Misgivings about the operation in Ukraine

Misgivings about the operation in Ukraine

This is something I have been thinking about over the past few days.

It was going to be an article but it will be more of a note. 

The “special operation” of Russia came as bit of a shock, I admit.  I fully understand the circumstances that led to this turn of events and how the West has manipulated Putin into this by absolutely dismissing and refusing to talk about historical concerns of Russia. 

It seems they wanted this outcome all along.

However, I have grave misgivings about this beyond the fear that this will turn into nuclear conflict (and the insane neocons want this).

My misgivings relate to what this might do to Russia and it might become more like its western adversary.

In the following segment from Russian primetime television there is a discussion of introducing a no-fly-zone into the Baltic region (into NATO). 

This seems to me to go well beyond a response to western bellicosity. 

Russia, if I am reading into things correctly has gone into an authoritarian stage since the covid pandemic and although reportedly there is 70% support for the invasion as there would be for any imperialistic endeavour of the Americans.

But the question is what happens to those who are against the war, and war in general. 

The answer is not reassuring as can be seen from the following…

Not supporting the Not-War is not okay

Please clap.

A resident of Krasnoyarsk was fined 30,000 rubles for “discrediting the armed forces of Russia.” This disgusting criminal was captured and brought to justice after writing “no to war” (with a heart) in the snow:

They could have blurred out more. Are they trying to discredit the armed forces of the Russian Federation?

Media reports blurred out the word “war”—you can’t even show a photograph of the word “war”? Of course not. Only a Nazi would publish a photograph of the word “war.”

A man from Kuzbass was ordered to cough up 60,000 rubles after daring to call for a protest against the Not-War. Reportedly he was seduced by “Ukrainian bots.” Interesting.

A resident of St. Petersburg was fined 35,000 rubles for spreading malicious rumors that Russia was engaged in a war—sorry, Not-War:


….But it seems to me that we are in End Times and so we might expect something like this.

But there is no doubt Vladimir Putin is NOT a knight in shining armour as some like to portray him (and I have in the past). He has not lost his mind like the western media would like us to believe; he is quite rational in his decisions. But he is a fallible human, like us all.

One thought on “Misgivings about the operation in Ukraine

  1. Freedoms were limited in Britain during the Second World War, and that was because of the perceived existential threat. As somebody once said, “War is the health of the state.”

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