New Zealand Convoy 2022: Police Brutality Begins

New Zealand Convoy 2022: Police Brutality Begins

I will have lots more to say, but later.

Here is lying coverage from lamestream media

Live: Police ranks tighten around Parliament protest, parking wardens set to ticket convoy

* More than 50 people have been arrested as tensions hit new highs at Parliament.
* Police have instructed protesters to leave or risk being arrested and trespassed.
There is a livestream above of the scene. Please note the audio is unpredictable and some language may offend.
* The anti-mandate protest in Wellington is in its third day of occupation, with protesters camped out on Parliament grounds.
* There are about 120 police officers currently at Parliament, as protesters defiantly refuse to budge from the grounds.
* Thousands of protesters in convoy began travelling on Monday, and arrived at Parliament on Tuesday. Although the majority have since left, some protesters have stayed and set up camp.
* They’re protesting Covid-19 mandates, the Bill of Rights, and censorship. Some people also appear to be protesting about the three waters reform and 1080.
Livestream, via Billy te Kahika

From Chantelle Baker

This currently livestream, and therefore more recent

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