More from Prof. Francis Boyle

More from Prof. Francis Boyle

am starting to think that we need to move away from discussions like
this to concentrate on how we can survive what is coming.

Francis Boyle: 13,000 

“death scientists” hard at 

work destroying

with a $100 billion germ 

warfare “criminal 


Image: Prof. Francis Boyle: 13,000 “death scientists” hard at work destroying humanity with a $100 billion germ warfare “criminal enterprise”

Natural News,

February, 2020

we bring you an important article about Prof. Francis Boyle, authored
by Sherwood Ross. This article / interview ties together the
coronavirus outbreak with the bioweapons program run by the NIH and
funded by U.S. taxpayers, mostly without their knowledge.

am currently scheduled to interview Francis Boyle this Wednesday,
Feb. 26th, at noon central time, on Be sure to tune in
to InfoWars to catch that interview (I’m hosting the first half of
the show, followed by Alan Keyes who takes over).

are reprinting the article with permission:

Biowarfare Programs Have 13,000 Death Scientists Hard at Work

$100-billion Germ Warfare Industry a “Criminal Enterprise,”
Author of U.S. Biowarfare Act Says

Sherwood Ross

American legal authority who in 1989 drafted the law Congress enacted
to comply with the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention says the U.S.
today [October 11, 2015] is in flagrant violation of that Convention.

Sept. 11, 2001, we have spent somewhere in the area of $100 billion”
on offensive biological warfare, charges Professor Francis Boyle of
the University of Illinois, Champaign.

said an estimated 13,000 “death scientists” in 400 laboratories
in the U.S. and abroad, are employed making new strains of offensive
killer germs that will be resistant to vaccines.

example, Dr. Yoshihiro Kawaoka’s group at the University of
Wisconsin has found a way to increase the toxicity of the flu virus
by 200 times! Boyle says Kawaoka is “the same death scientist who
resurrected the genocidal Spanish Flu virus for the Pentagon for
offensive biowarfare purposes.”

for fighting flu, the National Institutes of Health in 2006, a
typical year, got only $120 million from Congress to fight flu, which
kills an estimated 36,000 Americans annually. By contrast, Congress
gave NIH $1.76 billion for “biodefense,” even though the anthrax
outbreak in 2001 killed just five persons.

distorted budgetary allocations,” (spending 15 times as much for
germ warfare as for fighting flu) demonstrate that the priority here
is not the promotion of the public health of American citizens but
rather to further develop the U.S. offensive biowarfare industry that
will someday ‘blowback’ upon the American people with a
catastrophic pandemic,” Boyle said.

went on to say the Pentagon and Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) are
“ready, willing, and able to launch biowarfare when it suits their
interests…They have a super-weapons-grade anthrax that they already
used against us in October, 2001.”

here was referring to the anthrax pathogens mailed to two U.S.
Senators (Tom Daschle, of South Dakota and Patrick Leahy, of Vermont)
and others after 9/11 that were traced back to the Government’s
biowarfare lab at Fort Detrick, Md.

remarks came in response to written questions from Sherwood Ross, a
Miami, Fla.-based columnist. Asked if the recent outbreaks of Ebola
in Sierra Leone and Liberia could be from U.S. Government-backed
facilities, Boyle replied:

Ebola vaccines were experimental U.S. biowarfare vaccines that were
being tested out in West Africa. It was a result of testing out of
the U.S. biowarfare vaccines at our lab in Kenema, Sierra Leone, that
created the West African Ebola pandemic in the first place.”

warned that the Galveston National Laboratory in Texas, a
high-containment research lab, has been seeking for potential
biowarfare agents in the wild in other parts of the world “in order
to turn them into biological weapons.”

said, “They should shut down Galveston as an ongoing criminal
enterprise along the lines of the S.S. and the Gestapo — except
that Galveston is far more dangerous to humanity than Hitler’s
death squads ever were.”

added, “American universities have a long history of willingly
permitting their research agenda, researchers, institutes, and
laboratories to be co-opted, corrupted, and perverted by the the
Pentagon and the C.I.A. into death science. These include Wisconsin,
North Carolina, Boston U., Harvard, M.I.T., Tulane, University of
Chicago, and my own University of Illinois, as well as many others.”

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