Military lawyer says genetic changes from COVID vaccines are creating a new human ‘species’ under the law

Military lawyer says genetic changes from COVID vaccines are creating a new human ‘species’ under the law


— My guest on today’s episode of The John-Henry Westen Show is an attorney fighting on behalf of military members who oppose the COVID vaccine mandates foisted upon them without informed consent.

Todd Callender of the Disabled Rights Advocates law firm joins me for a discussion on the mRNA technology of the experimental COVID jabs. He convincingly argues that because this technology is so new and fraught with concerns, it is practically impossible for anyone to have informed consent before taking the vaccine.

“None of these mRNA adenovirus vaccines are FDA-approved,” he said. “They are emergency use authorization, which means that informed consent requirements come into play. In other words, nobody can force you to become a lab rat.”

But forcing people to become lab rats is exactly what the U.S. military is doing, as well as any other entity mandating the abortion-tainted COVID shots. This is in clear violation of the Nuremberg Code, which upholds the necessity of voluntary consent to participate in a medical experiment — that is, “without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion.”

The fact remains that these COVID shots are still experimental and most everyone on the planet does not know the true extent to which an utterly nefarious agenda is behind them. What’s more, Callender believes the creation of a synthetic DNA molecule does not strictly pertain to nature, but instead creates a new genome with its own “intellectual property rights.”

This may mean that those who’ve been injected with three COVID shots are “no longer humans for purposes of law,” but a “new species.”

You really don’t want to miss today’s episode:

One thought on “Military lawyer says genetic changes from COVID vaccines are creating a new human ‘species’ under the law

  1. While the pandemic wears on, attempting to clarify points of law regarding Covid vaccines may seem helpful in that it takes us into territory not covered by MSM.

    However, much of this is moot when we realize the world is really headed for mass extinction, as NASA says we are.

    Before that end is reached, the (messy) process toward it is something we can only speculate about.

    Even if we say many nations are now thinking and acting proactively, what does that really mean when it’s evident there’s no agreement about even this pandemic?

    How are we then going to make any progress toward mitigating the vastly bigger disaster of Climate Change/Warming/Heating? Within humanity itself, there’s a built-in Catch-22.

    My friend says the solution lies beyond the dualism of this discussion, but this is only approachable by individuals, not by the masses.

    As for any sort of actual survival, this may be accomplished by the recently created ‘Xenobots,’ if they manage to escape (or are let loose from) the experimental constraints of the laboratory and make their way down to Antarctica where the icecap will have mostly melted.

    What sort of full fledged life form(s) will they evolve to long after current inhabitants are gone?

    Is this the evolutionary step past the human species that still retains a physical presence?

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