More on evidence of an Israeli missile hitting Beirut

More on evidence of an Israeli missile hitting Beirut

Breathtaking: Case Closed, 

Infrared Video Reveals Details 

of Israeli Nuclear Missile 

(video censored by YouTube…

too late)

The video and stills are far better than any evidence accepted by the 9/11 Commission.

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

YouTube killed the video based on a complaint from the Israeli government. However, we still have it in Twitter and you can see the missile come in. However, below you can also see stills of exacting detail, showing enough of the missile itself to clearly identify it.

Censorship of the video by YouTube is taken as evidence, not that the video is genuine, of course it is, you can’t fake infrared, but that Israel is terrified for the first time in a very long time.

At 6 seconds into the 30 second video, the detailed outline of an Israeli nuclear missile is seen.  The video clearly shows the trajectory, the missile itself and the impact.

This is the proof that was being kept from you…

Frame 1 Beirut
Frame 2 Beirut (nose cone glowing white from heat, major proof of video authenticity)
Frame 3 Beirut
Thermal image of nose cone, proof of authenticity
Nose cone of missile, hot from reentry as a thermal image (proof 2)
The LORA at 33 feet, nuclear capable, sea launched, one possibility
Or it might be a large, single stage MD620, which are still in use, but updated dozens of times with increased range and accuracy

Case closed.

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