More objects detected over North Ameria

More objects detected over North Ameria

Full details from Hal Turner can be seen HERE

*****FLASH***** Air Space Over Havre, Montana Closed for “National Defense” – Fighter Jets Scrambled from Multiple Bases

The Federal Aviation Administration has closed the air space over and around Havre, Montana under the designation “National Defense.”  U.S. Fighter Jets have been scrambled from THREE separate military bases.

 Flash traffic came in to me stating the following: “Portland based F-15s just scrambled out on a northbound heading”

Those jets were scrambled out of the Portland Air National Guard base.

Additional fighters scrambled out of McChord Field.

Shortly thereafter, the ALERT TANKERS were sent into the air from Fairchild Air Force Base (AFB).

Flights in/around Seattle-area appear to be operating as normal. Overflights appear to be unaffected as well.

RUM-INT (RUMOR)  Another unidentified object over Vancouver — UNCONFIRMED

 A new NOTAM has been issued by the FAA for an area over Havre, MT. The airspace has been defined as “National Defense Airspace.” Unclear if it is related to another “unknown” object.  It appears below:

NEW: reports of fighters scrambled from Malmstrom AFB in Montana.

USAF KC-135R mid-air refueling craft is on task just outside Great Falls, MT. Took off from Fairchild AFB.

FAA statement: “The FAA closed some airspace in Montana to support Department of Defense activities. Contact NORAD for additional information.”

Aircraft on Billings Approach being notified of closed airports to the north to do “National Security”

The NOTAM issued in northern Montana are about 50 by 50 nautical miles

Rep. Rosendale confirmed an object in the airspace. They will observe and ground the object in the morning…

The NOTAM has been pulled, effective 0112 UTC.

Billings-Logan International Airport and Havre City Airport have reportedly been reopened to incoming and outgoing Commercial Aircraft….


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