My health has taken another dive

My health has taken another dive

This is my explanation as to why I am not posting as much as I did before.

While writing this book, I was mercifully free of severe symptoms that might have prevented me from writing.  Almost to the very day of me posting my first version of this book, I started to experience some serious symptoms. 

I started to feel extreme urgency to urinate. When I tried to pass urine I found I could not pass more than a few drops and with great difficulty.  I booked in to see my former lecturer in Chinese Medicine, Henry Su, who immediately identified it as a problem in the kidneys and prescribed me some Chinese herbs that are made into a decoction and drunk.  

Very soon after taking the herbs, I felt a slight easing of the worst symptoms as the urinary retention largely passed. Instead, I started passing copious amounts of urine during the night. 

I asked AI what the first signs of kidney disease were. The answer I got confirmed most of what I had already suspected. Of course, this is not the result of the delusions of Chat GPT; information comes from sources such as the Mayo Clinic:

“Here are some common symptoms that may indicate kidney problems:

“Changes in urination: Increased frequency of urination, especially during the night (nocturia), decreased urine output, presence of blood in the urine (hematuria), foamy or bubbly urine, or difficulty urinating.”

In addition, the article mentioned other symptoms I have experienced, such as excessive fatigue, oedema or fluid retention, loss of appetite or nausea. It also mentioned high blood pressure, which, at least until recently, I did not have, along with muscle cramps and twitches.

Many of my current symptoms are there; others are not. 

More than two years ago, when I first started to experience hot feet I searched on the internet. It couldn’t have taken me more than a minute to find a possible link with kidney disease. The article I consulted said there was a possible link with high levels of homocysteine, an amino acid that is converted into other substances in the body through a process involving vitamins B6, B12, and other nutrients, and kidney disease.

I had earlier asked for blood tests for homocysteine levels, suggested by a naturopath ThIs was the only test of many the doctor refused to prescribe so I paid to have a test done independently.  The results revealed elevated levels of homocysteine.

From an internet search:

“Elevated levels of homocysteine, known as hyperhomocysteinemia…. (have. been associated with various health conditions, including kidney disease”

The article went on to describe how elevated homocysteine levels can impact the kidneys and indeed even said that:

“Homocysteine can contribute to the development and progression of kidney damage”

But, as you will recall, Dr Hugh just waved all this aside and changed the subject.

I asked the AI if there is any known link between hot feet and kidney disease. The reply I got back confirmed that there is a possible link between hot feet and kidney disease”

The article says that this is not normally associated with kidney problems but that;

“Kidney disease can contribute to peripheral neuropathy, a condition characterised by nerve damage that can cause various sensations in the feet, including burning or tingling.”

This is associated with the accumulation of toxins in the body when the kidneys are not functioning properly.

The most common cause is diabetes, which to my knowledge I do not have, besides which the signs and symptoms are incompatible. The most obvious association is with diabetes, but the good Dr Hugh ignored that as well. It does not take a genius to make the links and to order tests that may confirm that hypothesis.

So, there we have it.  In my mind, as well as others, it points to a kidney problem.  All of this appears to elude the medical centre that I am obligated to go to by law. 

It would be interesting to know if I presented this information to them whether they would finally start taking me seriously or just continue going down a rabbit hole of chronic fatigue syndrome. 

My paranoid mind tells me they have more or less decided to deny me any meaningful medical treatment, at least in the normal sense of the word, but are too dishonest to tell me and instead blame the patient. I suspect this has to do with covid.

It would not surprise me if there was a note, kept secret from the patient, from the Ministry of Health  with a label attached to my digital file to that effect.

It would certainly answer some riddles.


8 thoughts on “My health has taken another dive

  1. how absolutely disheartening. in my experience, the worst part absolutely is not knowing. not so much not knowing what ails you, but moreso not knowing whether or not your file has been tagged as you suspect.

    i feel a situation like this is far worse because there is really no way to confirm or deny if its true that i can think of, short of doing something extreme that will almost definitely land you in a much worse position than youre currently in.

    i wish you the best of luck, and hope your symptoms alleviate themselves without you having to go through anything too terrible.

    take care.

  2. If you think you have kidney disease you should modify your diet to reduce protein intake and take vitamins that you are lacking. Whatever you do I pray that you feel better.

  3. The ONLY thing you should do is go to a highly regarded doctor FAST.
    Don’t self diagnose, Google-doctor or alternative-doctor anything.
    It may be fully treatable or curable but if you waste time, you may have none left.

    1. I don’t think you understand the socialist medical system we have in NZ. I am going to a trusted Chinese medical practitioner who has put me on herbs that may be working already. You have not read what I have written very carefully.

  4. a months supply of ” Tangy Tangerine 2. 0 ” two scoops a day knock off 15 kgs rocket fuel for the bod ,, have used body Electronics many years hold the accupressue point for the kidneys ” the body will regenerate when well mineralized and nutrionally saturated ,and there is a change of consciousness , kidney point is held till the crystallization is burnt out !!!!!!best wishes !!!!!! ye can do it pal !!!!!! g

  5. I’m so sorry to hear about this. I was once an alcoholic. It was my kidney’s that told me to stop drinking. They hurt, with a very-very sharp pain. (Gut grabbing, wrenching over, switching to my back, and forth.)

    I can’t find a GP. The Canadian medical system is backed-up, and regulated out the Yazoo.
    I have been trying to go to group trauma therapy, but they’re still demanding masks.
    They don’t even call me back. (They say they will) Health Canada has dropped mask requirements. (In most places?) The walk-in clinic doesn’t require them. Nor the pharmacy.

    The Canadian system is messed-up too. I also still can’t go to the dentist! Without a Chinese porcupine and Ethylene Oxide swabbed in my nose, to kill brain cells and destroy my sense of smell.

    I sincerely pray you will find relief, and peace from these troubles. Through God’s will.

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