Musings on the NZ election

Musings on the NZ election


I have been struggling, amidst devastating events in the Middle East, to keep a bit of an eye on New Zealand’s election last night.

Ordinarily, I could hardly care a less about New Zealand’s “village politics” were it not for the fact that it was New Zealand’s most important election after 3 years of lockdowns, vaccine mandates and tyrannical governent.

Unfortunately, as I foresee that other than giving 8 seats to a Party that is not going to accept the shennanigans of the Uniparty. All the election has done, essentially, has been to change the colour of the rosette and change the colour of tyranny.

Here are the results as they currently stand:

National 38.95% – 50 seats

ACT 8.98% – 11 seats

NZ First 6.46% – 8 seats

Labour 26.9% – 34 seats

Greens 10.77% – 14 seats

Maori Party 2.61 – 4 seats

The remaining 5.29% are taken up by what we could call “wasted votes” that are likely to be reallocated to the winners.

New Zealand Loyal 26,141 1.15%
NewZeal 12,701 0.56%
Freedoms NZ 7,031 0.31%
Democracy NZ 5,544 0.24%
New Conservatives 3,587 0.15%
Leighton Baker Party 1,814 0.08%
New Nation Party 1,288 0.05% 
Total: 2.54%

Here is an assessment from what could be called “our side”

Conservative Parties Surge to Crushing Victory Over Labour Party in New Zealand Election

And the reaction from overseas from someone in the opposition movement who is right-wing and doesn’t really understand the entire reality.

Well, waddya know! Kiwis kick the “We are the sole source of truth” Marxists into the long white cloud!

Meanwhile, the reaction from the Left is stunned disbelief.

First, the UK Guardian.

And this from Stuff’s Tova O’Brien:

“But try saying straight-faced, hand on bible or sworn on the grave of a beloved dearly departed, that you saw this coming and the country would collectively call BS.

“This was a bolt out of the blue”.

A bolt out of the blue?? How come, the results panned out almost exactly as I expected with just a few surprises.

And this – the voters are to blame for the “wrong” result:


Unlike Peter Halligan in the above article whilst I celebrate the inevitable rout of the Labour Party I think there is little to celebrate.

The reality is that there has been a swing to the Right but that means diddly-squat if you like that sort of politics ( I don’t). 

The fact is the every single party and MP in politics (bar none), supported the vaccine mandate and the cruel treatment of those who protested at Parliament last year and the vaccine- injured.

Every single one of them!

What has changed is that finally we have a party that won 6.46% of the votes and has gained  8 seats in Parliament. The leader of New Zealand First, Winston Peters,(he first entered Parliament in 1978 and was recognised overseas – not here – as a superb Foreign Minister), is a tower of strength and will be a powerful voice against ther shennanigans of the Uniparty although he will be powerless to actually affect change. The only other voices come from the minor parties who, taken together got 2.54% of the vote. The main one, Liz Gunn’s New Zealand Loyal party got, as I predicted just over 1% of the vote.

That means that only a total of about 8 percent voted against the status quo.

The rest voted with the main parties to put covid and the vaccine mandates behind them and play a game of pretend. Pretending that the problems can be solved by more of the same (with some differences) that produced the problem in the first place and to sweep major problems (I would say, predicament) under the carpet. 

There is only one politician who called things remotely as they are: the crisis in democracy, the debt and the parlous state of the economy etc. 

His name is Winston Peters. I would hazard a guess that despite the way things look people were essentially saying “a plague on both your houses” and voted for what they thought was the least bad option. 

Then there is something else. The election of 2020 when voters gave Jacinda Adern a monopoly of power set a record for the highest voter turnout (at 82.2%). It was reported to me that this election had a record low voter turnout of 78.4%. That means that there were a lot of people who decided for their own reasons not to vote after coming out in record numbers in 2020.

Then there were irregularities that I have never seen in my whole life. A week before the election it was reported that rural polling booths had been closed and that 1 million voters had not received their voting cards.  Yesterday, there was bedlam at polling booths and despite the record low turnout queues of almost an hour at some polling stations because the electronic voters register (only introduced before the 2020 election) crashed and everything had to be done manually – something that had happened before yesterday without any problems.

What does all this mean?

I really don’t know but it doesn’t feel right and I am not one to believe in coincidences.

Wellington is the Woke capital of New Zealand

Until about 10 years ago I was a supporter of the Green party based on my concern for the environment.

The tide is out for Labour but in for the Greens at 10.77% of the vote. One of the biggest surprises for me was not only the number of the votes they received but the fact that they got three candidates elected, two of whom were in the capital city, Wellington.

One thing I noticed throughout the campaign was that there was no mention of the environment (which for the Greens means “climate change action”) and co-leader, James Shaw was sidelined and woke co-leader,

Marama Davidson dominated.

I strongly suspect that a decision was made that talk about the environment was a vote loser and would not be surprised if James Shaw was rolled at some stage.

The Green Party is no longer a green party but one that espouses socialist policies such as a wealth tax and supporting LGBTQ+ policies and Woke policies in general.

This is illustrated by the election in Wellington Central of someone I have never heard of before, Tamatha Paul, who although a woman looks like she’s pf indeterminate agenda. 

We appear to have reached a point where we are attempting to get out (unsuccessfully, thank God), the “safe pair of hands”and experience and replace with 20-somethings that have have all the right globalist credentials.

Counterspinning Reality
I cannot but mention Liz Gunn and her New Zealand Loyal. Gunn was reportedly telling her rapt audience that she was going to get 2 million votes (!) but as I predicted, instead got 26,141, 1.15% of the vote.  As I predicted, LIz’s sole achievement was to split the vote. The best commentary I heard last night was from Hannah Tamaki who, without rancour or finger pointing pointed out that had the freedom movement coalesced they could have attracted more votes than they did and quite possibly have crossed the threshold and got someone into parliament. 
But Liz wrecked that.
Instead of showing some humility and admitting her abject failure she tried to turn defeat into a giant victory with her words on election night:

From Liz Gunn:

As I drive back to Gore from Dave Kowalewski’s final meeting as New Zealand Loyal’s Candidate for Invercargill, I am overwhelmed by the sense I have of the uprising of People Power in New Zealand.

It’s now beyond any doubt that thousands upon thousands of Kiwis understand that New Zealand Loyal is not about personalities or globalist influence. And in fact, it’s even bigger than the election happening tomorrow.

New Zealand Loyal has transformed into a People’s Movement.

When the People of a country come together in vast numbers and stand up to the few who are corrupt and lying and misleading us, and when we commit to taking back our country from such criminals, then we, the People, become an unstoppable force.

On the eve of this, the most important Election Day we will have in our lives, I celebrate that this Movement owes everything to you, the good and honourable and powerful Kiwis . It’s you who are voting Party Vote for New Zealand Loyal in 2023.

If you are lucky enough to have a New Zealand Loyal Candidate in your area, please vote them in also.

New Zealand, we have already pulled off a miracle in three months by building this Movement together, against impossible odds.

I wonder what miracles will flow tomorrow, and beyond tomorrow, as New Zealand Loyal’s People’s Movement continues to gain more and more momentum in the coming years?

This is just the beginning.

To each of you, for your Loyal service, I thank you.

Here’s to the golden dawn of a new day, and a new era, for the country we so love.

~Liz Gunn

She even posted this screenshot from “x”:

When I had a look the majority of tweets were highly critical, but that does not matter.

How long before Liz and Couterspin start screaming that the reason they didn’t get their 2 million votes was because of electoral fraud?

It does not matter for Kelvyn Alp either.

Kelvyn displays similar deceptive qualities and, as I have pointed out, although being a rabid anti-communist takes all his tactics out of the playbook of Vladimir Lenin – sectarianism, a propensity for polemical argument and calling his friends ‘enemies’.

You couldn’t make this up!


Parliamentary politics were never going to make a difference to what truly is a predicament – the social, political and economic collapse of New Zealand along with the rest of the western world and the consequences of the genocidal policies of the globalists and the majority of politicians along with media that support them is truly dispiriting.
What has been thrown into relief is that the fact that a fully-vaccinated public is, at every state, quite happy to be led by the nose by those who would rule over us.
The only option, in my opinion, is to put aside hopium and to refuse to comply with what ever they throw at us.

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