NATO Can’t Find Russia’s Tsunami-Sub….Russian Nuclear Military Train Is Rolling

NATO Can’t Find Russia’s Tsunami-Sub….Russian Nuclear Military Train Is Rolling

“Russia is making progress. It is winning the war”.

What if this version of events is right?

The desire to deliver a hopeful message today that a global nuclear war has been averted through the intervention of wise diplomats and statesmen. On the contrary, the world is closer today than at any time in world history to a dystopian nightmare. There are major developments in the Russia-Ukraine war – news report you will not hear anywhere else today. Let’s start with the ground fighting over Russia’s recently annexed territories.

Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart. Airdate 10/3/22

From WarNews24/7

“According to the Russian nuclear doctrine (The Basic Principles of the State Policy of the Russian Federation in the Field of Nuclear Deterrence of 2020), the use of nuclear weapons by Russia is possible if the enemy uses this or other types of weapons of mass destruction against Russia and its allies, if reliable information is received about the launch of ballistic missiles for attacking Russia and its allies, in case of the enemy’s impact on facilities necessary for retaliatory measures by the nuclear forces, as well as in the event of aggression against Russia with conventional weapons that endanger the very existence of the state.”

Alert at NATO HQs: Russia is rehearsing to annihilate Britain – K-329 Belgorod fires the “Weapon of the Apocalypse”

Russia will drop the super-torpedo Poseidon! – Alert to nuclear strategic forces

US Shock Statement Triggers Russian Perimeter Plan: Moscow Responds in the Field and the World on the Brink of a Nuclear Abyss…

“US will destroy Russian troops”

US Shock Statement Triggers Russian Perimeter Plan: Moscow Responds in the Field and the World on the Brink of a Nuclear Abyss…

A US declaration to trigger Article 5 of NATO and destroy Russian troops who will use nuclear weapons tactically in Ukraine was enough to further escalate the situation.

For the first time, Moscow talked about activating the Perimeter Plan, a plan of total nuclear destruction.

This system belongs to the Strategic Missile Forces of Russia. In fact, President Vladimir Putin himself has mentioned that the system is upgraded and fully operational in a speech in 2017.

If Russia is going to use even a low-powered tactical nuclear weapon, then it will necessarily activate the Perimeter system as part of its contingency plan. Information indicates that a few months ago a general control of the system was carried out.

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David Petraeus, former director of the CIA, a retired general, stressed that if Moscow carries out its threats and uses nuclear weapons in Ukraine, then the Americans and their allies will destroy Russian troops and sink the fleet in the Black Sea.

Speaking to ABC News, Petraeus clarified that he has not discussed with National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan the US response to a nuclear escalation by Russia, something the Biden administration has repeatedly emphasized in Moscow.

Petraeus’ interview

When asked if Russia’s use of nukes in Ukraine would lead the US and NATO to war, Petraeus said that Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty’s collective defense would not be triggered, as Ukraine is not a member of NATO, but a “US and NATO response” would be “appropriate”.

The former CIA director pointed out that the possibility of radioactive fallout into NATO countries under the Article 5 umbrella could perhaps be interpreted as an attack on a NATO member.

“Perhaps this can be done,” he said.

“The other case is that this is so horrific that there has to be an answer, it can’t go unanswered,” he argued.

Then he added:

“I say it again, a nuclear escalation is not desirable. But the message must be sent that this cannot be accepted in any way.”

“Putin is desperate”

With pressure on Putin mounting after Ukraine’s victories in the east of the country, backlash over Russia’s annexation of four Ukrainian regions and resistance to the conscription operation escalating, Petraeus noted that the Russian president is “desperate”.

“The reality he faces on the battlefield is, I think, irreversible, ” Petraeus stressed.

“No chaotic mobilization – that’s the only way I can describe it – no annexation, no veiled nuclear threat can really get him out of this particular situation.

At some point they will have to recognize this.

At some point there will have to be some kind of opening of negotiations . “

However, Petraeus warned , “things could get even worse for Putin and for Russia. And even using tactical nuclear weapons on the battlefield won’t change that at all.”

Finally, he added that “we must take this threat seriously”.

Poland is also a target…

Sen. Marco Rubio, the ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, told CNN that Putin had two options: build up defensive lines or withdraw and lose territory.

Rubio said it was “possible” that Putin could hit points where US and allied supplies enter Ukraine, including Poland.

The senator acknowledged the nuclear threat, but said most were concerned about “a Russian attack inside NATO territory, for example, targeting a Polish airport or some other distribution point.”

“NATO will have to respond to this,” he said.

“Much will depend on the nature of the attack and its scale and scope.

Certainly, the risk is probably higher today than it was a month ago,” Rubio said,

Anticipating that Russia could hit one of these logistical points. And this logistics point may not be within … Ukraine.

For me, that’s the area I focus on the most because it has a tactical aspect.”

For the first time, Moscow talks about the “Perimeter” project

Director of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Department of Non-Proliferation and Nuclear Arms Control, Vladimir Germakov, responded to the US saying that “apparently Washington has forgotten the last line of Russian defense, the Perimeter or Dead Hand plan.”

“We remind you that among our security guarantors is the “Perimeter” system, which was actively discussed last year following a proposal”, he concluded.

Similar statements were made by other Russian analysts.

Enable “Perimeter” plan

According to available information, Russia has at least two nuclear shelters that function as Nuclear Command and Control Centers, one at Kosvinsky Kamen in the Northern Ural Mountains and one under Mount Yamantau in the Southern Ural Mountains.

But the most important thing is that in the Urals the “Perimeter” system is based right on Mount Kosvinsky Kamen!

By 1996, construction of the Kosvinsky Kamen had not been completed, but Bruce Blair, who had previously served as an ICBM launch control officer and worked on communications issues related to strategic nuclear forces as a member of the Congressional Office of Technology, reported in Washington Post in 2003 that ” Kosvinsky Kamen restores Russia’s confidence in its ability to carry out nuclear retaliation.”

“Kosvinsky Kamen is considered the crown jewel of Russia’s wartime nuclear command system because it can communicate through the granite mountain with distant Russian strategic forces using very low frequency (VLF) radio signals in a nuclear wartime environment.”

It is an automated counterattack system in the event of a nuclear war.

The system became known when journalist David Hoffman living and reporting in Moscow discovered and analyzed some classified military documents after the collapse of the Soviet Union. This led to a massive investigation that revealed one of the great secrets of the Soviet Union during the Cold War. The state’s “self-defense” system in the event that it were to receive a nuclear attack and no one would survive to launch a counterattack. This journalist also published a book that describes his research in depth.

This book is titled “Dead Hand”, as a joke that this system is activated when all the operators are dead.

Consider the following scenario. The US attacks with nuclear weapons and destroys all of the Soviet Union’s operational centers, as well as the majority of its armed forces personnel, and its nuclear submarines that carry nuclear weapons to counterattack in such incidents. How can something like this be prevented? The answer is by having a system that if it detects such a thing will immediately execute a nuclear counter strike, even if there is not a single person alive. This is what “Perimeter” is trying to do.

According to Vladimir Jarinich, a member of the system’s development team. Initially the system was developed as a backup communication system of the “Kazbek” nuclear launch control & command system. However, it soon expanded into an automated advanced nuclear defense system. Its operation took place in five stages which are as follows.

Stage 1: Activation

If the top leadership of the Soviet Union considered the possibility of a nuclear attack by the USA to be high, then together with the top military leadership of the state they activated the “Perimeter” system from some covert nuclear shelters whose location is not known to this day.

Stage 2: Detection mode

Since the start of its operation, the “Perimeter” system has been receiving continuous measurements from all over the territory of Russia to detect nuclear attacks. Specifically, we know that it was receiving data from hidden sensors around the country for the following. Again though, the exact location of any of the sensors or their technical characteristics are not known.

  • Radioactivity level sensors
  • Seismic sensors
  • Atmospheric pressure sensors
  • Anti-missile radars
  • Scan for control and command radio frequencies
  • Control of control and command lines of communication

Stage 3: Attack detection

To detect a nuclear attack the “Perimeter” computers had a very simple algorithm that was simple to avoid errors. Its operating algorithm consisted of three conditions which, if true, mandate that a nuclear attack against the state has been detected. The conditions were as follows.

  • Based on the sensors, a trace of a nuclear explosion has been detected
  • If 1 is positive, check for communication with the command and control center by scanning the radio frequencies in use and the status of the ground communication lines.
  • If there are no land or wireless lines of communication, issue a counterattack order.

Stage 4: Counterattack Order

It is not known from available sources whether this was done fully automatically or whether duty officers at the “Perimeter” shelter had to give final approval. According to most sources, the duty officers at the “Perimeter” shelter had to give the final approval.

Stage 5: Launch control and command missiles

If approval is given, then a series of 15P011 missiles are automatically launched and fly over the country. Instead of a warhead, these missiles had the 15B99 communications system which, as they flew, emitted an encrypted signal that activated all the missiles over which they flew to launch at predetermined coordinates.

In this way the Soviet Union, and today Russia, ensures that even nuclear powers will think very seriously before launching a nuclear attack because even if the entire military structure is destroyed, the “Perimeter” will strike back with a devastating blow. power.

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