Miscellaneous on Afghanistan

Miscellaneous on Afghanistan

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‘Not All Foreign Diplomats Have Left Afghanistan, Not Only Russians’

RT speaks with Georgi Asatryan, Ph.D, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, and Russian Academy of Science and an expert for Valdai Club to discuss the situation in Afghanistan.

RT Speaks with Former Governor of Ghor Province in Afghanistan Dr. Abdullah Haiwad

RT discusses the state of affairs in Afghanistan with Dr. Abdullah Haiwad — politician, president Afghan Governors Assembly, former governor of Ghor province in Afghanistan

Paul Joseph Watson always has something to say.

‘The war is over… we’ve WON’: Taliban declare their political leader the new Afghan President – and he congratulates his fighters for their ‘unexpected and unique’ victory over the West

The militants declared an Islamic state of Afghanistan after the country's president joined thousands of Afghan nationals in a mass exodus
  • Taliban has said they will declare the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan from the Presidential Palace in Kabul 
  • Militants seized ancient palace and demanded a ‘peaceful transfer of power’ as they moved into the capital 
  • President Ashraf Ghani fled the country while thousands of Afghan nationals rushed to the Pakistan border 
  • RAF planes were scrambled to evacuate 6,000 British diplomats, citizens and Afghan translators
  • British Ambassador was moved to a safe place and is expected to be evacuated from Afghanistan tonight
  • Prime Minister Boris Johnson said US decision to withdraw from Afghanistan ‘accelerated’ the current crisis 
  • Jalalabad fell under Taliban control without a fight early Sunday morning when the governor surrendered  
  • US is trying to strike a deal for the Taliban not to descend on Kabul until its 10,000 citizens are evacuated  

Boris Johnson urges the West NOT to recognise Taliban government in speech just hours after clowning around with Olympic athletes – and Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab was on HOLIDAY

The Prime Minister today said that it is 'clear' there is 'going to be very shortly a new government in Kabul, or a new political dispensation'
  • Boris Johnson has urged western countries to not recognise the Taliban as the legitimate government 
  • The Prime Minister has earlier posed for publicity pictures with athletes at an event in London 
  • And it emerged Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab had flown back to Britain from his overseas holiday 

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