New Zealand: Covid-19: Customs fires nine unvaccinated border workers

New Zealand: Covid-19: Customs fires nine unvaccinated border workers

I intend to update this tomorrow. The obvious question is, what about the Bill of Rights and existing employment law?

Customs has fired nine border workers who have not been vaccinated against Covid-19.

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Radio NZ,

2 May, 2021


Its deputy chief executive for people and capability Jacinda Funnell said the move complies with public health regulations that came into force this month.

“We regret that these individuals have had to leave employment, and understand what a difficult situation this is for them,” she said in a statement.

She said the staff were all in fixed-term employment at the maritime border, and other work could not be found for them.

More than 95 percent of frontline Customs staff have received their first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, and 85 percent have had their second.

Customs is required to comply with the Covid-19 Public Health Response (Vaccinations) Order 2021, which specifies that Customs must not allow an unvaccinated staff member to carry out work in certain places from 1 May 2021.

From yesterday, 1 May all public and private MIQ workers, contractors and visitors had to provide proof of vaccination each time they enter a facility.

Currently workers are considered vaccinated if they have had one dose of the Covid-19 Pfizer vaccine, but all current workers must have had two doses of the vaccine by 5 June 2021.


Note: in her interview with Peter Williams, Lawyer Sue Grey mentions the death of a Feilding nurse at the Palmerston North Hospital the day after taking the CV VX.

The ‘no jab, no job’ policy is applying to front line workers. EWR

From The Health Forum NZ

“Its been a huge week in NZ CV VX land…The fudging of the truths have been coming thick and fast.

Lawyer Sue Grey posted the following…Quote…

“The most blatant false claims I’ve seen are the misrepresentations in the government advertising campaign, some of which have been identified in the KTI High Court Challenge. Some examples of concern to me include:

A)The government advertising using public funds to incorrectly claim the Vax is safe because it has Medsafe approval, when in fact it has only provisional consent subject to 58 conditions and even full message approval does NOT warrant safety

B) Claims the Vax is safe when the clinical safety trials won’t be complete until 2023

C) Claims the Vax is safe when it has not been tested for safety for pregnant women, for people who are frail, for people on anticoagulants or other medications, or for people who have recently had another vaccine

D) Government websites when reporting adverse events (including and the EU equivalent), record thousands of post Vax deaths and tens of thousands of strokes, and other outcomes which result in hospitalisation

E) The increasing number of post Vax deaths and hospitalisations in NZ (including the sudden Remuera death and many other similar post Vax unexplained deaths and hospitalisations) which are either not getting reported to the NZ equivalent “CARM” or are being overlooked in weekly reports.

F) The misleading claims about effectiveness as government fine print admits the Pfizer Vax does not prevent infection or transmission and may create asymptomatic carriers. Nobody knows the long term effects of the Vax but they are now talking about recipients needing a top up each year

G) Many countries, including India, Israel, Chile, Samoa, Fiji, Seychelle and Bhutan had another wave of Covid (in many cases their worst wave) AFTER the Vax rollout.

H) At least 40 NZ doctors have signed an OPEN LETTER expressing concern about the Vax rollout and the undermining of INFORMED CONSENT

I) Many healthy NZers who are are at no significant risk from Covid are being bullied to accept this Vax by the government’s “No Jab No Job” policy. This policy is cruel, irrational and is in breach of fundamental employment rights, human rights and the Nuremberg code. When the government overrides fundamental human rights and circulates misleading information for its own purposes contrary to the interests of the people it represents, we have a major constitutional problem.

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