Miles Guo’s urgent message to the world

Miles Guo’s urgent message to the world

Urgent Warning to the World Again —— Miles Guo’s Broadcasting on June 20, 2021

Interpreter:Himalaya Tokyo Sakura Group  / Nana(娜娜酱)

Today is June 20, before noon, me, Miles Guo to all my friends here in the United States, and all my friends in Europe and around the world, who support the Whistleblower’s Movement and the New Federal State of China. I would like to issue an emergency warning here, and what I say does not make any guarantee or be responsible for this. 

It is only used as a reference to protect the world from detrimental threats and maintain mutual respect between the Chinese people and the Western world. Coming from we are all human beings in one kind. The whistleblower’s movement has always been transmitted and spread to the West and the world. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is a threat to the Chinese people. From the past, HNA, a company of several trillion yuan, a company that has grown two thousand times, is a testament to the aggression of the Western economy, and the murder of Mr. Wang Jian(co-founder and chairman of HNA) in Provence, France, and the corruption of HNA’s real majority stockholder —— Wang Qishan, the vice-chairman of China. As well as the fact that the Bohai Capital Holding plundered all aspects of the Chinese people’s economy, including later the whistleblower’s movement earliest warmed Taiwan about the next step of CCP. We warmed Hong Kong about their current repatriation law movement, that the CCP sent out the liberal army to dress as Hong Kong police to act during martial law. We supported many Hong Kong students during the nonviolent action. Last but not the least, we talked about the possibility of a respiratory virus as a bioweapon with Western politics in December 2019. In early June 2019, we talked about the possibility that the Chinese Communist Party will use biological and chemical weapons against Hong Kong’s movement and the Western world.

From May, June, July, and October in 2019, we all gave out this Warning, later, it was revealed that many of the so-called tear gas weapons of the Chinese police that were used contain a large number of chemicals. Let’s not forget the rape, poisoning, black police, and the CCP’s brutality to Hong Kong people.we, the whistleblower movement and rule of law foundation, as early as January 15, 2020, during the entire live broadcast, we warned the West that the Wuhan virus is human to human transmissions, and it is not like what the CCP has kept telling to the world.

Moreover, we have already reported to government departments in the United States that this was a biochemical attack. Later, the whistleblower’s movement and Steve Bannon announced to the world the truth about the coronavirus came from the Wuhan laboratory of the Communist Party of China, including the truth about death in China. We showed the world the brutality of the CCP from our solid intelligent sources in china. 

And a detrimental threat that the CCP carries. Unfortunately, Only President Trump of the United States adopted the information and executed the travel ban in the United States. Although the United States has suffered injuries, it has not gone through the worst disaster. Many countries who believed us, are now the beneficiaries. Those who do not, have suffered huge losses, including people’s life and economy, and national security.

When we look back over the past few years and see the contribution the New Federal State of China has done.we carried various evidence and through every media in the world, went against the corrupted so-called traditional media and the big techs, suppressed by all ways possible. Demonized us, politicized us, and even threatened us with life to stop and prevented us from getting the truth. 

The New Federal State of China has always and will continue to insist on exposing the detrimental crimes of the Chinese communist party.  To establish a peaceful relationship between the Chinese and the West. Telling the world that the Chinese Communist Party is not the same as the Chinese people. The Communist Party cannot represent the Chinese people. Of all the actions of the Communist Party, the Chinese people are the most injured and damaged.

From 2017, 18, 19, 2020, to this year, we are the earliest report in the world about the massacre in Xinjiang and the Xinjiang Concentration Camp, we are just a social group from China. We are the earliest to provide the most images of Xinjiang to the Western and American governments. Many people have risked their lives to pass evidence from Xinjiang to us, and we have handed over that evidence. No doubt in my mind that the Trump administration made the most correct decision: declare the Xinjiang massacre. Because of our effort, The Chinese Communist Party was announced a threat to human rights and committed genocide. 

We are therefore very honored to be recognized by the West. We have always insisted on using real data and our own experience to show the West that the CCP is a threat to human rights. They have various methods to achieve the goal of controlling the world, and they do not care about anybody. 

So today, I am very honored to be here at noon on June 20, 2021. I once again issued all the warnings to my compatriots all over the world. Before issuing the warning, I once again reiterated that all the behaviors of the Chinese Communist Party are not representative of the Chinese people. The CCP is now an illegal organization in china, especially after the US government has condemned the Xinjiang Massacre as a crime against humanity and the law of the PRC on countering foreign sanctions, National Security Act in Hong Kong, tearing up international contracts, and a lot of students get murdered in Hong Kong. Including the threats and attempts to launch a war against Taiwan, as well as the tearing up of international treaties in the South China Sea, as well as the great harm to Tibetans and compatriots in the country. We reaffirm once again: We are sending out to the West based on the true history and civilization of the Chinese people. We are of the same kind, and we will never be an enemy of the West. Chinese people will never in the future or had in the past, invade and occupy the territory of any country. We will never do. So, all of my announcements to this day represent peaceful Chinese people. There are only a small number of families less than 200 in the CCP that is controlling the entire China. They murder Western countries’ leaders, they are the culprit for forcibly occupying the resources in the West, releasing biological weapons, and also for what I will announce later.


So the core intelligence I want to tell everyone, based on accurate intelligence. 


The CCP is going to release the virus in the United States and Europe during the changing of the season between summer and autumn this year.

No. 2:  

The virus that is going to get released will be the most detrimental. We have accurate intelligence sources, that the CCP is very clear that millions of people died because of the covid-19, and hundred million people got infected. After the G7 meeting in the West, the world will demand the truth from them, the CCP knows that the truth will eventually be found out. Political entanglement and political bribery and threats may already be ineffective. They only have two choices, once they get threatened to reveal the truth, they will invade Taiwan. So now they have made a series of military and political steps. The internal meeting made a clear decision. As long as the West uses a large number of economic sanctions or even threatens to launch a war, the CCP will use this biological and chemical weapon. Use it to the fullest. Quota from a top leader of the CCP: “Since this weapon was created for Americans and whites, we should send it to the United States. We have used it very successfully in India, and we should make it more advanced in the United States and Europe. Execute and no scruples. Let the enemy be afraid of us, take them down!”

The CCP has done such a role in the past. I hope that when all the elites in the West see and hear this information, you can do a good job of prevention and protection. At the same time, the highest level decided that after the virus was released, the world is looking for the truth, when the CCP can’t resolve it, they will launch a war and take down Taiwan. When the whole world focuses on Taiwan affairs, Instead of the virus origin, the CCP will enter a state of war with the western world to divert attention and cover up the covid origin. After then, the international relations of war are ultimately used in exchange for politics and economy to achieve a solution. 

So what has China been doing now? 

Today I represent the New Federal State of China, the Whistleblower’s Movement, announce to all the peace-loving people from all over the world. Pay attention to the past four weeks. All the 300,000 Hong Kong residents living in the United States and the 180,000 to 220,000 settlers in the mainland are being conducted by the CCP, using the National Security Committee to send thousands of people to conduct data and reports. Meaning to locate from their computers, mobile phones, and signals of these American citizens who reside in China and Hong Kong, including other countries like the EU, Japan, and the Wes. That is the G7 group, who may in the future pursue the truth with the Chinese Communist Party. Who may participate in a war with the CCP for Taiwan. This is a decision made by the National Security Committee of the highest leadership level of the CCP. It was the same as how they prepared the wars in Iraq and Libya. At the same time, I ask all my friends in the West to remember how the CCP is when it comes to War readiness and food storage, as well as a large amount of foreign exchange reserve. In nearby countries in southeast Asia, such as Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand, the CCP is preparing strategic matters. Moreover, strategic weapons are being deployed in some sensitive areas, especially long-range and mid-range missile systems. Moreover, the CCP is now ready. The Navy, even within a one-thousandth chance to win, will fire up with the US and Japan, even going to a suicidal war. These preparations, including the state of war for all international satellites in the sky, are ready. 

It is even more important to warn the Western world. The CCP has not only biological weapons but also very advanced chemical weapons. When people talk about biological and chemical weapons, they think those weapons are very difficult to control and hard to release. However, just look at this coronavirus, it was easily spread all over the globe. The spread of biochemical weapons is very easy, and it is also very easy to create. This is extremely dangerous. Many people think that chemical weapons can only be sent to the so-called target area with missiles and carriers. This is wrong. The CCP already has chemical weapons that are silent and colorless and easy to release, and most of these biological and chemical weapons come from the U.S technology. This is detrimental to the whole world.

The CCP has already deployed all water and electricity facilities in these G7 countries in the West, as well as important natural wind control areas, and planned chemical attacks. Therefore, when the whole world wants to investigate the truth of coronavirus, the CCP will release a new bio-chemical weapon. Governments from around the globe must pay high attention to that.

This is today, me, Miles Guo, want to tell the people in the West, and the righteous people who supported the New Federal State of China. Within all the internal information of China we have, I hope that none of this will happen, but the truth is always the opposite of what we hope. The CCP has never considered any human safety or the values of humanity. They never believe in peace or kindness. They only believe in violence, force, and deception.

Then the western world has given the CCP 70 years, nearly a hundred years of opportunity, to bring democracy, rule of law and freedom to the Chinese people and bring peace to the world. The Sino-British agreement on Hong Kong, Sino-US relations, WTO, Sino-European relations, trade relations, and scientific and technological relations, within the past 70 years and 100 years of history have the best answers. Anyone who has any hope for the Chinese Communist Party has collusion, has cooperation, or thinks that CCP can still represent the Chinese people, you will pay for it. Because the CCP has shown you who they are from the coronavirus, Hong Kong, Taiwan,  Xinjiang, and Tibet, giving you the best answer. Any delusion will cause irreparable losses, which is a huge crime. The New Federal State of China and the Whistleblower’s Movement will never compromise with fear under any circumstances.

We will stand with the Western Civil Society until the day when the CCP is eliminated.

The above is about the warning issued to the West again. I hope I won’t go back to October 2017 when I was in Washington for the News conference meeting, which turned what I said into a joke, and I have used the past 4 years to prove that I was right.

I hope that this time I can arouse a high degree of attention. I don’t want you to believe me, but I hope you go verify yourself. 

Thank you.

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