Moscow is “boiling”: Plan for nationwide military mobilization

Moscow is “boiling”: Plan for nationwide military mobilization

Coverage from WarNews24/7 from Greece

“Moscow was not hit by Neptune”: Russia delivers ultimatum to US – Talks about “global consequences”

Russian media: It was a NATO operation

A two-page verbal statement was sent to the State Department by the Russian embassy in Washington. Russia warns Washington for the first time of “unforeseen consequences” if it continues to equip Ukraine.

This development comes after the loss of the Russian cruiser “Moskva”.

According to Russian media, Putin was informed overnight about the loss of the ship.

Putin was “furious” in a way “we have never seen him before,” Russian sources said.

According to the same information, the Russian officials told him that the Russian cruiser Ukrainian anti-ship missile Neptune did not hit, noting that the attack was made with “NATO weapons” “photographing” the British behind the attack. (Harpoon;)

It should be noted here that all Russian analysts report that the “story with Neptune is not convincing. “It is impossible for this rocket to have caused such colossal damage to Moscow.”

Russia in US: “Unforeseen Consequences”

Russia has warned the United States that there will be “unforeseen consequences” if Washington continues to supply arms to Ukraine, according to a Washington Post report today.

The Russian diplomatic statement is two pages long. The Russian document was sent to the State Department by the Russian embassy in Washington.

“We call on the United States and its allies to stop the irresponsible militarization of Ukraine, which has unintended consequences for regional and global security,” the paper quoted Russia as saying in a statement sent to the United States.

According to the Washington Post, the State Department declined to comment.

The day before yesterday, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, in an interview with TASS news agency, had stated that Russia would consider US and NATO vehicles carrying weapons on Ukrainian territory as legitimate military targets.

Russian media: NATO operation

 “The attack on the Moskva cruiser was a carefully planned joint operation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Western countries. In addition to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, troops from Britain, Canada and Australia participated.

The British technically “supported” the missile attack. Canadians and Australians also participated. There is no Neptune. These are maintained by some to encourage the Ukrainians and to strengthen Poroshenko under whose leadership this anti-ship missile was built.

It is obvious that they were expecting bad weather in the area to launch the attack. They were waiting for a severe storm to occur so that other ships of the Russian Navy would not easily approach and help.

It seems that they did not want survivors either.

They say they flew to the USAF Global Hawk area and RC 135 to guide Neptune. In any case, they monitor the area 24 hours a day from the territory of Bulgaria and Romania.

The message is clear: the attack could not have taken place without British experts.

It is true that it is not enough to hit the ship, you have to hit the warehouses to cause such a big explosion.

Bayraktar would hardly fly in the area due to bad weather. They do not fly into the sea during a severe storm, ” they conclude.

“It’s a loss of strong symbolic value,” said retired Admiral Pascal Auxerre, director general of the Institut méditerranéen des hautes études stratégiques (FMES).

A warship like the Moskva has the ability to continue the battle even after one or more blows and knows how to manage a fire, the nightmare of warships. “This is a 12,000 ton ship, which sank in 12 hours (…). This is not foreseen “, he adds.

Moscow is “boiling”: Plan for nationwide military mobilization – “The loss of Moskva is the cause of war”

They will officially declare war on Ukraine

Strong information is circulating in Russia about the official declaration of war in Ukraine and about full-nationwide military mobilization after the loss of Moskva.

The images on Russian state television were shocking. The attendees only did not cry for the loss of the emblematic cruiser.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov warned that “if Kiev continues to attack Russian cities, Russia will be forced to declare war on Ukraine.”

This means that the narrative of the “special military operation” is coming to an end and there will be martial law and nationwide mobilization, something that many Russian soldiers had demanded as it had confused both the Army and the Russian-speakers of Eastern Ukraine.

The loss of the Moskva cruiser will facilitate this development along with the recent attacks in Belgorod and Bryansk. Even “false flag” Russian operations are not ruled out.

Information indicates that plans have been prepared for mobilization nationwide.

The Northern Fleet and the 8th CAA of the Southern Military District are already setting up new units with equipment from reserve storage bases.

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The moment of the announcement for Moskva

Analysts and commentators on Russian state television report:

“An important announcement, from the Russian Ministry of Defense about the fate of the cruiser Moskva that has been engulfed in flames, we are talking about the Black Sea Fleet Flagship.

Even if there is an attack on our territory it is a “cause of war”, in fact it is an absolute cause of war, let us not be fooled.

What is the name of what we do today?

Special Russian military operation (say all those present unanimously).

The special Russian military operation is over!

It ended last night!

When our country was attacked.

“Russian special military operation is over”

Journalist question: When you say last night, do you mean the attack on the Moskva cruiser?

And when you talk about war, are you talking about full-fledged military mobilization?


Stop! I do not want to talk about our flagship because there are different stories.

Moskva cruiser is 100% a cause of war

She is (was) our Flagship!

There is nothing to think about!

There must be an answer. But what kind?

Journalist: The Russian military operation has turned into World War III.

This is absolutely right. We are fighting against the entire NATO infrastructure. This must be understood.

Against the USA. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they carry weapons by rail, via Poland. They hand over weapons. It’s not funny.

We have to think about bombing the railway connection.

But there is a problem. Country leaders continue to go to Kyiv.

Answer: We must bomb Kiev. Then they will not come again. That’s what we have to do.

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