Military news from Ukraine -2 March, 2022

Military news from Ukraine -2 March, 2022

The story of Russia and Ukraine and the cause of the military operation

This is from Hal Turner. I have left out the graphics

Ukraine March 2, 2022 – UPDATE 3:18 PM EST (See Bottom) Ukraine Spec-Ops Publicly Warns Captured Russians “Will be Carved like a pig”

The city of Kherson in southern Ukraine appears to have been captured by Russian Army forces.  Images from city security cameras seems to show Russian Military Vehicles in complete control of the main “Freedom Square” in the center of the city.  

According to US military mapping -above- Ukraine is now completely cut-off from the Sea of Azov and has lost most of the east/southeast of the country.

Photos taken from city CCTV cameras in Kherson, show Russian military vehicles entering “Freedom Square” in the center of the city:

This seems to make clear the city itself has fallen to the Russian Army.

Again, this is in the south/southeast of the country, and does not reflect the gains Russia has made in the north, which are substantial.  The map below, from Russia, offers a far more complete picture of the amazing victories the Russians have achieved in only about seven (7) days:

To offer readers some insight into how amazing this is, bear in mind that in Gluf War One, the United States had to bomb Baghdad, non-stop, for forty (40) days before being able to secure that city.   Russia has done far more in Ukraine, in far less time.

This is a developing story, and additional updates will appear below . . . check back


International airlines are sounding alarms over the knee-jerk closure of various national air space to Russian air carriers.   They point out that if Russia does the same, in retaliation to the closures imposed by the west, it will literally CRIPPLE international air travel because so many routes rely on crossing Russia air space, as represented on the map image below:

Having to go around Russian air space would make fuel requirements beyond the capacity of certain aircraft, and the added travel distance would make air travel prohibitively expensive due to fuel costs.

So the “Sanctions” being imposed by governments around the world are actually having the effect of harming THEIR OWN citizens and companies!

. . . And . . . Russia Retaliates – Closes Air Space to 36 Country’s Airlines

Russia has now gone tit-for-tat with countries that have banned Russian air lines from using air space.  Russia has banned the airlines of thirty six (36) nations from using Russian air space.  Details come from this report broadcast on the news inside the country of India:

As outlined in the report, twenty percent (20%) of global air cargo is now adversely affected.

Transit times will take longer because of the route changes, and the distance limitations of some cargo aircraft, and prices will go up substantially because all air lines will have to fly such longer routes to avoid Russian air space.  Once again, government’s knee-jerk reactions are hurting their own people and their own industries.  It seems clear that governments are a special kind of stupid in this particular situation.


President Vladimir Putin of Russia outlines during a speech, how NATO outright lied to Russia.   NATO countries promised Russia that NATO would not move “one inch east” when Germany was being re-unified.   Instead, NATO admitted Poland, Romania and the Baltic states . . . all of which were moves to the east, towards Russia’s borders.   Putin makes clear “They said one thing, but did another. As we say in our country, they cheated; they deceived us.”   Here’s vide of him saying it today:

THAT deception on the part of NATO (read U.S., U.K. France, et. al) is the reason Russia is now moving against Ukraine.   NATO (via the EU and the USA) want Ukraine to join NATO so they can put missiles on Ukraine soil, aimed at Russia.   The Russians have said for years they will not tolerate that because such missiles would have a flight time of only five minutes to Moscow.   Yet the US/EU/NATO persisted and now, Ukraine is invaded to prevent them from joining NATO and prevent them from hosting NATO missiles on their soil.

This entire war was completely avoidable had the US/UK/NATO simply stopped trying to bring Ukraine in.  All the death, all the destruction could have been avoided with that one, simple act.   But the US/EU/NATO wouldn’t stop.   So now it’s being stopped by force.  Nice work US/UK/NATO.


Overnight, the city of Odessa reportedly came under intense naval barrage from the Russian navy.   Video below reportedly shows the onslaught:

The map below shows the location of Odessa, which fits the Russia attack plan.  Clearly the Russians are moving west along Ukraine’s southern coast, apparently to cut Ukraine completely off from the Black Sea.



The Russian Ministry of Defense has publicly announced to residents in Kiev, there will be high-precision missile strikes in Kiev, against government offices and media outlets connected to the Ukraine Army disinformation campaign.  While residents were publicly told yesterday they should take one of two “safe corridor” routes OUT of the city, those who chose to remain should remain indoors and not be anywhere near Ukrainian government offices or military-media facilities.  Russia’s Defense Ministry has warned the residents of #Ukraine’s capital, #Kyiv of its intention to strike the security facilities and the media operations center of the Ukrainian army with high-precision weapons. It did not disclose when those strikes would occur.

Bucha, in Kiev Oblast, Conquered

The Ukrainian army was utterly smashed in Bucha, a northwest suburb of Kiev overnight.   The destroyed hulks of Ukrainian military vehicles, line the streets as the Russia Army just plowed right through them.  Bucha is only ten miles form the actual center of Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine.


Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, just explained that Moscow’s position in “negotiations” with Kyiv right now is that Ukraine must:

1) Undergo complete “de-Nazification,”

2) Submit to “demilitarization” that entails abandoning any weapons (or alliances) that threaten Russia, AND;

3) Agree that Crimea, Luhansk and Donetsk (i.e. The Donbas) are no longer part of Ukraine, forever.



Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell just made a strange statement: “The war underscores the need for action on Digital Currency.”    WTF?   Why in the world would those two things be connected?   This has “bad” written all over it!


Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell has REFUSED to answer when asked at a Press Conference this morning if the Federal Reserve is monetizing U.S. Debt.

. . . and there you have it.   That is the simple fact that explains E V E R Y T H I N G that is now happening.   

The global financial system has very few rules, but one of those rules is that sovereign nations cannot monetize their debt.  They cannot simply print cash money to pay their bills.  

If that is what the US is (has been) doing, then  — pay close attention to this —-   N  O  B  O  D  Y  on the planet will be able to trust in the value of US cash.  So  N  O  B  O  D  Y  on the planet will want to accept or use U.S. cash as a means of payment.

When nobody wants to accept US cash, and nobody wants to use it as a means of payment, the entire United States financial system goes into complete, irreversible, collapse.  Total destruction of the value of everything which is denominated in ‘Dollars.”

When Powell was asked, but refused to answer, that said it all.   There are only TWO possible answers to the question Powell was asked: “No”   or “Yes.”

If the answer is “No” then life goes on, no big deal – yet.

If the answer is “Yes” then all hell breaks loose, immediately, as countries aroudn the world STAMPEDE out of the dollar.  Hyperinflation would hit the USA overnight, banks would collapse overnight. It would be financial Armageddon!

The fact that Powell refused to answer, tells most __thinking_ people the answer must be “Yes.”   His non-answer, may end up causing exactly the STAMPEDE mentioned above.  We’ll know soon enough.

Well, the powers-that-be simply cannot tolerate that happening.   They will need a distraction to divert attention, or a really big disaster, to blame it all on. 

World War Three fits both!   

Smash the world, wreck the global economy.  Every country on earth goes into collapse, including the USA, and everyone gets to blame the war for it.

No responsibility for having spent our entire nation into Bankruptcy and sending the wealthiest nation in the history of the human race, into financial oblivion.

THAT is what’s happening, and the fact that Jerome Powell REFUSED to answer “Is the federal reserve monetizing U.S. debt” seems to me, to be proof.

UPDATE  12:19 PM EST —

The word is spreading . . . 


 Russian Ministry of Finance advises Russians to buy gold. “Investing in gold will be an ideal alternative for Russians to buying dollars amid an unstable geopolitical situation.



POWELL: LIKELY WE CAN ACHIEVE A SOFT LANDING  (HT REMARK: Whenever you hear a Banker talk about a “soft landing” they actually mean “a crash.”  Here it comes, folks.  I’ve warned have food, water, medicines.  I meant it!  This is why they’re talking about a crash. They raise rates and everything is going to seize up. It has to be done though. Should have just let it go in 2008 and suffered a little bit then.  Now we have 14 years of loose monetary policy on top of the issues we had then. A soft landing is not only optimistic, but irrational. Fixing to get really bumpy.)


NATO’s future naval base in Ochakovo, Ukraine – financed by the Brits – has been totally destroyed by Iskander-M missiles. Russia now says it was a top strategic target; It’s existence threatened Crimea and the whole south of Russia.  Well, now we know why the British have all their knickers in a twist!

1:33 PM EST — Russian forces have reportedly entered Mariupol city. Heavy clashes ongoing in the city.    There is VIDEO purporting to show AZOV Regiment Nazis of Ukraine Army actually . . . . CRUCIFYING . . . . a Russian soldier in Mariupol, then setting him on fire and burning him to death.  This may be why the Russian are storming-in to Mariupol right now.

REMINDER: When you hear cries from Ukraine about a School being hit by Russian Army attack, just be aware it is usually because the Ukraine Army is, in fact, hiding in (or operating from) that building, as seen in the photo below:

UPDATE 3:14 PM EST — 400 Military aircraft currently above the continental United States (CONUS).    An E4 and a “Rivet Joint” up by our nuclear missile silos!

FOUR RUSSIAN FIGHTER JETS VIOLATED SWEDISH AIRSPACE ON WEDNESDAY -SWEDISH ARMED FORCES   . . .   MORE:   Four #Russian fast-jets breached #Swedish Airspace today, according to Reuters citing the Ministry of Defense. The jets, comprising 2x Su-27 “Flanker” and 2x Su-24 “Fencer” jets, actually entered Swedish airspace according to reports (rather than just entering the ADIZ)


The Armed Forces of Ukraine Special Operations Unit has announced it will no longer take Russian artillerymen, prisoners. In a chilling message to Russians, they promised every artillery unit soldier would be “carved as a pig”.

 Announcing this is literally announcing they intend to commit a War Crime.   Such is the actual Ukrainian government.  

4:07 PM EST  — A missile has hit a commercial ship in the Port of Olvia, Ukraine.  Smoke is rising from the vessel.   

Map below shows the location:

And from the Saker

One week into the Russian special operation in the Ukraine – update

So we are a week in and I think it is time to take short pause and see what happened over the last 7 days.

  • The Russian attack began, as predicted, mostly by strikes with standoff weapons.  24 hour hours later the Ukie air force and navy ceased to exist.  In this initial phase, few Ukrainian units were directly engaged.
  • The bulk of the Nazi forces is in Donbass and it took the LDNR forces several days to break through the Nazi defenses, but eventually they did it in two directions.  At the same time, while the heavy combats between the Nazi forces in the Donbass and the LDNR forces were taking place, the Russian launched a two pronged offensive from the north and south to envelop the Nazi force concentrations.  Interestingly, in spite of the fact that the two Russian forces have not reached each other and in spite of the existing no man’s land between them, the Ukronazis are not making any serious efforts to break through since they must realize that the entire area between the two Russian forces is a big “free fire zone” for Russian artillery, CAS aircraft and attack helicopters.  For all practical purposes the entire Nazi concentration of course in the Donbass is now locked into an operational cauldron.
  • The same is true for the Nazi forces in Mariupol.  For them, it’s curtain down, show over.
  • There is a large Nazi force left in only one location: Odessa.  It appears that the Russians want to encircle it and then take a final decision on how to deal with this city.
  • Kiev is a total mess, the Russians did not even try to enter the city yet, but the crazy rumors combined with terrified Ukronazis will make this one a particularly difficult situation to resolve.  I personally hope that the Russians stay as they are, block the city on all sides, open a humanitarian corridor and wait until the time is right.
  • On the informational war, the West gave Russia a thorough thrashing: RT and Sputnik are banned everywhere, absolutely insane rumors are circulating (see example below), I know for fact that some US colleges have banned their computers from accessing any .ru or .su websites –  yes entire domain names are being shut down – Russian diplomats get assaulted (in one of the 3Bs statelets if I remember correctly).
  • The western PSYOP onslaught is so powerful that even some people in Russia are fearful and sincerely worry “what will happen to us next?!”.
  • Western IT companies are disconnecting, throttling, while “private” western crackers are unleashing DDoS attack on pretty much all the main Russian websites, not only informational ones, but also those who are used to run the civilian infrastructure of Russia.  I am not impressed by how much (or little) Russian PR people did to prepare for this which was easy to see coming.  Here, again, the West so far is winning, but a huge margin.
  • The western society is displaying its hatred of all things Russian in every way it can: hundereds and maybe thousands of students are summarily expelled from western colleges (which used to be bastions of freedom).  In a Swiss city the child of a friend of mine was beat up in school for being an “evil Russian”.  Artists are expelled, others pressured to condemn their own country and president, western presstitutes and politicians unceasingly vomit at Russia, Russians and everything Russian!

Which tells me how truly impotent and frustrated they are 🙂

That being said, here is the good news:  Today, one of our favorite trolls managed to bypass moderation and post this (see comment).

What is important here is to realize that whether this guy does it for money in a NATO troll farm or with utter sincerity, he is about to get a really big, probably huge, mental shock.

Right now, the entire western narrative hangs on this kind of nonsense: Russia is about to be totally defeated, the Ukie army and people have won on all fronts, and Ze, backed by NATO, the EU, the US and the entire planet is about to deliver his conditions for a Russian capitulation.

The maps?

All fakes.

The local reports?

All fakes too.

So far, that has worked pretty well.  But here are the stone cold fact about the Ukie military:

  • Air Force: gone
  • Navy: gone
  • Long range, standoff capabilities: gone
  • Air defenses: gone
  • Regular ground forces: no less than 65% (some say up to 80%) of the Ukie military is surrounded and condemned
  • Assorted Nazi units: I don’t have the figures, but A LOT of them are now either in the Donbass cauldron or in Mariupol.  They will mostly not be taken prisoner, except for the leaders who will be tried and sentenced for their innumerable crimes.

So, in terms of the Russian goals, here is how I would score this:

  • Ukrainian disarmament: mostly already done, the Ukraine has nothing to threaten Russia with
  • Ukrainian denazification: only at the early start, but conditions are excellent and I am confident that most of the hardcore Nazis will soon be dead

One more thing I forgot to mention about the “no man’s land” west of the Donbass operational cauldron.  It is shown in the map below where the black and yellow lines touch (and add about 5-10km on each side)

The Donbass operational cauldron

It’s not only that only small groups, maybe civilian cars at high speed can get out, it also means that the entire Nazi force in the Donbass is not getting resupplied.  Not by air, not by sea and not by road.

Right now, amazingly, the Ukronazis are STILL shelling the LDNR, today 5 civilians were murdered by Ukie selling near Donetsk.  So they are not even trying to break out, I suppose they know the score and with their supplies running out (many destroyed by heavy bombs) their lifespan is now counted in days.

Please keep in mind that while this force is surrounded, it did have SEVEN YEARS to dig in deep and place tons of concrete over their bunkers.  But like the Ligne Maginot, while the LDNR were pinning down the Ukies, the Russian enveloped them from behind.

So one of two things will now happen.

  1. Either the Russians will convince the Ukie commanders to surrender and evacuate safely or
  2. Russia will start using her really having guns (MLRS, TOS-1, heavy artillery like the 240mm self-propelled gun-mortar 2S4 Tyulpan or the 203mm self-propelled howitzer 2S7M Malka) and even fuel-air explosives like this one: (I know, it’s from CNN, but in this case, it is helpful)

In other words, the real magnitude of the Ukrainian defeat will become impossible to conceal in just a few days.  Then the narrative will shift from the “invincible Ukie Volkssturn” to “Russian atrocities”.

That narrative will also probably stick since the western free press makes the original Nazi press look outright diverse and objective.  But idiots such as the troll above will be very, very butthurt.  I expect their “oy veh!!!!” to reach high heavens and heroic Ukies will be replaced by no less heroic celebrities sobbing over Ukie babies.

On a strategic level, the Empire of Lies did successfully force Russia to openly intervene.  That is a fact and that is a defeat with the Russians will have to ponder over for many years.  I will repeat, here are two, alas very real, western victories:

  • Forcing Russia to openly intervene
  • Very effectively controlling the narrative

But don’t get too upset too soon.  For one thing, the authorities in Russia have FINALLY declared both Dozhd and Meduza as foreign agents and it seems these two zioliberal sewers are finally being shut down.  Seeing how Medvedev is trying to repaint himself as a patriot, I think that the Atlantic Integrationists are now realizing that they were stupid to listen to the western propaganda. I have not followed the Russian 6th column at all, so I don’t know if they are still hoping that “Putin” (for them it is all about him, personally) will “lose” or whether they will chose to wrap themselves into the “too little, too late, I could have done better” flag.  Frankly, I don’t really care.

Next, they will start seeing Russian 5th columnists and assorted “liberal” their signatures away from their “open letters” or, better, emigrating to the EU or Israel.  I sincerely wish them a happy flight and I hope that upon leaving Putin’s Mordor and arriving in the Free West they will all burn their Russian passports (on camera if they want).

So, what’s my “final intermediate conclusion” after week 1?

The West gave Russia a bloody nose by forcing her intervention, thereby crushing any chance for the EU to get decolonized in the next decade or more.

The West gave Russia an even bloodier nose by very effectively controlling the narrative.

But what’s next?

Russia will/has disarm(ed) and will soon denazify the Ukraine, that is a given.

But what after that?  Please remember that this is NOT about the Ukraine, this is about the entire future security architecture of Europe.

I will just say this: while, no, Russia won’t invade the EU or even Poland, the Russian war to push back NATO has only begun, it will last MANY MONTHS so be prepared for this.  MONTHS.

Please ready yourself for a long and difficult struggle.


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