New Embalmer Steps Forward With Horrific Post Jab Clots

New Embalmer Steps Forward With Horrific Post Jab Clots

On today’s Dr. Jane Ruby Show, Dr. Jane brings you yet another embalmer that has stepped forward with more horrific post jab clots and the similarity to what others have found like Richard Hirschman, is stunning.

They are graphic and sickening – and here’s the urgency…babies and toddlers are being sacrificed at this altar of depopulation, maiming, and gene poisoning, now that the U.S. government (whatever that is now) has “authorized” their death shots for 6 month old babies and toddlers; and later Stanford Graham is here with new study results on how the body may be clearing toxic spike proteins from our bodies and Dr. Jane wraps up with a look at what the private preemption of our Constitution & American laws means for you right now

2 thoughts on “New Embalmer Steps Forward With Horrific Post Jab Clots

  1. Ah, I was hoping for a new person. A face with a name. Not Dr Jane Ruby and pictures.
    Funny how just yesterday I was hoping for more morticians/embalmers.

    I understand one wants to protect their identity. But John O looney laid it down plain. “This is going to affect your family, staying silent is not an option.”
    He did have the advantage of owning his own business and being his own boss.

    Thanks for uploading this.

  2. People need to do their research and stop depending on the Corrupt Government for their depopulation death shots !

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