More on Copernicus’ greenhouse data fraud

More on Copernicus’ greenhouse data fraud

Copernicus are 

manipulating data to cover 

up the true situation?

I have been unable to monitor events in the Arctic recently but Margo has done a very important analysis and shows that the data is completely different from what was there at the end of 2019 before they shut off the data for both CO2 and CH4 (and, interestingly, none of their other data.

Is there something up that they are trying to cover up?


This is how it looks today on CAMS.Notice the top of Alaska.

This is how it looked at the end of December.

is Margo’s latest analysis

of New Methane & Carbon Dioxide Data on CAMS with Margo (Jan. 15,

is her report from 2 days ago

Dioxide, Methane & Climate Update with Margo (Jan. 13, 2020)

readings on CAMS,3,2020010903&projection=classical_arctic&layer_name=composition_ch4_surface

This is how CO2 looks today on CAMS

CO2 levels at Mauna Loa were 412.38 ppm

In July they were at 412.93 ppm

And yet this is how this situation was represented back in July!

We rest our case.

I wonder what the EU technocrats at Copernicus would say.


just wanted to share these comments from P.M to Margo’s video:

school had no data for CO2 and some other data for a couple of days
. Do you think that there climate data web site are being
manipulated to hide what is going on in the atmosphere . It is
difficult to trust any web sites when the data does not seem real .
Having faith in these data website is really important , so I really
don’t no what to believe to accurate anymore . I am a new subscriber
to your channel and it’s great to find you and be able to understand
what you are explaining . Thank you .

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