New Bill to Detain ‘Conspiracy Theorists,’ Anti-Lockdown Protesters, and Families in Victoria

New Bill to Detain ‘Conspiracy Theorists,’ Anti-Lockdown Protesters, and Families in Victoria

 Victorian Government Pushes New Bill to Detain ‘Conspiracy Theorists,’ Anti-Lockdown Protesters, and Families

Cauldron Pool,

16 Septermber, 2020

The Victorian government will debate a new bill in the State Parliament this week which would hand authorities the power to forcibly detain “conspiracy theorists” and people suspected to likely spread coronavirus, such as anti-lockdown protesters and their close contacts.

If passed, the Omnibus (Emergency Measures) Bill will allow the state to detain anyone they suspect of being “high risk” or likely to negligently spread COVID-19, either if they have the virus or have been in contact with an infected person.

According to The Age, a state government spokesman said the rule could be applied to “conspiracy theorists who refuse to self-isolate or severely drug-affected or mentally impaired people who do not have the capacity to quarantine.”

Those detained could then be placed in quarantine facilities, such as hotels, where they can be monitored by authorities.

On Sunday police fined 200 people and made 74 arrests during an anti-lockdown protest in Melbourne. Could this bill lead to the mass-forced quarantining of similar anti-lockdown protesters?

Will the legislation result in anti-lockdown protesters being deemed “high risk” of spreading the virus, resulting in the forced detainment and mandatory quarantining of their family members, work colleagues, and close friends?

New powers to detain people considered a high risk of negligently spreading COVID-19 are set to be debated in State Parliament this week.

The Victorian government could also enlist protective services officers and WorkSafe inspectors to enforce public health directions under the proposed law, which extends one-off changes made in April for another six months.

People suspected by health authorities of being likely to spread the virus if they are COVID-positive or a close contact of an infected person could be forcibly detained if the bill is passed.

The rules, confirmed to The Age by a state government spokesman, could be applied to conspiracy theorists who refuse to self-isolate or severely drug-affected or mentally impaired people who do not have the capacity to quarantine.

Who are the people in the black uniforms with red ‘’Police’’ written on the back ? 

Does anyone know why they are dressed differently from the regular Victorian police ? 

Is it true that they don’t display the officiers name on their uniform ? 

Has anyone ever seen these uniforms on the streets before ?

“We’ve got people who aren’t COVID-positive, whose mood is severely depressed, who are not eating well, who are not drinking adequately, who are predominantly locked in their rooms, not able to go out for any activities, no leisure activities, and their mobility is declining and their mood is declining,” he told 7.30.

“And for someone who’s already elderly, already has a mood disorder, already is mildly malnourished — it’s very hard to come back from that


Quiz : In which Australian State was this photo taken today ?

Maybe she was 5.1km away from her home instead of the government mandated 4.9km ?.”

For those who haven’t been following, NSW police has been enforcing an unofficial ban on protests since late July.

Under the COVID-19 public health order on gatherings, outdoor meetings or assemblies “for a common purpose” of more than 20 people are banned. This prohibition holds even if participants are socially distanced or wearing masks.

In order to get around this, Sydney University students and staff members organised multiple protests around campus on 16 September. Each separate action involved less than 19 people, and each of them had different stated purposes.

However, NSW police didn’t give a f#%k. It deployed around 100 officers – including the riot squad – throughout campus, as it declared the decentralised demonstrations were for a common purpose.

Officers then set about detaining protesters and hitting them up for those draconian $1,000 pandemic fines.

Victoria Police Arrest a Man for 

Being at His Neighbour’s House


I am going to repost this

Sacha Stone on the Great Engineered Corona Deep-State Detox Saga. These are the times for celebration and unfoldment of higher consciousness NOT for fear reflexivity and apocalyptic hysteria

Dr David Martin – Message To Australia

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