Neil Oliver: Covid has been used to green light the revolution those in power had in mind

Neil Oliver: Covid has been used to green light the revolution those in power had in mind

Neil Oliver, known to Brits for decades as “Mr Coast”, for his eponymous TV series, in which he’d stand on windswept cliffs & tell us about the deep history of our isles, has developed a second identity.

As a presenter on GB News, he delivers a ten minute monologue at the start of his two hour Saturday evening show.

Neil’s monologues are by way of a dawning realisation that things aren’t as they seem & are far darker, more malign, than most could imagine.

He’s realised that “Covid19” isn’t the new & severe health threat that the authorities have lied to us about.

He noticed that none of the “measures” imposed upon the people of at least the developed countries made any difference to death rates.

He’s become alarmed by the lack of effectiveness & of the poor safety profile of the alleged c19 “vaccines”.

Feedback he personally received prompted him to recognise that people who are technically highly qualified to comment were entirely driven off mass media platforms. People like me & dozens of others.

Now he sees the growing inflationary & financial crises in gestation are wholly deliberate.

The reason for both the pandemic fraud & the climate fraud is one & the same. A small number of powerful & psychopathic people are using both in order to rob us of our freedoms.

He’s absolutely right.

If we continue to cower, to do exactly what we’re told & never again to assert our rights of self determination, it’s just a short while before technocratic solutions, involving mandatory digital ID & cashless digital money will take from us forever the ability to protest about anything ever again.

Neither people like me & other campaigners for truthful disclosure about “the Covid19 pandemic” nor Neil & a very small number of other, courageous broadcasters, nor you will be able to repel these rapacious controllers of humanity if we simply look at our shoes & say / do nothing.

I say we’re drinking in the last chance saloon, and we may be but a short time from permanent technological tyranny.

Now is the time to stand up for yourselves, to alert your family, friends, workmates & neighbours. Show them the convergence of several unusual happenings over recent years. Let some of them join the dots, then join with them, resolving not to go gently into this new world order.

Best wishes

Mike (Yeadon)

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