Nano Machines for Ultimate Control of False Memories – Computer System For Collective Mind Control

Nano Machines for Ultimate Control of False Memories – Computer System For Collective Mind Control

GLOBAL BRAIN CHIP AND MESOGENS Nano Machines for Ultimate Control of False Memories – Computer System For Collective Mind Control

Download PDF-  Nanomachines for Ultimate Control of False Memories HERE

“To understand the technology of mesogens and their multiple smart functional uses for sensing, payload delivery systems, and other related aspects of their design, one must always remember that the mesogen is the tool or device – like the wheel on a car for the nano machine. The nano machine can be designed to become the robot, surgical scalpel, camera, the voice within your skull, or even the “false” collective consciousness when integrated into a computer system for collective mind control or a “global brain.”

In this post I would like to review this paper, that explains the technology we see in the human blood today.

Even the NASA inventor and author, Ray Kurzweil in his book, The Singularity is Near, stated that by 2035, an implantable information chip could be developed and wired directly to the user’s brain. The reality is that it is happening now through the advancements of sciences, computers, semiconductors, engineering, medicine, chemistry, and many other disciplines of science and engineering. This paper will address a specific case study of the removal of a menginoma, non-cancerous brain tumor, which in reality turned out to be a reactive nematic mesogen composed of advanced nano material brain chip/sensor for brain-computer interface. Additional mesogens will be discussed that were isolated from various human body surfaces and, specifically, from three different individual nasal passages, within a week of each other, that crossed the United States and Saudi Arabia.

In medicine, the term “mesogenic” pertains to, or is relating to, the capacity of a virus to lethally infect embryonic hosts after a short 4 incubation period, but is incapable of infecting immature and adult hosts. In other words, the mesogen has a host-parasitic relationship in which the parasite dominates, but the host usually survives. This statement is right on target for how the mesogenic liquid crystal phase, and its other nano architectural designed smart functions, would interact with the biological system of the human brain or other target organs of designed choice. Mesogenic payloads of liquid crystals can be unreactive until triggered into activation for their ultimate purpose. This is the new nano medicine, new smart WIFI communication system, weapon, industrial espionage device, or component for mind or body control devices.

A mesogen is primarily composed of liquid crystalline segmented copolymers systems that are composed of thin films of isotactic compounds that contain nano wires, tubes and other similar materials. They can function as sensors, transducers, actuators, and other related devices that are utilized in neurological mechanical device application or internal biological monitoring system. The side chain of the liquid crystalline compounds create new closes of materials that offer the potential to couple the response of liquid crystals and elastomeric networks to applied mechanical strains. In the activation and design of functional strength and/or size parameter – such as pH, halogens, frequency (type) – hard and soft continuous domains and solvent solubility play vital roles in its design from nano material building units into an actual functional nano machine.

The side chains we saw as well are being described – we found polyvinyl alcohol Near Infrared signatures in the blood and in the clots:

Two polymer network conformations currently exist for LCE materials: Side chain LCE (SCLCE) and Main chain LCE (MCLCE) as illustrated in Figure 1. The side chain conformation has the LC mesogen pendant form the linear polymer network. The main chain LCE has the LC mesogens linked end to end forming a LC polymer which is cross-linked to form the network. Either nematic or smectic LCE may be prepared from side chain and main chain LCE. Some examples are the following:  Acrylate side chain LCE – side chain LCE prepared through photopolymerization of acrylate mesogens. (See Figure 2)  Siloxane side chain LCE – side chain LCE prepared via hydrosilylation reaction of vinyl mesogen with methyl-hydrosiloxane polymer. 7 Materials of this type also include LCE films/ultra thin films (coatings).3 (See Figure 3)  Main chain LCE – main chain LCE prepared via hydrosilylation reaction of vinyl mesogen with methyl hydrosiloxane polymer. (See Figure 4)  Polyester/polyurethane (Estane) side chain LCE – side chain LCE segmented polyurethane with functionalized polysiloxane soft segments and tradiotnal MDI/butane diol hard segment. (See Figure 5)

Image: Light emitting spheres seen in unvaccinated blood in my office

The charge transfer allows the discotic liquid crystals to be electrically semi-conductive along the stacking direction. Applications have been focusing on using these systems in photovoltaic devices, organic light emitting diodes (OLED) and molecular wires (nanowires). Discotics have also been suggested for use in compensation films, for LCD displays.

Remember all the blue and red lights I have been seeing, as in the photo above – the body has a narrow temperature phase:

Blue phases are liquid crystal phases that appear in the temperature range between a chiral nematic phase and an isotropic liquid phase. Blue phases have a regular three-dimensional cubic structure of defects with lattice periods of several hundred nanometers; thus, they exhibit selective Bragg reflections in the wavelength range of visible light corresponding to the cubic lattice. It was theoretically predicted in 1981 that these phases can possess icosahedral symmetry similar to quasicrystals.16, 17 Although blue phases are of interest for fast light modulators or tunable photonic crystals, they exist in a very narrow temperature range, usually less than a few Kelvin. Stabilized at room temperature, blue phases allow electro-optical switching with response times of the order of 10-4 seconds.

They use the same chemicals, but are now smart – like the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz movie who only wanted a brain. They have a brain because they can interface with computers through the transitional and piezoelectrial metallic materials they are made from. They can be a gel, particle, tube, claw, hook, fiber, or even a wire – but all exist under the penumbra of NANO. In very recent press releases, nanowires are now being used in brain chips for the human brain so that a person can read the thoughts of another or transfer his thoughts to them. It is even being used for instantaneous language learning and retention. Nanowires are particularly interesting as they offer the opportunity to investigate electrical and thermal transport processes in size-confined systems (like the brain, human body, or even a plant) with the possibility of providing a deeper understanding of physics and other related sciences at a nanoscale. Silicon and silica nanostructures have attracted considerable attention because of their potential application in mesoscopic research and the development of nano-devices (tools and machines).

When I talked about the butane derivatives in the C19 shots and in environmental filaments people thought is was far fetched… but these chemicals are used as biosensors:

Newer developments in nanotechnology are now producing not just nanostructures, but taking these structures as their building materials to make nano tools and machines or functionally smart materials, such as mesogens. The chemicals used to make these types of materials consist of silica, silane, siloxane, acetone, ethanol, polypropylene, toluene, phenol, methylmethacrylate, polyurethane (as waterborne polyurethane), MDI/butane diol, and many others. The polyurethane under scientific investigation for mesogens is a segmented copolymer with hard segments of MDI/butane diol.

Here is my article discussing the finding of butyric acid derivatives:

Chemical Analysis Comparison of Hydrogel Filaments from C19 Shots and Environmental Geoengineering Sources – Project What Happened to Humanities Blood?

 Chemical Analysis Comparison of Hydrogel Filaments from C19 Shots and Environmental Geoengineering Sources - Project What Happened to Humanities Blood?

Image: Moderna C19 shot filament growth Project CUNIT-2-112Y6580 Introduction: I have been discussing that the filaments seen in live blood, C19 shot contents and the environmental poisoning via geoengineering can come from different sources – however there are some remarkable similarities present that are worthy of further study. In my view, this assau…

Brain Menginoma Conclusions

In advanced biological monitoring tests performed on patient/client, there were elevated strontium, arsenic, nickel, and acetylcholinesterase as well as depleted Vitamin D. To deliver the synthetic calcium hydroxyapatite nano crystals, as utilized in a mesogen jacketed process of delivery, there would have to be the presence of acetylcholinesterse chloride (as in nano tube composition) and/or heprin. The patient/client did have elevated values of 16,005 IU acetylcholinestease, RBC with occupational levels of nickel and metabolites of styrene as found in polyurethane epoxies or polymers.

In many of the designs of this type of biomaterial, there may be a DNA tag or sensor utilizing a polyamide or polyurethane. These types of materials are utilized to monitor DNA as a biosensor and/or show crystal growth behavior to utilize a one-dimensional copper core with a nickel shell. Nickel was found at high levels within patient/client’s blood. If the materials are being utilized for monitoring Nano/Info/Bio-Tech through the monitoring of brain functions, then the material may be registered under studies being conducted by the AMPTIAC sponsored information analysis center of the US Department of Defense (DOD). Some of these types of brain or CNS bio-sensory research applications have been granted to US Nanocorp, Inc., University of Connecticut, Lifeboat Foundation, Dr. David E. Reisner, Rice University, and its applications for nanodielectric materials for high energy density capacitors. Under US Military applications, there have been projects that deal with specific tasks of textiles, biosensors, and fluidic lab-on a chip MEMS under small business developmental grants for the US Army, US Air Force and (1991-1995) by the Naval Air Warfare Center in China Lake, CA.

This is what a tumor in the ear canal was made of. Polyamide polymer functional groups were found by Clifford Carnicom and myself in our Near Infrared Research in C19 vaccinated and unvaccinated blood as well as the blood clots.

Ear Canal RAMAN/Micro FTIR Results (See Figures 15 and 16) 19655/1B (large particle) – Specific band assignments for protein bands are “animal protein”. A detailed discussion will address the types of animal protein, which is not human protein. 3300 cm-1 NH stretch 3080 cm-1 CNH overtone 3000-2850 cm-1 CH stretch 1650 cm-1 C=O 1535 cm-1 CNH 1396 cm-1 CH rock 1493 cm-1 CH3 1240 cm-1 CNH 730 cm-1 NH wag 19655/2A – Black Square particles featured small hydroxyl OH group.

19655/2A – Black square particle (Raman) compared to synthetic graphite standard (Alfa Aesar) green laser gave a comparison analysis match to graphite. 19655/2B (Body) – matched to Moon Glycerine U.S.P. (x0.90) (See Figure 17). 19655/2B (Body) – and Marvanol DP (See Figure 18). Additional laboratory Bio-Rad analysis results and observation comments were the following:  The sample 19655/2A black square particles did not produce a response using FTIR. It was analyzed using dispersive Raman spectroscopy with a 532 nm laser, and determined to be highly consistent with graphite.  The sample 19655/2B body mass was determined to be a mixture of two compounds. One was highly consistent with glycerine; the other, a surfactant Marvanol DP. This portion of the spectrum is consistent with a long chain amide polymer.

Advanced nano materials have specific architectural design as they are formulated – via their specific chemical composition – with a starting functional number of 50 atoms. This is important to note because the actual design of the specific nano material is then incorporated into a layered film, glue-composite, rod, wire, and other functional nano building blocks to create the specific thin film type, mesogen (layered 6 to 8 stories high when expanded) and specific nano devices. All these materials are man-made. The delivery system of these materials may be through aerial dispersion – as in smart dust and smart crystal motes – while other materials may not only need pH and halogens to react with the biological system they are found within, but frequency as well.

Clifford and I also found high levels of halogen (Methyl Iodine and Methyl Clorine) signatures:

Synthetic Biology Cross Domain Bacteria (CDB) NIR Fingerprint Match Found In Human Blood – Hydrogel Signatures Identified – Ana Mihalcea, MD, PhD In Conjunction with Clifford Carnicom

Synthetic Biology Cross Domain Bacteria (CDB) NIR Fingerprint Match Found In Human Blood - Hydrogel Signatures Identified - Ana Mihalcea, MD, PhD In Conjunction with Clifford Carnicom

Image: Cumulative NIR spectra Red: CDB Electrochemical Isolate Fingerprint. Black: Average NIR C19 Vaccinated Blood. Blue: C19 Unvaccinated Blood In this report, we continue to describe our research findings. Several important sequential scientific steps have fallen into place. In previous articles we have described the means of transforming blood via ex…

Cationic lipids is what is used in the delivery system of mRNA C19 bioweapon:

Glycerols are lipids and, in a nanoscale device, may be used in self-assembly with branched polymer of polyethyleneimine (PEI) or other amphiphili poly (ethyleneglcol) monooleate derivatives or salts. The compound Marvonal DP is such a compound. The created self-assembly nanovehicles can bind to specific proteins in the presence of these nano-objects. The cationic polymer PEI formed mixed nano-objects with the protein. The polymer conformation in the nanovehicle will establish to sensitive dilution, a property that can be essential for the protein release upon administration, such as observed with animal protein and hydroxypatite. The amphiphile compounds will create small micelles in the absence of a lipid (the glycerols).

Teams around the world found metals in the C19 shots as described and analyzed below:

Further crystallization within a silicon carbide and related minerals can show evidence of nanometric inclusions and mineral association, which contains specific elements of Si, SiO2, TiO2, Fe, Ti, Cr, Zr, Ba, Mg, Th, P, S, Pb, Zn, Nb, Al Ca, and Cl.35 These facts are restated due to the elements found on EDS/SEM results and in biological specimens of client.


This paper is a goldmine and it confirms everything that Clifford Carnicom, Dr. David Nixon, Karen Kingston and I have been researching and showing with our experiments and analysis of the blood and the C19 vials. Please download and read, for I could not fit all relevant information into one substack post

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