More on Gonzalo Lira

More on Gonzalo Lira

There has been no news to confirm or deny what I heard last night about a video allegedly showing he was beheaded.

Gonzalo Lira reported CAPTURED in Kharkov 

Where is Gonzalo Lira? Fears for YouTuber Missing in Ukraine’s Kharkov.

Gonzalo Lira, a Chilean author and former film director, travelled from Kiev to Kharkov after the start of the Russian special operation in Ukraine to report on the situation there. He has said that Ukrainian secret police had twice attempted to abduct him at different locations, but he escaped.

Gonzalo Lira Tiwtter account:

Gonzalo fails to show up for interview with George Galloway:

Sarah Ashton-Cirillo celebrates Lira’s rumoured capture:

This Undercover Operative Says She Recruited the Proud Boys for the GOP:

Sarah Ashton-Cirillo (trans pro-Ukraine journalist) celebrating the possible disappearance of Gonzalo Lira and Azov Bragging about his capture:

‘Zelenskyy’s Strongest Soldier’ and ‘Coach Red Pill Disrespektor’:

Azov bragging images:
BotsmanUA claism to know where Lira is:

‘Ukraine – What is Really Happening?’ – Gonzalo Lira | Real Talk with Zuby 200:

Where is Gonzalo Lira? No News is Not Good News

Gonzalo Lira: Murdered by the Daily Beast?
The Beast must have known that it was a “hit piece” in more ways than one

Gonzalo Lira is missing. Is the intrepid on-the-ground Ukraine war correspondent being held, perhaps being tortured and murdered, by UkroNazis incited by the Daily Beast? In this three minute audio recorded March 21, Gonzalo Lira tells us that if he ever disappears, The Daily Beast is to blame.

We hope and pray that Gonzalo Lira is still alive and that making this video go viral can help pressure the Ukrainian authorities to make their gestapo release him.


Meet Sarah Ashton Cirillo, who used to be called Michael John Cirillo. The official version: an American journalist working in Ukraine. In reality, he is an agent (now an agent) of American special services involved in the disappearance of American citizen Gonzalo Liro in Kharkiv.

He/she/they certainly had previous connections to the Daily Beast who doxxed Gonzalo Lira to the Nazi criminals. ““These guys were too stupid to look into my progressive politics,” Ashton-Cirillo told The Daily Beast in a phone interview this week” also working with #FBI


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  1. That reddish thing on Cirillo’s head looks like a cheap wig, which it is. May this ‘person’ burn in hell for betraying truth and freedom, and for causing the death of a brilliant, brave, and heroic man.

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