More on the Secret Exemptions for Mandated Healthcare Workers in NZ

More on the Secret Exemptions for Mandated Healthcare Workers in NZ

Whilst the Government Threatened the Public With Police Action if They Asked for Exemptions

Ursula Edgington PhD, who writes under the title Informed Heart on Substack has sent me a partial breakdown of 6,700 medical staff granted vaccine exemptions provided through a 29th September 2022 OIA H2022009529. It appears from the OIA HNZ00023978 dated 2 August 2023 that we reported yesterday that the actual total may be as high as 11,005. This figure includes over 1,500 administrative managers.

The health service employs around 80,500 staff. This means that as many as 14% of MoH staff were granted exemptions. Previous mainstream media coverage accessible to the public has only reported that a total of 81 vaccine exemptions (not the actual 11,005) were granted to Ministry of Health staff.

This completely misleading media coverage gave the impression that Ministry of Health staff had almost to a person willingly taken the mRNA vaccine with the exception of 2,400 workers who euphemistically ‘left their jobs’ as a result of mandates.  A far smaller number than the 11,005 medical personnel and administrators who secretly received vaccine exemptions and retained their jobs in the health service despite being unvaccinated.

Many dutifully vaccinated members of the public were left with the false belief that they were joining shoulder to shoulder with a health service totally united behind Covid mRNA vaccines. This erroneously strengthened a belief in the false ‘safe and effective’ government narrative. Many who failed to meet vaccination requirements may recall being refused permission to visit loved ones in hospital or care facilities, whilst we now know unvaccinated staff and doctors might have been treating them.

So why did so many MoH staff apply for vaccine exemptions?

They might have read a 2018 paper authored by Drew Weissman and published in Nature entitled “mRNA vaccines — a new era in vaccinology”. Yesterday, Weissman shared the NZ$1.7 million Nobel Prize for medicine with Katalin Karikó for contributing “to the unprecedented rate of vaccine development during one of the greatest threats to human health.”

In this paper, Weissman listed a number of very serious adverse effects that had resulted from prior mRNA vaccine trials. These included:

  • Local and systemic inflammation (including the lymph nodes)
  • Widespread biodistribution throughout the body and persistence of expressed immunogens (similar to what happens with vaccine-induced Covid spike protein).
  • Stimulation of auto-reactive antibodies (associated with thyroiditis, type 1 diabetes and liver disease)
  • Toxic effects of novel nucleotides and vaccine adjuvants (similar to that causing vaccine-induced myopericarditis)
  • Development of autoimmune disease (including skin inflammation, joint pain, digestive disruption and swollen glands)
  • Development of oedema (build-up of swollen tissue in legs etc.)
  • Blood coagulation (clotting) and pathological thrombus formation (known to be associated with strokes and heart attacks)

Weissman suggested that his research had found ways around these problems. We now know he hadn’t. All of the above are common adverse effects resulting from Covid mRNA vaccination now widely recognised in the scientific literature that we have been citing in our regular reports. He was promising the cure of multiple diseases, but this has turned out to be only hope and hype.

A close reading of Weissman’s 2018 paper reveals that he was subtly stating the case for widespread experimentation on human populations. He wasn’t to be disappointed. Two years later mRNA Covid vaccines were approved for general use in the whole world’s population, based not on sound trial results, but mostly on assurances from authority figures like Weissman.

The motivations are unclear. It is certain that thousands of medical personnel, researchers, and regulators including executives in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology fields knew of the researched risks. Many also rapidly and correctly concluded that the Covid virus came from a laboratory. However, there were trillions of dollars of profits at stake stretching into an imagined biotech future.

Rapidly a well established pharmaceutical public relations and lobbying machine with a global reach sprang into action. Its aim was to suppress any discussion of known risks. It succeeded beyond the wildest dreams of those aiming to profit from the pandemic. Many corporations and individuals have become fabulously rich and/or renowned as a result.

We can now conclude that instead of wealth and fame some are deserving of notoriety.

Exactly who knew what and to what extent some pushed a vaccine they knew to be very harmful and sometimes fatal is to a large extent unknown. Whatever may be judged by way of culpability in the future, it is imperative that those who realise the extent of the problem speak up publicly now.

The secret programme the government initiated to grant vaccine exemptions to thousands of Ministry of Health employees contrasts with the public stance of Chris Hipkins who was the Minister of Health and for the Covid-19 Response from 2020 to 2022. In November 2021 Hipkins complained to RNZ there were people who were aggressively demanding vaccine exemptions. He said:

“Anybody seeking to exert pressure [to gain a vaccine exemption] in the way that we have seen is a matter that the police will be involved with if necessary,”

Hipkins said he was going to establish a central process for approving medical vaccine exemptions. We now know that 11,000 exemptions were granted to people working for the Ministry of Health (headed by Hipkins), whilst almost no exemptions were granted to members of the public and those working in other professions. Even people severely injured by their first Covid vaccine were routinely denied an exemption by the then Director General of Health Dr. Ashley Bloomfield.

Hipkins’ centralised process appeared to be a system designed to deny vaccine exemptions to almost everyone applying other than 11,000 privileged Ministry of Health employees. Simultaneously the General Medical Council was cracking down on any doctors informing the public of vaccine risks and threatening them with suspension and disbarment. The media were repeatedly reprinting the false safe and effective narrative derived not from research but from PR hype. Jacinda Ardern was firming up her policy aim to create a two-tier society—vaccinated and unvaccinated. Under this kind of pressure, families were being torn apart by what is now known to be calculated disinformation.

The wheels of this unprecedented level of social control and disinformation were being greased by billions of dollars of government funding sourced through additional borrowing which will have to be repaid by future generations.

This should be an election issue, but you can measure the integrity of our current crop of wannabe political leaders by the refusal of almost all to discuss these issues. In case we think that the enthusiasm for Covid vaccination was limited to the Labour Party, it wasn’t. A source I believe to be reliable inside the National Party has leaked the information that leader Chris Luxon mandated all National MPs to get vaccinated. I wonder what they think about that now? Luxon has told members of the public that he doesn’t want any unvaccinated voting for him.

It seems that the control of personal health choices was a policy endorsed by all parties. There would not have been any different outcome under any of the currently elected parties. Under a different government the situation might have been even more restrictive. It is time for change. The NZ Bill of Rights needs to be entrenched as a constitutional principle in order to provide some protection from government overreach in future

More on the Secret Exemptions for Mandated Healthcare Workers in NZ

….some discrepancies, questions and potential new rabbit holes.


I’ve just been forwarded a Substack post (below link), which sets out an Official Information Act (OIA) (UK=FOI) response to the ongoing question about how many of our healthcare professionals managed to somehow duck out of the injection mandates applied by NZ Labour Government in that dreadful November 2021.

But something smells very fishy!

Photo by Brian Yurasits on Unsplash

By now, everyone (globally) knows somebody who was either mandated out of their job for not taking one, two, or more doses of the injection, and/or suffered harm or bereavement because of these mandates. Some people with existing medical conditions that were at high risk from this experimental genetic injection, were (inexplicably, at the time) refused exemptions point-blank. Heartbreaking.

It’s worth pointing out here, that little old New Zealand was (as usual) many months (sometimes years) behind the rest of the world. By November 2021 we knew full well, looking at the UK and Israel data what is now globally accepted – the injection is Unsafe and Ineffective. In fact, the more doses you get, the more your immune system is compromised and the more at risk of infection you become (especially for those who are older). The Yellow Card, VAERS and other signals were shouting out to the world, but the captured regulators had even admitted openly to their public, they had become ‘enablers’.

Some staff who suffered as a result of the first dose, were still not allowed an exemption for the second – the instructions from above were “don’t worry, we’ll have a CPR team on standby for you next time”. (I kid you not). It was literally like those in charge of the healthcare system had transformed themselves into mediaeval torture agents.

An etching showing “Inquisitorial torture”. {public domain]

This topic is the stinking dead elephant in the room which has been rotting now for two whole years. And still the legacy media refuses to address it.

The ongoing question, especially after I recently attended the NZDSOS conference in Auckland (read about that here), is what happened to those rare examples of staff who did manage to get an exemption? Why were these people so ‘special’ and why did they not speak out – either then, or subsequently?

This NZ Doc is investigating this topic, as outlined in her short post here (please read this to understand what I go onto say here):

Secret Jab Exemptions for Healthcare Workers in New Zealand Come to Light
On 15 November 2021 all healthcare workers in New Zealand — doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, midwives and the like — were required to have had their first covid Jab. The covid Jab mandate lasted until late September 2022. Just tonight I learned that over 11,000 workers received “12A Exemptions” during this period from an Official Information Act request…

So according to this response, signed by Matt Hannant – Interim Director, Prevention National Public Health Service Te Whatu Ora – Health New Zealand – there were 11,005 staff who were provided with exemptions to the jab mandate.

[By the way, it’s strange that all these Te Whatu Ora Ministry of Health for NZ senior staff have ‘Interim’ in their title – like Neville Berry in the response to my previous OIA about the lack of rationale for the ongoing insane mandates in some areas (details here).]

However, in an OIA response to a question from me from last year, in which I asked a similar question…

told me that….over all of NZ, 6,706 staff were apparently awarded the ‘special privilege’ of bodily sovereignty (see table below).

Good for them. (Urghhh)

So does that mean that this total, from last year, was incorrect? Or that the previous OIA was overcounted? Or, perhaps 5000 more staff been provided with exemptions since Sept 2022? Curiouser and curiouser….

You’ll also notice from this table from the response (above), how there were far more Admin, ‘Care and Support’ (however that is defined) and ‘Allied Health/tech’ who were exempted, compared to numbers of nurses/midwives and doctors (57% compared to 42%). Admittedly, there are many more of these admin etc staff than the clinical staff, but the numbers still seem unbalanced? It would be interesting to do a breakdown and ratio comparison of applications received vs granted and adjust the data for numbers of employees. Maybe someone could volunteer for that project please?!

There is also the blatant lack of consistency across the different areas of New Zealand – why would Waitemata (part of Auckland) have so many more exemptions than Auckland central, for example? And why would 220 nurses in sparsely-populated Southern (South Island) healthcare district, be given exemptions, compared to only 10 in the relatively residential Wairarapa (North Island, near our Capital, Wellington) district? The mind boggles….

My guess is, some of the most senior healthcare managers in these districts with higher rates of jab exemptions, knew how to ‘pull the strings’ in Government. Who were they? What were their methods?

Despite many appeals for some humanity, including this Open Letter from NZDSOS, Sir Ashley Bloomfield, true to the Corporate Playbook, remains evasive and dismissive. He is just a puppet, after all, now Co-Chair of the looming WHO IHR Working Group, and maybe he never realised how much of this information about the corruption would later be exposed? He is now involved in the WHO’s ‘next steps’, along with our ex-PM Jacinda Ardern, who has been promoted from her ‘Podium of Truth’ to a new Harvard Uni role as ‘Disinformation Queen’.

My question to Astrid Koorneef, who signed my OIA response last year, is why do these discrepancies exist between these exemption numbers, and what is hidden beneath the surface of these jab mandate applications from staff – and them being awarded?

And perhaps even more important than that line of inquiry, is:

Where are they now – the between 6,000-11,000 New Zealand healthcare staff members – who obtained these jab mandate exemptions?

Are they ashamed of their ‘special’ status in the light of the death and suffering they were implicitly a part of over the subsequent two years? Which in some areas, is still ongoing?

Can we – those who ‘know’ – be understanding enough to encourage these people to be brave enough to put aside their shame and stand up for what is right – to start speaking out? We need to gather together and share this information, if we stand any chance of stopping a repeat performance.

This tragedy is not going away.

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