Nakba 2.0 – Headlines from the Middle East – 9 November, 2023

Nakba 2.0 – Headlines from the Middle East – 9 November, 2023

Nakba 2.0

Palestinians at the Indonesian hospital in Gaza shout in panic as Israeli air strike hit nearby

Israel Agrees To 4-hour Daily Humanitarian Pauses In Gaza: White House

Israel has finally and belatedly caved to White House and external international pressure, it appears, as Biden officials have announced Thursday Israel has agreed to implement daily humanitarian pauses.

“The White House says Israel has agreed to put in place four-hour daily humanitarian pauses in its assault on Hamas in norther Gaza,” the Associated Press reports in a breaking story.

Washington has refused to back a ceasefire, but starting last week Secretary of State Blinken began pressing harder for ‘pauses’, to allow more aid into the Strip, but also to allow Palestinian civilians safe exit from the northern half of Gaza, which has remained under heavy aerial bombardment, but also ongoing ground invasion, as tanks have also reportedly reached the center of Gaza City.

“The Biden administration says it has secured a second pathway for civilians to flee fighting. President Joe Biden had asked Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to institute the daily pauses during a Monday call,” the AP writes.

“U.S. National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said that the first humanitarian pause would be announced Thursday and that the Israelis had committed to announcing each four-hour window at least three hours in advance,” according to further details.

The Pentagon’s military build-up in the region and in the Eastern Mediterranean, with the presence of carriers, warships, and even a nuclear-powered submarine has continues with an eye on Iran.

Overnight, President Biden ordered a second round of major airstrikes on ‘Iran-linked’ militant positions in Eastern Syria in retaliation for what are now near daily drone and rocket attacks on US positions, also in Iraq.

As we detailed earlier, the White House is facing immense pressure both domestically and on an international scale given its refusal to back a full ceasefire. The issue has even begun to fracture the administration from within, given now widely circulating ‘dissent memos’ critiquing and denouncing Biden’s policies.

A man drags probably his old mother on a chair to escape from Gaza city to south – it is not humanitarian corridor, it is inhumanity at its worst!

— Ashok Swain (@ashoswai) November 8, 2023

As the Gaza death toll soars past 10,500 – and now with daily horrific images from Gaza hospitals showing dead and wounded babies, toddlers, woman, and other civilians – pressure is also mounting at the United Nations. The US has come under blistering criticism from other countries for last week vetoing a resolution calling for ceasefire in Gaza, among the few nations in the world to register a “no” vote.

BREAKING NEWS: Chances Of A Cease-Fire: BIDEN: ‘None. No possibility.’

Biden also warned he was prepared to order more airstrikes in the Middle East in retaliation for attacks on U.S. troops.

The president said he dispatched two F-15s to attack Iranian Revolutionary Guard weapons depots in Syria because ‘they struck us’.

When asked about the ‘chances’ of a Gaza ceasefire outside the White House before a trip to Illinois, he said: ‘None. No possibility.’

He added that the U.S. is still ‘optimistic’ all the hostages taken during the October 7 terrorist attack will be released.

‘We’re not going to stop until we get them out,’ he said.

The Biden administration says it has secured a second pathway for civilians to flee fighting.

Biden had asked Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to institute the daily pauses during a Monday call.

Before boarding Air Force One for a flight to Illinois he hinted he was frustrated with Netanyahu because the pause had ‘taken a little longer than I hoped’.

(From Daily Mail)

10 hours of hellish fighting between IDF and Hamas in the center of Gaza: Merkava destroyed, dozens dead and wounded – Preparations to storm Shifa hospital!

Israel: “Raiding Al Shifa Hospital Inevitable, Even If Thousands Are Killed”

10 hours of hellish fighting between IDF and Hamas in the center of Gaza: Merkava destroyed, dozens dead and wounded - Preparations to storm Shifa hospital!

Troops from the IDF’s Nahal Infantry Brigade announced that they captured the Hamas stronghold known as Outpost 17 in western Jabaliya after 10 hours of fighting. The past 24 hours have been marked by the most intense clashes since the start of the war between Hamas and Israel.

The Israelis during the operation lost Merkava tanks and personnel. Footage shows Israeli UH-60L ‘Black Hawk’ MEDEVAC helicopters landing at the Assuta Medical Center in northern Tel Aviv, transporting at least 6 Israeli soldiers who were seriously injured during combat operations.

The IDF says Israeli soldiers fought Hamas and Islamic Jihad operatives at the stronghold, who were both “above ground and on an underground route in the area”.

According to the IDF, dozens of Hamas operatives were killed during the fighting.

The Israeli Armed Forces said they had located several weapons and uncovered tunnel shafts, including one located next to a kindergarten and leading to an “extensive underground network”.

Troops also found “significant” Hamas battle plans at Outpost 17, Israeli forces added.

The IDF a breath away from Hamas headquarters in Shifa Hospital 

On the two days of November 7-8, 2023, the following developments took place:

▪️The IDF reports that infantry and armored forces of the 162nd Division, with IAF air support and the help of special forces, raided the Hamas military quarter in the heart of Gaza City, near Shifa Hospital

▪️IDF units, supported by armored vehicles, continue their ground invasion of the Gaza Strip from three directions. In the northwestern part of the enclave, fighting is taking place near the shores of the Mediterranean and the borders of the Al-Shati neighborhood.

-In the east, Israeli forces are trying to extend their zone of control to the outskirts of Beit Hanoun. Hamas fighters, in turn, are setting up ambushes and firing rockets at IDF strongholds.

-In the south of Gaza, IDF units are fighting towards the al-Rashid highway. Despite early statements by the Israeli authorities that the city has been surrounded, there is no objective evidence to confirm this.

▪️Israeli soldiers raise the Israeli flag while singing the National Anthem “Hatikvah” along the coast in Northern Gaza.

Israel: A Division of 10,000 Israeli Soldiers Operates in the Gaza Strip

An entire reserve division has been deployed to the Gaza Strip for the Israeli Armed Forces’ (IDF) ground operations in the Hamas-run Palestinian enclave, an IDF spokesman confirmed.

A division numbers at least 10,000 soldiers.

According to the spokesman for the Israeli armed forces, it is the first time since the 1982 Lebanon War that an entire division has been deployed in “enemy territory”.

The 252nd division of the Israeli army, which has been operating since Saturday in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, consists of four infantry brigades and one armored brigade.

“Al Shifa Hospital Raid Inevitable Even If Thousands Are Killed”

It is “inevitable” that the Israeli army conduct an operation on the Al Shifa hospital premises in the Gaza Strip, under which – according to the IDF – there is a Hamas operations center and labyrinthine tunnels, the former head of its National Security Council has said . Israel Yora Island, causing a sensation.

In an interview he granted to the Channel 12 television network, Major General e.a. Yora Island expressed hope that the US would support such an operation by the Israeli army even if it cost the lives of thousands of civilians.

On the occasion of CIA chief Bill Burns’ visit to Israel today, Eiland said:

“I hope they would explain it to him. And if there is a will to take military action at (hospital) Al Shifa, which I see as inevitable, I hope the head of the CIA receives an explanation as to why it is necessary and why the U.S. should ultimately support such an operation, even if there are subsequently thousands of dead bodies of civilians in the streets”.

The US is “struggling to understand that Gaza is not Mosul… It is the most well-fortified location in human history, with advanced Iranian technology and billions invested,” he argued, adding that the message must be clear:

“This is what happens to those responsible for massacres in the state of Israel.”

In the Middle East, says Island, respect is earned by those who “know how to wield power and have no qualms about doing so.”

Neither more nor less, Eiland refused to separate the members of Hamas from the civilians in Gaza, whom he attributes a share of responsibility for the October 7 attack on Israel.

“Gaza is very much a Nazi state, in which (Hamas) has managed to recruit all of society in its fight against Israel. Almost every house in Gaza has a hatch that leads to underground tunnels. These are private residences. All hospital and school directors are Hamas employees… (Gaza residents) are rallying around the (Hamas) leadership, not against it,” he claimed .

“Take revenge for Moskva”: Russia gave Hezbollah supersonic anti-ship missiles P-800 Oniks! – And Chinese C-802s in her arsenal! (video)

Hezbollah: “This is how we will sink American ships”

“Take revenge for the Moskva” Russia gave to Hezbollah ultrasonic αντιπλοϊκούς missiles P-800 Oniks! – And chinese C-802 in the arsenal of! (vid)

Russia has given Hezbollah its famous Yakhont supersonic anti-ship cruise missiles, also known as P-800 Oniks, Reuters news agency reports.

Hezbollah has released two videos showing Russian anti-ship missiles sinking US warships of the USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78) aircraft carrier battle group in the Mediterranean.

WarNews247 was the only site that detected the disgust of H. Nasrallah’s speech – in the speech he gave – who directly threatened US and Israeli ships in the Mediterranean by announcing the deployment of anti-ship missiles.

The thriller now begins in the Mediterranean. One shot of P-800 Oniks is enough to set the whole area on fire.

Moscow wants revenge for the cruiser Moskva and other ships that NATO shot down through Ukraine in the Black Sea.

Read also: H. Nasrallah’s final letter: “Hezbollah has developed anti-ship missiles – We will engage with full force if Israel does not end its operation”

Hezbollah’s Russian hypersonic anti-ship missiles are a threat to the US

Reuters news agency reported that Hezbollah has Russian-made P-800 Oniks anti-ship cruise missiles, which could pose a serious threat to US naval forces deployed in the Mediterranean Sea, citing the USS Gerald R aircraft carrier strike group. .Ford.

In particular, the leader of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah during his speech last week, referred to the US Navy and the forces it has deployed in the region, typically saying that:

“We have received threats that the US will attack us and will also attack Iran if we go to war with Israel. America, your ships do not frighten us. We made preparations for them too. If the US wants to avoid a regional war, stop the war in Gaza.”

Reuters sources claim the Hezbollah leader was referring specifically to the P-800 Oniks anti-ship missiles the group bought from Syria…

Hezbollah’s increased combat capabilities are noted by other agency sources as well as US officials.

As two Lebanese intelligence sources revealed to Reuters, Hezbollah has in its arsenal the Yakhont-type supersonic anti-ship cruise missiles, also known as “P-800 Oniks”, which are used by the Russian Armed Forces from both Yasen-class submarines and Bastion-type coastal missile systems, while they formed the basis for the design of the BrahMos-type missiles that are jointly manufactured by Russia and India.

These missiles first became operational in 2002, are 8.6 meters long, are equipped with either a 200 kg high-explosive warhead or a 250 kg armor-piercing warhead, can reach speeds of up to Mach 2.5, and have maximum range of 300 km.

US officials acknowledge that Hezbollah has upgraded its assets and weapons systems in recent years, according to Reuters.

In this context, representatives of Hezbollah continue to publish in a threatening video on their readiness to sink American and Israeli ships.And, obviously, these are not empty threats.

Hezbollah also has the Chinese C-802s

At the same time, Hezbollah reminds with a new video that it also has Noor anti-ship missiles in its arsenal. These are Iranian-made anti-ship cruise missiles, a true copy of the Chinese C-802.

Hezbollah has already used these weapons against the Israelis. In 2006, the Eilat-class corvette Hanit, located 16 kilometers off the coast, was attacked. The impact killed four people. A second strike followed, causing a civilian ship to sink.

The length of The Noor missile is 6.4 meters, the flight range reaches 120 km with a possible speed of Mach 0.8-0.9.

The US fears that Hezbollah is being equipped with Russian air defense systems

The appearance of Russian anti-aircraft systems in the arsenal of Lebanon’s Hezbollah would lead to a colossal escalation of the conflict in the Middle East, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for the Middle East Dana Struhl said at a congressional hearing.

According to her, this would cause enormous damage to israel’s security at a time when there is a big rift in the relations between the two countries.

Read also: Israel has ended communication with Russia: Readiness in the F-35 Squadrons for Syria and Lebanon – With K. Soleimani’s ring, H. Nasrallah… (vid)

Struhl said the United States is working hard to prevent the opening of a second front against Israel.

Americans fear that Russian Pantsir-S1 air defense systems may appear in Hezbollah’s arsenal.

Or is it already too late?

The Americans admitted with a delay of hours breaking down: The Houthis sent to the bottom of the Red Sea MQ-9 Reaper

The Americans admitted with a delay of hours breaking down: The Houthis sent to the bottom of the Red Sea MQ-9 Reaper – See video

To “kill” soviet air defense system – a Dangerous escalation in the Middle East

The US Central Command (CENTCOM) confirmed that an Air Force MQ-9A ‘Reaper’ drone was shot down by the Houthis earlier today.

The Americans admitted with a delay of several hours the loss of the unmanned aircraft.

The issue is who shot down the MQ-9A ‘Reaper’. The Houthis or the Iranian Guards from Yemen? The Houthis claim to have shot down the US aircraft with a 1970 Soviet anti-aircraft system, the 2K12 “Kub”.

The Americans took too long to admit his loss while they initially denied it! It is noted that there is still no US military response while an aircraft carrier with its battle group is in the area.

According to the Americans, the downing of the aircraft took place while it was in International Airspace over the Red Sea off the coast of Yemen.

Undoubtedly, developments are coming in the region. The US drone was trying to locate Houthi ballistic missile sites and weapons caches.

Yemen’s Houthi rebels announced a while ago that they shot down a US MQ-9 Reaper drone flying over the country’s territorial waters.

As stated in their announcement:

Yemeni Houthi air defense systems from the Ansar Allah movement shot down an MQ9 Reaper drone of the US armed forces in the sky over the Red Sea, Ansar Allah spokesman Yahya al-Saria told Al-Masirah TV channel.

He added:

“The US drone was conducting hostile surveillance and reconnaissance operations in the airspace of Yemen’s territorial waters as part of US military support for Israel.”

“The Yemeni Armed Forces confirm that these US actions will not deter them from continuing their support to Gaza until the attack stops,” the statement added, according to Arab media.



Houthis in the country of Yemen are publicly claiming they have SHOT DOWN a U.S. MQ-9 “Reaper” Drone, operating in Yemen air space or over Yemen territorial waters.

Sources in the Pentagon told me just moments ago “We have no information indicating these reports are true” but the source also made clear “there are many layers of reporting inside the Pentagon and we simply may not have gotten the information yet.”

More as I get it. . . .


Yemen forces have released a video which claims to show thier downing of a U.S. MQ-9 “Reaper” Drone:

►‼️❗️ Yemeni Footage of the downing of MQ-9 Reaper Drone


A US official has now confirmed to Voice Of America (VOA) that Yemen Houthis shot down a US MQ9 drone in the Red Sea.

Hezbollah just deployed Nour missiles which is a long-range anti-ship missiles.

— / Yemen’s (Houthi) Spokesman, Yahya Saree:

‘We launched a barrage of ballistic missiles at various sensitive targets of the Israeli entity in the south of the occupied territories, including military targets in the Umm al-Rashrash area (Eilat).

The operation successfully achieved its objectives and led to direct casualties in the targeted areas, despite the enemy’s secrecy about it.’

No Chance For Israel! Scary Battle in Gaza City, Israeli Soldiers Got Trapped

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