 2023

Pictures do not tell us that that which is imaged causes any disease or is capable of causing contagion.

Not my words, but I’ve heard the extensive use of images called “the point & declare” school of virology. It doesn’t advance the cause one way or the other, unfortunately.

I wish it did, as the to and fro on this topic, which wasn’t susceptible to properly evidenced settlement, even before the covid era, isn’t helping our fight against tyranny, which we both agree is descending, and it’s not got any easier now.

I’ve laid out why I’m convinced that the evidence in the current (2020-on) case is a PsyOp:

*No increase in illness or death prior to installation of lethal medical protocols after WHO declared a pandemic*

*Prior evidence against a single successful attempt to transmit respiratory symptoms from a symptomatic person to another person*

*Failure to isolate infectious particles from respiratory symptomatic individuals or from cell/tissue cultures, believed to be infected when proper control experiments are conducted*

*The systematic failure of flu vaccines to reduce hospitalisation or death is unsupported of annual flu vaccination*

I don’t have an informed opinion beyond respiratory illnesses, but in the respiratory field, I am faced with strong evidence that illness-conveying viruses aren’t a thing.

This is all I have to say on this narrow but important topic and I’d appreciate it being made available for consideration by readers of our channel (with or without my comments in the paper you kindly shared).

Best wishes


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