My blogger site is now redirecting to this site

My blogger site is now redirecting to this site

As I mentioned before, I have found someone who has provided an invaluable service in migrating much of my data from my original Blogger site. 

Some of the data has now been transferred and we reached November, 2019 before we got notification that we had reached the limit on data that could be stored.

I have decided not to upgrade my account with Orange Website but to leave it there and put an automatic redirection from that site, something that has now happened. I shall leave that there for a month or so so that people can find out where I now am.

After that period is up I shall remove the redirection and archive the site so that you can go back and refer to the ten years (we are just a week short of that anniversary today.

My aim is to make as easy as I possibly can for people to find stuff on this site, between a search function, categories and the metatags.

I hope also to introduce features such as an RSS feed so you can get email notifications of new articles if you wish.

I am having difficulties with Paypal (I am currently locked out of my account for whatever reason). If, and when that is resolved I will reintroduce a feature for receiving donations.

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