NATO has admitted defeat: Ukraine must cede territory to Russia to join

NATO has admitted defeat: Ukraine must cede territory to Russia to join

“A new front is opening with Warsaw” says Russia: “Imminent conflict with Poland – In a state of war seven Divisions” – What is the NATO plan

“For imminent conflict between Polish and Russian/Belarusian forces” says Moscow

For the second day, Moscow is talking about an imminent conflict between Polish and Russian/Belarusian forces and is warning Europe and NATO that if Warsaw gets involved in the war, it will have to consider the use of nuclear weapons as a given.

The Russian media (not just one or two) are following up on yesterday’s revelation about the Polish Army’s aggressive deployment and force redeployment, setting the stage for something that even now is considered unthinkable.

The phrase of the Russians about “a possible popular liberation movement in the area of ​​​​Poland bordering Belarus” is also problematic …

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Russian media: Poland is preparing for war with Russia and Belarus!

According to the Russian media, the Poles continue to militarize the eastern regions of the country adjacent to the borders of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

At the same time, special attention is paid to strengthening the military potential in the Wojska Polskiego area in the so-called Suwalki Corridor and the Brest Gate.

In addition, the head of the Ministry of National Defense of Poland, Mariusz Blashak, who in the future wants to take over the presidency of the country, has developed a particularly intense information activity.

The other day, he said that Warsaw, with the help of American Abrams tanks and Apache helicopters, will strengthen the eastern border.

In this case, we are talking about the Brest Gates – a section about 80 kilometers wide, opposite the city of Brest in Belarus, between the West Bug River and its tributary, the Narew River.

It was here that a century ago, during the Polish-Soviet war of 1919-1921, fierce battles took place, when units of the Red Army captured Brest and rushed to Warsaw.

Relying on natural obstacles, the Poles were then able to retreat in an organized manner, having previously built the defense of the capital near the Vistula River.

As for the Suwalki Corridor, it is of even greater strategic importance. American tanks and helicopters will appear here. This narrow stretch of land, approximately 100 km long, connects the Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia) by land to Europe via Poland.

It also hypothetically connects the Kaliningrad region of Russia with the Grodno region of Belarus and at the same time blocks land access to Europe for the Baltic states. It all depends on who controls that area.

It is worth adding that up to 250,000 Belarusians live along the border with Belarus in Poland, whom Polish nationalists have been oppressing for decades and depriving them of their identity like all people of other nationalities.

Therefore, Warsaw also fears a possible popular liberation movement in the region, which could start in the event of a conflict with the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus.

This suggests that Poland’s American tanks and helicopters will not only target Brest but also Kaliningrad.

At the same time, Warsaw practically does not hide the fact that it would like to benefit at the expense of neighboring Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian territories. Poland’s preparations for a great war cannot be hidden.

However, historical experience shows that such aggressive attempts have always ended badly for the Polish state…

Poland’s entry into the war leads to the use of nuclear weapons in Europe!

Then the Russians emphasize:

“The Ukrainian counteroffensive, which began in early June 2023, did not have any spectacular results on August 15, 2023. There is indeed progress, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine were able to recapture several small settlements, but they paid for them with very heavy losses in manpower and equipment, without achieving strategic results.

According to the rules of military science, the Armed Forces of Ukraine had to create at least two large strike groups, one for the main attack and the second for distraction.

Each should have 3-4 tank divisions, 2-3 motorized rifle divisions, 2 artillery divisions, as well as several separate motorized rifle and tank brigades.

In each of the directions it was necessary to create an operational formation of the Ukrainian Air Force with 300-350 aircraft, as well as several separate military aviation regiments. And, of course, to have a sufficient number of Engineer, Minesweeping and River Bridging brigades.

NATO has admitted defeat: Ukraine must cede territory to Russia to join – Moscow: “You will also hand over Kiev”

“Lviv will become your new capital”

Zelensky’s office refused to exchange territories for NATO membership

Ukraine will not trade territories for NATO membership. This was announced on August 15 by Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the head of the country’s presidential office.

“Exchanging territory for a NATO umbrella? Strange. That is, consciously go for the loss of democracy, <…> the destruction of international law and the mandatory transfer of the <military operation> to other generations, ”he wrote on X (former Twitter).

Podolyak urged the West to increase the supply of weapons instead of proposals for cessions of territory.

NATO would like to consult: how did the meeting between the alliance and Kyiv end?
And how the West wants to export Ukrainian grain without Russia’s participation in the deal

Earlier in the day, the head of the NATO Secretary General’s office, Stian Jenssen, suggested that Ukraine could join the North Atlantic Alliance if it agreed to transfer some of its territory to Russia , which would also push for an end to the military conflict.

At the NATO summit in Vilnius on July 11, the alliance decided that Ukraine would be invited only when it met the necessary conditions . As a result of the summit, no decision was made on Ukraine’s entry into NATO.

Later, on July 12, following the results of the NATO meeting in Vilnius, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said that the results of the summit could have been better if Ukraine had received an invitation to join the alliance.

Earlier, on September 30, 2022, Ukraine applied to join NATO on an accelerated basis . Then Zelensky said that in fact the country is already in the alliance and meets its standards.

Report of the British in Kiev: “The Russians have created a 4th and 5th line of defense” – Pentagon analyst: “The Ukrainians will fall into a trap – Stop the counterattack”

Russians Reinforced ‘Surovikin Line’

Completely discouraging and extremely unpleasant for Kiev and V. Zelensky is the report of the British secret services about the course of the counter-attack. 

According to the British services, the Russian troops began to create a 4th and 5th line of defense in the most dangerous areas, essentially making any counterattack unprofitable and impossible at this stage.

Essentially, the British say that the Ukrainian counter-offensive should be postponed for a year and take place in the spring of 2024 under better conditions and preparation.

MI6: The Russians created a 4th and 5th line of defense

“Ukrainian counterattack may finally get stuck in the defensive lines created by the Russian army, the command of the Russian team decided to strengthen the defense in the most dangerous areas,” the British intelligence services report.

According to the British, Russia has begun to build two more lines of defense in the most dangerous areas where Ukrainian troops have somehow managed to advance.

Thus, the 4th and 5th will be added to the already three lines of defense that had been created. The exact location of these is not mentioned, but the British have already passed information about this to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“MI6 has sent new information to the Office of the President and the General Staff, which shows that Russia has begun to create a 4th and 5th line of defense in those places where the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been able to advance,” Ukrainian sources say .

According to British analysts, the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is proceeding very slowly, and at this rate the Armed Forces of Ukraine will not penetrate Russian defenses.

In addition, such a pace gives the Russian troops the opportunity to create two more lines of defense, fill them with troops and equipment, and create new minefields that have become impregnable for the Ukrainian army.

Even having broken the first three lines of defense, which is unlikely, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will continue to encounter new ones, and to overcome them Kiev will no longer have the strength and means.

According to the commander of the Support Forces, Dmitry Gerega, the staggered Russian defense consists of several lanes ranging from 10 to 40 kilometers each, their density is quite high.

These lanes include anti-tank minefields, anti-tank trenches, dragon’s tooth concrete pyramids, anti-tank “hedgehogs” and barbed wire. It is almost impossible to break through these lines of defense.

In addition, the Russians often plant mines in such a way that they cannot be removed. Therefore, in order to overcome the minefields, a large number of Engineer units are required, which, however, do not exist and do not have the necessary special equipment.

According to him, currently 5 engineer battalions have been formed. At the same time, a small number, about 200 military personnel, were trained abroad. By the end of August, about 150 more soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be trained abroad and join the ranks of Engineer and Minesweeper units.

The Russians reinforced the “Surovikin Line”

“Russian troops did not stop at the creation of the “Surovikin Line”, the construction of fortifications did not stop and continues, ” Ukrainian experts and Western analysts report, giving some details of what is happening.

According to them, there is an extension of the defense lines of the Russian Armed Forces in the direction of Zaporizhia and Avdeevsky (Bakhmut).

The first video shows the changes in the period from June 5 to August 1, that is, during the ongoing counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Systematized satellite images show a part of the area near the village of Andreevka in the Melitopolis district of the Zaporizhia region, where work is underway to improve the old and create additional fortifications.

The second video shows a part of the area near the village of Kodema in the Bakhmut region where the Russians are creating an entire fortified area.

During the period from July 2 to 27, Russian military created an extensive network of fortifications there.

It should be noted that the Ukrainian army has not yet approached the first line of defense of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation near the Tokmak region of the Zaporizhia region.

Pentagon analyst: The Ukrainians will fall into a trap!

“If the first line of defense of the Russian military is broken, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will fall into a trap, because they will receive a counterattack from the Russian reserves,” said the former analyst at the Council on Foreign Relations at the Pentagon , Barry Posen according to Foreign Policy.

Barry Posen notes that “the Ukrainian offensive and Western confidence in its success may have been based on the assumption that the Russian military does not have the necessary reserves.

However, if this assumption is wrong, then it probably does not make sense for Ukraine to maintain the current effort because, even if it penetrates deep into Russian territory, it will likely face serious Russian counterattacks under the worst possible conditions.

Ukrainian forces will be weakened and dispersed as a result of past fighting. At the same time, they will face a serious shortage of ammunition.

Additionally, the rapid advance deep into territory controlled by the Russian Federation will target Ukrainian forces. They will be attacked by artillery, missiles and UAVs.

At the same time, the rear of the Ukrainian army will inevitably be attacked by the Russian air force, which has recently been operating with much greater precision than at the beginning of the war.

And the Armed Forces of Ukraine have no experience of acting in such situations.

In such a situation, it makes no sense to continue attacking Ukraine,” concludes Barry Posen

Gonzalo Lira’s Latest Disappearance

U.S. bullying ends now!” – Putin issues stunning military plan

So the United States and NATO are playing a game right now of F around and find out. The united states is doubling down on sending money to Ukraine despite massive corruption. Many of the weapons we’re sending to Ukraine are winding up in Africa which are now arming the very people we’re trying to kill. So good job… F around and find out.

Zelensky admits it was ALL A LIE and fires 33 govt. leaders over corruption

Ukrainian President Zelensky admits that there has been corruption in the military conscription. He fired 33 heads of military enlistment offices as it has become clear that Ukraine has been taking people off the street and throwing them into battle untrained. And yet, the U.S. is ready with billions more in aid.

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