Morgellons fibres in PCR testing

Morgellons fibres in PCR testing

Morgellons fibres in PCR testingI received a few “unpacking” videos of C0vid-tests that got checked under a microscope. It appears like they found black fibers with strange properties. Unfortunately, those videos are embedded in FB posts but you can still watch them without an account. If someone knows how to extract them, please go ahead and upload them on other more accessible platforms.

Of course, those videos could be well-made fakes or just coincidences. Maybe it is just some random contamination with some other stuff but people who already did their fair research into Morgellons disease will certainly see the uncanny reminiscence.

It doesn’t matter what he says. He states that he has seen similar videos of other researchers and so he got himself a test. He opens it and makes cheesy remakes of it being made in China. Then he goes directly to the Qtip and appears to be stoked because he finds the same mysterious fibers that others detected as well. He seems legit. He is basically narrating. Watching what he does should be enough to get the gist of it.

–Godlike Productions


Nanofibers Found on Q-Tips Used for PCR-Tests | Nanofibers, Morgellons Disease, Chemtrails & Artificial Nueral Mind-Control Networks Built on Malignant Intelligence

Aha! So that’s why they were so eager to get all this testing done and were so aggressively jamming those Q-tips so far up everyones nose. At first I thought it might have been a genetic harvesting operation, but this is a lot more deliberate and makes a lot more sense. Unfortunately it doesn’t take forcing a Q-tip up your nose to get infected with these nanoparticles. They’ve been spraying these fibers in the form of Chemtrails for decades now. I’ve heard that nearly 90% of the population would have to have been infected by now. It seems that Morgellons disease is the body responding and trying to expel these nanoparticles that have been embedded within the tissue. Why only a very small portion of the population has this kind of reaction is unknown.

The way these shiny fibers are intended to be used to create this artificial nueral network reminded me of the movie “The Fountain” when Hugh Jackman would touch the Tree of Life and the fibrous shiny hairs on the tree would react to his touch the same way the hairs on the skin of his wife would. I have to believe that there was some intentional symbolism here in relation to to how they intend to network humanity together within this artificial nueral network that will also be extended and connected to dark spiritual forces the same way organic life is networked to the creator God. A connection that they desperately want to sever via their demonic vaccine concoction and replace with their malevolent intelligence. What we think of as “Artificial” Intelligence is actually “Malignant” Intelligence. Up until recently, these entities have simply lacked the hardware and software to allow them to directly tap into humanity with. That seems to have changed.


Vernon Coleman:  Shocking News Regarding PCR Test

Morgellons fibers in CV 19 tests – RE-UPLOAD — FULL VIDEO OF MOVING FIBERS


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