More evidence on AIR BURST bomb striking al-Ahli hospital grounds

More evidence on AIR BURST bomb striking al-Ahli hospital grounds

Right across the righ-wing alt media yesterday, from Alex Jones to Hal Turner used a single photograph from the parking lot of the hospital and saw “evidence” to accept Israel’s version of events.
I reported all the evidence I had from Twitter (X).
Today, Mike Adams breaks ranks to bring this report
Thanks to the investigative work of Information Liberation (Chris Menahan) and “Lord Bebo” (@MyLordBebo on Twitter / X), there is now compelling video evidence that Israel bombed the al-Ahli hospital grounds using an “air burst” bomb, and that Israel likewise also bombed the streets near the al-Quds hospital a day later.
Much of their material comes from this item:

Israel’s Airstrike Near al-Quds Hospital Today Bears Striking Resemblance to Yesterday’s Strike Near al-Ahli Baptist Hospital [UPDATED]

Chris Menahan
Oct. 18, 2023

UPDATE: This is a rapidly evolving story. Please see Al Jazeera’s latest investigation on the al-Ahli Baptist hospital strike drawing from their own source footage and others.

There are questions about the timestamp on the (pictured top left) video which shows the “jet flares” suggesting it was taken an hour after the strike on al-Ahli Baptist.

If true that means it would show a different Israeli strike nearby and not the explosion at al-Ahli Baptist. Al Jazeera discovered Israel conducted four separate airstrikes in the six minutes before al-Ahli Baptist was hit. It’s not entirely clear yet which strike this video shows or what the correct timestamp truly is. This is an actively evolving story with disinformation/misinformation on both sides and everything below should be viewed as speculation.



****Updated Article Below****

Israel’s airstrike outside of al-Quds hospital today in Gaza City just so happens to sound exactly like yesterday’s strike on al-Ahli Baptist hospital in Gaza City and strikes from the two days both appear to show “jet flares” being fired off in the sky before suspected airstrikes.

The first video below from Lord Bebo (who beat the New York Times to the story that Ukraine — not Russia — carried out the deadly Sept 6 missile strike on a Ukrainian market in Kostiantynivka) makes the case that an air burst explosion caused the damage at al-Ahli Baptist hospital’s courtyard:

This third video shows the “jet flares” going off during a strike near al-Ahli Baptist (see the update above):

And these videos show the “jet flares” in the sky before Israel’s airstrike near al-Quds:


Hamas/Palestinian Islamic Jihad are not setting off jet flares in the sky before their rocket launches.

Al Jazeera ‘Finds No Grounds For Israeli Army’s Claim Gaza Baptist Hospital Strike Was a Failed Rocket Launch

Key points:

They discovered Israel conducted four separate airstrikes in the six minutes before the al-Ahli Baptist hospital’s courtyard was struck.
– Cross-referencing their own footage with footage from a surveillance camera south of Tel Aviv, they determined the rockets launched from Gaza were shot down by Israel’s Iron Dome, with the last rocket intercepted “at exactly 18:59:50” and “completely destroyed and broken apart.”
– That was the last rocket fired from Gaza and it was intercepted before the hospital explosion
– “Five seconds after that interception, an explosion in Gaza was seen, followed two seconds later by a much larger explosion” and that second explosion “was the strike that hit al-Ahli Arab Hospital.”

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