Naomi Wolf on Steve Kirsch’s claims

Naomi Wolf on Steve Kirsch’s claims

I highly recommend Dr. Wolf’s book, The Bodies of Others: The New Authoritarians, COVID-19 and The War Against the Human

American Massacre. Steve Kirsch Claims
“Hundreds of Thousands” of mRNA-Vaccine-related Deaths, “Millions” of Injuries. Is He Right?

I am inclined to say “Yes.” Here is why.

Naomi Wolf

Outspoken with Dr Naomi Wolf,

15 August, 2022

On August 10, 2022, the Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur, and the now-Executive Director of Vaccine Safety Research Foundation (VSRF), appeared on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight. Kirsch made a number of claims that are well-documented among those of us who follow mRNA vaccine safety issues, but that may have been alarming surprises to a general audience.

Kirsch noted, for instance, that “the FDA and CDC falsely assured us that the approved COVID mRNA vaccines were safe and effective.” This statement is of course completely accurate. The reports by our War Room/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Research Volunteers on abundantly prove that this is correct, as have multiple other distinguished analysts such as Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Peter McCullough, and Dr. Paul Alexander. Kirsch noted that “the COVID mRNA vaccines are the most dangerous vaccines created by man [for the general inoculation of the general US public].” He cites 250 deaths from a Sixty Minutes report on the smallpox vaccine, comparing that to the deaths from mRNA vaccine.  Certainly, in regard to the deaths of babies we know is correct, with more babies of mRNA vaccinated mothers having died than have babies of mothers vaccinated with all earlier vaccines, combined. []

Kirsch also invoked the wedding of Wayne Allyn Root, the conservative talk show host and commentator. Root had pointed out that of 200 guests at his wedding eight months earlier, 26 of those had been seriously ill or injured, and seven had died; all of these were vaccinated. Root also had said that among his friends and family who had been at his wedding who were unvaccinated, none to his knowledge had gotten sick or died.

Steve Kirsch’s newsletter
Wayne Root’s story is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to explain if the vaccines are safe
Executive summary Governments can report unreliable data. But individual anecdotes can be easily verified and can be hard to dispute, especially if there are thousands of reports that are all Black Swans. Even a single event with just 200 people, where everything is verifiable, is enough to sink the “safe and effective” narrative…


Most controversially, perhaps, though, Kirsch stated that “hundreds of thousands” of people had died from the mRNA injections and that “millions” had suffered injuries related to these injections. Brian Kilmeade, the host, responded, “So you know, we can’t verify those numbers, these are numbers that you have.”


Steve Kirsch’s newsletter
Kirsch drops truth bombs on Fox about the vaccines being deadly; Fox host very unhappy
Executive Summary Someone had to go on Fox News and tell the truth about the injury and death rates about the COVID vaccines. It’s never been done before. They’ve all attempts or simply no…

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Kirsch was immediately attacked on other platforms, for the last two data points that he asserted regarding injuries and deaths. Media Matters — an organization of which he was an original donor — accused Kirsch of making false statements. But, in fact, the Media Matters content about this is truly weird: there is a headline stating that Kirsch “Lied” — strong language, bound to be picked up by SEO to blacken search results about Kirsch — but there is zero analysis presented, showing that to be the case: Kirsch contacted both founder David Brock by email, as well as the corrections email address, and to date, he reports, he has had no response. He tried to comment on the article itself to say that it was incorrect, but he said that the organization notified him that he was permanently banned from commenting. 

(Media Matters, which is supposed to be a watchdog for accuracy, in on the prowl to target critics of mRNA vaccines, it seems, and I would love to see that possible contract. In spite of the fact that David Brock is a formerly friendly acquaintance of mine, Media Matters also, without having contacted me first for comment, made derisive and ultimately misogynist fun of me on Twitter in summer of 2021 for my having accurately described on that platform — indeed, broken the important story of — women’s menstrual problems post-mRNA vaccination. CDC colluded with Twitter in targeting me for this reporting, the America First Legal FOIA now reveals, and I was deplatformed from Twitter soon thereafter. Millions of women suffered subsequently for this public health story having been suppressed — after it was assailed by Media Matters).

Other outlets were shy of either verifying or debunking Kirsch’s claims.

Steve Kirsch’s newsletter

Kirsch drops truth bombs on Fox about the vaccines being deadly; Fox host very unhappy

Executive Summary Someone had to go on Fox News and tell the truth about the injury and death rates about the COVID vaccines. It’s never been done before. They’ve all attempts or simply no…

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Here is his article defending his use of these numbers:

Steve Kirsch’s newsletter

Data justifying the claims I made on Fox News on Aug 10

Executive summary I appeared on Fox News on Aug 10. The transcript is here: Steve Kirsch on Tucker Carlson Tonight with Brian Kilmeade. …

Read more


I empathize with Kirsch’s ire. He and I both come from, and are now distanced from, the worlds of the privileged, intellectually self-regarding bicoastal Left. It’s surreal to spend decades in those circles as a respected voice, thinking that we all agree on basic post-Enlightenment ideals such as open debate and the critical examination of fact-based evidence, only to find that once you cross that tripwire of asking basic questions about a just-rushed-into-production mRNA vaccine, you go in an instant from having been a thought leader to a nutcase — for doing just exactly what you have done for decades: examining the data.

I appreciate Kirsch’s honey-badger persistence around demanding that his interlocutors either debate — and debunk — his evidence, or else, if they can’t do so, that they must retract their accusations that he is wrong. Those are the rules of gentlemanly and gentlewomanly conduct around the search for truth, that we were all taught in our expensive universities. What has happened to it?

So, let us now ask; is Kirsch indeed correct about the claims he makes regarding the scale of deaths and the scale of injuries and illnesses from the mRNA vaccines?

I believe that Kirsch is indeed correct in his conclusions. But you do not have to rely on his arguments or his sources to reach this conclusion.  I reached that conclusion not so much from the evidence that Kirsch provides, but rather, I believe that his conclusions are right from drawing on my independent research and from identifying other sources.

Kirsch has commissioned seven third-party polls that have sample sizes of 500 or more. In these polls, 7.6 per cent of households questioned reported what the respondent concluded was one or more deaths within the household attributed to the COVID-19 vaccine. 9.3 per cent of respondents reported that they themselves were injured by the COVID-19 vaccine; over half of these said that they had to seek medical treatment. This is suggestive, and useful as a starting point for independently-funded, peer-reviewed research. But there is a flaw with even good third-party polls: people who have been injured or lost a loved one may be more likely to speak to a pollster. Or the flaw can go in the other direction – people may be afraid to tell a stranger that they concluded that someone in their households was injured or killed by the mRNA vaccines. 

I also think that Kirsch’s use of the Wayne Root anecdote is instructive — we often get early signals of systemic problems from anecdotal surveillance of those around us. But the sample size is too small, in my view, from which to draw a certain conclusion.

Lastly, Kirsch relies on the VAERS database and projects from it. I think that projecting from the VAERS database is important to indicate a general signal that again requires more investigation, but that it is too hypothetical a figure to invoke as confirmed fact, as we don’t know if the VAERS database underreports by a factor of 10x, or a factor of 41x (Kirsch’s estimate), or by some other variable. All we know for certain is that VAERS significantly underestimates.

I do agree with Kirsch’s numbers, though, by looking, as noted, at other sources. And this is what we should all do; there is shockingly little actual peer-reviewed research comparing vaccinated to unvaccinated populations and seeing objectively, from a large sample size, who is getting sick and who is dying post-mRNA vaccination. Until that body of research exists, we all do need to review multiple sources and investigate their conclusions for ourselves.

All solid evidence, though, points to the serious scale of harms that Kirsch invoked.

The German government found that .3 per cent of those who received the mRNA vaccine, reported injuries. []. Toby Young found that the German government data show one in 300 injured after vaccination.

Another investigator in Germany found .8% of the mRNA-vaccinated struggled with serious side effects and that that percentage was “in line with” data from other countries:

“Worries about high rates of serious vaccine side effects have been raised before in Germany. In May, Professor Harald Matthes, a scientist leading a separate study into the safety of the vaccines, said that according to his data around 0.8% of vaccinated people in Germany were struggling with serious side-effects. This was in line with international evidence, he said, and much more needs to be done to help them.

“The number is not surprising. It corresponds to what is known from other countries such as Sweden, Israel or Canada. Incidentally, even the manufacturers of the vaccines had already determined similar values in their studies… Most side effects, including severe ones, subside after three to six months, 80% heal. But unfortunately there are also some that last much longer.

In view of around half a million cases with serious side effects after Covid vaccinations in Germany, we doctors have to take action. We have to come to therapy offers, discuss them openly at congresses and in public without being considered anti-vaccination.”’ []

A board member from an insurer in Germany, BKK, came forward with numbers that support Steve Kirsch’s estimate of “millions” of vaccine injuries in a given country of millions of vaccinated citizens. [] “A search of the databases of all BKK health insurance companies found that, from January to August 2021, around 217,000 of about 11 million BKK policyholders had to be treated for vaccine side effects. Andreas Schöfbeck, the board member who spoke out, told Die Welt: “According to our calculations, we consider 400,000 doctor visits by our insured persons due to vaccination complications to date to be realistic. Extrapolated to the total population, this figure would be three million.” That comes out as around ten times higher than the official figure from the Paul Ehrlich Institute, the Government agency responsible for vaccinations.” []. So, in Germany alone, a credible source tasked with compensating disability claims reports 217,000 of 11 million – or 1.97% – two-dose mRNA vaccine recipients required medical treatment. If there are 83.7 million Germans, of whom 63.1 million are two-dose vaccinated, that translates into about 1,243,070 medically injured or sickened Germans. If you extend that percentage of the injured or sick to the 261,981,618 Americans with at least one dose of mRNA vaccines, the figure provided by the CDC, or the “fully vaccinated” 223,457,170 with two doses –  that would be at least 4,402,106 vaccine-sickened or vaccine-injured Americans. 

So, Steve Kirsch is right about “millions” of injuries and illnesses, using this insurance-industry and government-database derived metric. []

As we saw above, solid data are coming in from government databases that even more conservatively show mRNA vaccine injuries to be .3-.8% of the total vaccinated. In the US, using this even more cautious metric, if .3-.8% of 223,457,170 suffer serious illnesses or injuries, it is still a figure ranging from about 670,200 to 1,787,200. If it is the higher range, Steve Kirsch is right about “millions” of mRNA-vaccinated injuries. If so, the figure is about the same as the number of Americans diagnosed with cancer every year – that is, mRNA vaccine injuries would now represent a catastrophic public health problem. [,which%20incidence%20data%20are%20available.]

If we take lower percentage, or somewhere in between, this is still a grossly unacceptable injury and illness rate of hundreds of thousands of Americans, putting it in the top ten causes of illness in America. If the figure is in the lowest range of all, mRNA vaccine-related injuries and illnesses would still be equal to the number of Americans who sustain strokes every year. Again, that would represent a massive public health crisis — but one that could be eased at once without claiming new sufferers. []

I do also believe that there may be “hundreds of thousands” of deaths from the mRNA vaccine in America. Here is why. This superb analysis from The Exposé argues, using UK government data, that “Hundreds of thousands of people are dying every single week due to COVID-19 vaccination”. I urge you to read it in full and share it:

2nd Smartest Guy in the World

PfizerGate: Official Government Reports prove Hundreds of Thousands of People are dying every single week due to Covid-19 Vaccination

by THE EXPOSÉ You were instructed to stay at home to protect the healthcare system. But while you did so, hospitals essentially had a holiday, and this is backed up by official data. You were told the answer to everyone’s prayers was to get the Covid-19 injection. But now that you have done so, the healthcare system is on the brink of collapse…

Read more


In response to a FOIA request, the NHS confirmed that the ambulance calls in the UK starting in April 2021 revealed a rise in ambulance calls for those under 30; the data also show that there was an 82% rise in ambulance calls in 2021. The charts showing the escalation of calls for ambulances in this piece are truly shocking. The Exposé analysis also showed that VAERS revealed a 13,200% rise in myocarditis in the US in 2021 after mRNA vaccination. The Exposé also documents that there is a rise in excess deaths in 2021-22 not just in the UK, but in other countries in Europe. How do we know that these excess deaths are related to the mRNA vaccination? “In every single month since the beginning of 2022, partly vaccinated and double vaccinated 18-39-year-olds have been more likely to die than unvaccinated 18-39-year-olds.” [] Mortality rates are lowest in every age category among — the unvaccinated. The analysis goes on, using UK government data, to show that “in all, 180,659 people died within 60 days of COVID vaccination between January 2021 and May 2022 in England.” The Exposé authors conclude that using UKHA numbers regarding the total vaccinated population in Britain, “one in every 246 people has died within 60 days of Covid-19 Vaccination in England.”

I also believe that deaths from the COVID-19 vaccine may be in the “hundreds of thousands” in the US from editing the Pfizer internal documents’ reports produced by the War Room/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Research Volunteers. Of the 42,000 plus adverse events recorded in the Pfizer documents, there were 1200 plus fatalities. [] Four people died on the day that they were injected. 1200 is 2.8 percent of 42,000. Pfizer — notably — redacted the “n” – the total number of injections administered — from within their internal documents (that we have seen so far), so we don’t know what percent of the total vaccinated these 1200 plus deaths represent. (That redaction alone is notable. Why redact the total figure if the ratio of injuries and deaths to that total is not a problem?)

But, if there are 4.8 million vaccine injuries or illnesses in the United States — see the math above based on Germany’s data per the BKK whistleblower — and if the Pfizer 2.8 per cent rate out of adverse events recorded can be extended to the adverse events in the US — then 134,400 people in America may have died, of the total of 4.8 million Americans injured by the COVID-19 vaccine. So not “hundreds of thousands” of deaths in one year, but in two years, yes; Steve Kirsch would be right.

I also believe we will see “hundreds of thousands of deaths” from the COVID-19 vaccine, once we know how to look and record correctly, because of the way the mRNA vaccine works. My previous Substack, “Facing the Beast”, presented my evidence, based on the Pfizer documents analysis, as well as on evidence I found that the Pfizer vaccine is produced in the US and around the world in concert with a CCP-run company, Fosun Pharmaceuticals, and along with data from an August 2021 rat trial out of Hong Kong, that in my view the mRNA vaccine, at least those made by Pfizer, constitute a possible bioweapon.

From Steve Kirsch

Naomi Wolf easily verified my truth bombs on Fox; why can’t they?

Naomi Wolf used INDEPENDENT methods to verify everything I said on Fox. Brian Kilmeade said Fox “can’t verify” what I said. Did he meant “can’t” or “won’t”?

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