“New Zealand has a horrible case of cognitive dissonance”

“New Zealand has a horrible case of cognitive dissonance”

dangerous (and criminal) 

case of complacency in New 


Complacency, in my mind, is one of the main diseased afflicting New Zealand. When the entire world has taken action on anything New Zealand will be lagging behind the entire rest of the world.

The headlines are becoming more-and-more dire with every passing day; an example of this, republished (to their credit) by stuff.co.nz


Generally, however, the NZ media is out-to-lunch on this and is fueling complacency which will turn to blind panic when the truth becomes known in the coming weeks or months.

The worst offenders in this regard are the official government-owned outlets like Radio NZ and the BBC.

First, this is what RNZ thinks you ought to know:

BBC is no better. Look at the coronavirus headline and compare that
with what is coming out elsewhere.

For approximately 20 hours I have known about the story of China increasing its reported cases by 10-20 times and it was re-reported  many times by the international media.

20 hours later Radio NZ FINALLY reported on this.

I can only imagine how many committees this went through before this information was released to the NZ public and how they have decided to “massage” the information to reduce its effect.

Chinese province at the centre of the coronavirus outbreak recorded
242 deaths on Wednesday.

was the biggest daily rise in deaths in Hubei since the flu-like
virus emerged in the province’s capital, Wuhan, in December

was also a huge increase in the number of cases, with 14,840 people
diagnosed with Covid-19.

has started using a broader definition to diagnose people, which
accounts for most of the rise in cases.



Yesterday, there was a story that Tonga had refused a cruise liner permission to dock there.

This is the story from today:

Tonga has banned cruise ships coming to the island nation amid the coronavirus outbreak, with one of them now planning on spending more time in Auckland as a result.

A post on the Tongan Prime Minister’s office website says the decision was made with an order under the Public Health Act “to prevent the introduction or spread of a controlled notifiable condition”.

The order, issued by the acting chief executive officer for health, affects four ships – the Astor, the Columbus, the Crystal Serenity and the Wind Spirit.

A spokesperson for Cruise and Maritime Voyages told 1 NEWS the order means the Astor will now “proceed to Auckland, New Zealand and plans to extend her time in-port there as well, before continuing on her itinerary as planned”.


A cruise ship that was in New Zealand earlier this month has been locked down in Australia as authorities test a passenger for coronavirus, The Australian is reporting.

It is unclear where the Singaporean male passenger boarded the Norwegian Jewel, which toured New Zealand for 10 days before arriving in Sydney on Friday.

The Australian says that he fell ill with a respiratory illness.

There are currently 15 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Australia. More than 60,000 people worldwide have the deadly illness, while 1300 have died.

According to the Norwegian Cruise Line website, 10-day tours of New Zealand, which leave from Auckland, visit Tauranga, Napier, Wellington, and Dunedin among other regions.



I went to the doctor a couple of days ago. I remember, while I was working at a medical centre a few years ago during a epidemic fear there was a notice at the door warning people if they were coughing or vomiting DO NOT ENTER.

I had expected, as a mimImum some repeat of this and, as a minimum, a notice asking if they had been to China.

But there was nothing.

I found this message from a New Zealander on a website called Godlike Productions:


 “ I rarely post but have been on glp for years. I’m 

sitting at medical clinic awaiting to be seen re. 

Corona symptoms it
is apparent that the District 

healthcare is woefully under prepared
as this is the 3rd 

time I tried to be seen. first time I was told to
go home and come back if it gets worse as 
they were to busy fixing
drunk people.

2nd time I went to the general practioner who listened

my chest and took my temp he refused to entertain it 

was covid19
and gave me antibiotics he didn’t even 

order anykind of tests or any

This 3rd time I was told to go to the 24hr medical center 

where I’ve just been told they aren’t testing!?! Wtf?? 

I’m sitting
outside the front door told to wait for an 

undisclosed period of time
for them to do I don’t know 

what after I told them my symptoms which
are in line 

with covid19 : sweating sore chest coughing loss 

sore throat etc. 

This is not great to say the least I’m hoping for
the best 

but expecting the worst. For the record I’m white 


“Get right with Jesus Christ people, and prepare coz 

New Zealand has
a horrible case of cognitive dissonance.” 


I learned that even after the alleged suspension of flights between China and New Zealand that they were still flying (DESPITE the purported “suspension”)


So what is the situation?

I decided to check flights to China on one of NZ’s main travel agencies, the Flight Centre and I found that they are still advertising flights to Beijing.

I did not click on any of the links but this is what is currently on their website!

However, a very small notice 

sends me to this notice – 


Furthermore, this is what I found on the website of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT):


Does that make you feel better?

My conclusion is that the public of New Zealand are being woefully misinformed about the true situation.  

There are isolated reports which reflect part of the true situation that are without any context, but most of the information is lamentable and the closer to the centres of power, such as Radio NZ, the worse it gets.

Once again, the people are being left to themselves to sort out how they might best protect themselves.

My prediction is that while the media accuses others of ‘fear-mongering’ the government’s sitting on their hands will bring about panic and fear like you cannot imagine once they find out the truth that was withheld from them.

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  1. Excellent posting here Robin. This is very real I listened to Sefan Molyneux and a strange character called Styxenhammer on this. All the bright people are saying that the effect in China and the world will be massive. Today as advidsed globally we go int Bngkok markets and buy up food. Maybe enough for two or three weeks lean diest. Rice, Noodles, some havier nourishment. Paul Scott

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