From Lynda Wharton, via Facebook
It started as isolated drops.
Then it turned into a slow trickle.
Now it has turned into a steady stream.
Every day my private message and email inbox….
Filling up with messages from New Zealanders about severe adverse reactions and sudden unexpected deaths of New Zealanders in the days following their CV V.
I am seeing the truth behind the glossy, measured reassurance we receive from our Medsafe and Government, day after day.
  • Strokes
  • Blood Clots
  • Blood infections
  • Gangrenous extremities
  • Severe migraines needing hospital
  • Sudden unexpected death in previous healthy in the few days post V
  • Emergency appendectomy (yes this is now an acknowledged side effect of the CV V)
  • Shingles
  • Brain aneurysm
  • Severe crippling flu symptoms with bed rest for days
  • Crippling pain starting from arm and spreading through the whole body
  • Bels Palsy
  • hemorrhagic periods in previously normal women
these are a few of the reports that have come to me in the past two weeks.
Every injury that comes to me directly, or that is sent to me on social media, i follow the same process
I contact the involved person and I urge them to report the injury to the Centre for Adverse Reaction Monitoring (CARM) here in NZ.
I then also ask them to report to Lawyer Sue Greys Citizens database of injury
Many many people are NOT reporting their injuries. This is due to:
  • fear of losing their job
  • fear of judgement of others
Doctors and nurses telling them that their injury is completely coincidental and could not possibly be related to the CV V they received 24, 48 hours ago.
Medical professionals failing to report injury, and the injured having no awareness that there is even a reporting system.
I have received reports of pharmacists and nurses not knowing that we have an Adverse Reaction reporting system…and one doctor telling their patient to report their injury to VAERS. This is the AMERICAN reporting system.
Hand on heart i swear to you that injuries and deaths are happening throughout NZ right now.
Please be an educated team of 7,000 who spread the word to your fellow New Zealanders about how to report injury, and the IMPORTANCE of reporting.
Not only will this help us track injury and deaths….
But they also need to report so that if their health deteriorates over the coming months they have a fighting chance of receiving support from ACC for V injury.
Please record the two links above and speak out wherever you can


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    The book is called Verbatim.

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