More on the Chinese spy balloon

More on the Chinese spy balloon

Tucker Carlson weighs in

“Joe Biden Is a Traitor. He’s a Traitor… This Is a Sputnik Moment!” – Steve Bannon GOES OFF on Biden Regime After Spy Balloon Humiliation (VIDEO)

Steve Bannon WENT OFF on the illegitimate Biden regime following the national humiliation over the China Spy balloon.

Bannon called Joe Biden a “traitor” and called the this spy balloon today’s Sputnik moment.

Steve Bannon: This was done by the CCP to humiliate the United States… They flood us with fentanyl and the CCP COVID-19 virus. These are biological weapons and they flood us with fentanyl nonstop is a second Opium War. The Third World War has started. I have said this for years. It’s unrestricted warfare and they’re after us… They’ve bribed half the people in this city. And on Wall Street, and on Silicon Valley and the global corporations… MSNBC goes over there and frickin kisses their ass with the Olympics. NBC’s in bed with the Chinese Communist Party… A mature nation would not have traitors. Joe Biden is a traitor. He’s a traitor… This is a Sputnik moment!”

Democrats are working overtime to destroy America. Joe Biden has only been in the Oval Office for two years – Can you imagine how America will look in two more years!

Via The War Room.

BREAKING: A second spy balloon flew over U.S. airspace and Hawaii’s Pacific Missile Range during the Biden administration on Feb. 16, 2022. Why is the media citing an anonymous DOD source to say this happened three times under Trump?

A thread from Kanekoa

THREAD🚨 #ChineseSpyBalloon

Similar high-altitude surveillance balloons and airships have previously been spotted over Hawaii, Japan, India, and the Phillipines.

2) @TuckerCarlson: “The Pentagon is tracking a very high altitude Chinese spy balloon over the northern US. The Pentagon has decided to not shoot down the balloon even though it’s flying over ‘sensitive sites.’ There are intercontinental ballistic missile silos in that area.” 

3) The same type of reconnaissance balloon was spotted over Sendai, Japan, on June 17, 2020.

Japanese officials said:

“We have absolutely no idea what it is. It may be some kind of weather monitoring equipment, but it definitely isn’t ours.”

5) The same type of reconnaissance balloon was spotted over Port Blair, India, on Jan. 6, 2022.

Indian officials were unaware of its origins.

“Zoomed photograph showed some eight dark panel-shaped equipment/objects attached to the flying object.”

7) Indo-Pacific Command visually confirmed that it was “an unmanned balloon without observable identification markings” floating in the air near the island of Kauai.

8) The Pacific Missile Range Facility on Kauai’s west coast is one of the US military’s most advanced testing sites.

The Navy describes it as “the world’s largest instrumented multi-environmental range capable of supporting surface, subsurface, air, and space operations.”

12) A high-altitude surveillance airship was spotted over Pangasinan, Phillippines, on Dec. 18, 2022.

Images of the airship – taken about 62 miles from Subic Bay in the northern Philippines – were first posted on Facebook, then Reddit.…

13) Chinese state media reported:

“There is no evidence the airship was from China, though its design appears similar to types on display at the Zhuhai air show.”

14) Brazilian media reported that the airship seemed to turn “transparent” and had broad similarities to high-altitude airships that Chinese companies are known to have been working on.

The US and other nations have also developed similar airships.…

15) A Chinese-language poster depicting the Yuang Meng airship.

China’s domestically developed floating airship Jimu-1.

A satellite image showing a Chinese airship in the Spratly islands in the South China Sea in 2019.

A US military airship in Baltimore, Maryland, in 2014.

16) The current Chinese spy balloon flying over the US is flying over “sensitive sites,” like the Malmstrom Air Force Base, which holds well over 100 nuclear-tipped ICBM silos.

Red symbolizes active missile fields.

Black is deactivated.…

17) Meteorologist Dan Satterfield (@wildweatherdan), backtracked the balloon’s course and traced it to central China.

18) Reporter: “Why not take it down?”

DOD: “Considering the size of the payload, looking at the potential for debris and the impact on civilians… We assessed that it does not pose a risk to people on the ground as it traverses the United States.”


19) China does not need to fly a spy balloon over the USA when President Joe Biden’s son admitted to working for the “spy chief of China.”

The balloon is merely symbolic of China’s control over the POTUS.

20) The intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities of high-altitude spy balloons.

This demonstration features the Raven Aerostar lighter-than-air platform used by NASA, Google, and the U.S. Air Force. 

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From a Dan Bongino interview

“This administration could have taken this thing down as it approached the Pacific…” ICYMI:

VDHanson reacts to the Chinese spy balloon that took U.S. officials DAYS to shoot down over the Atlantic Ocean, and what this means for American posture

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