New Zealanders protest against lockdowns and tyranny

New Zealanders protest against lockdowns and tyranny

Apparently I was part of a ragtag group of “far-rightists”. I did not know that I was on the Right; I thought I was on the side of Truth.

You learn something new every day! Lol.

Protest at NZ Paliament featuring Billy te Kahika, Rashid Buttar (by cellphone) and others


Envirowatch Rangatikei,

13 January, 2021

Here we have mainstream dispelling the social media rumours that the NZ Govt is planning a lockdown on 15 January. For those of us with a finger on the pulse it’s not really rocket science going with the narrative to note that there will inevitably be another. We simply have a matter of dates here. Either way, being prepared is not rocket science either. We also have, not rumours but ‘stated fact’ from mainstream that food is going to be scarce, and intimations that although not mandatory you won’t be able to travel, work, socialize etc without the CV vaccine (that medical intervention by the way that has killed people or made them very ill – see also Covid Vaccine Deaths & Covid Vaccine reaction in ‘categories’, top left of page). Proving the point over a rumour for the 15th of January is irrelevant in my humble opinion. Let’s look at the larger picture. The ‘fact checkers’ as they call themselves are all over it. These same censorship moguls who are running our lives right now recently deemed an article from a Harvard Immunologist as fake news. So the person with the health degree doesn’t know what she is talking about, while Bill Gates’ whose ‘expertise’ extends somehow way beyond IT and right into health matters and mandatory vaccines without a relevant degree, does. The hypocrisy is breathtaking, and if you hadn’t noticed this by now as I see many still haven’t, I’m very concerned about your gullibility. EWR

A rumour New Zealand will enter lockdown on January 15 has been slammed as false by the All-of-Government COVID-19 Response Group after the untrue claims circulated on social media.

The lame stream media reaction

Police and security were on stand-by this afternoon, as close to 100 protesters gathered outside Parliament for a “freedom rally,” led by controversial political figure Billy Te Kahika.

Te Kahika was flanked by his own private security, which he had brought along to the protest.

In among the many signs – most critical of the Government, lockdowns and the UN – were a number of Donald Trump flags.

One protester told the Herald this morning that they “loved Trump” – that appeared to be the sentiment shared among a number of people gathered.

Another person at the protest was carrying a pink “Women for Trump” flag.

Before the protest had started, Māori council chair Matthew Tukaki labelled it an “alt-right, it’s pro-Trump” event with nothing to do with freedom.

Despite this, neither Te Kahika nor any of the speakers mentioned Trump, the impeachment or anything to do with US politics.

Their comments were mostly aimed at the Government – objecting to the lockdowns and questioning the effectiveness of any Covid-19 vaccine.

Clinical trials for the vaccine are underway – medical officials around the world have urged people to get the Covid-19 vaccination to protect against the spread of the virus.

Te Kahika co-led the Advance NZ party, which won 1 per cent of the total vote in the 2020 Election.

Given the storming of the US Capitol last week and the arrest of a person who smashed windows at New Zealand’s Parliament with an axe yesterday, there was heightened security at the protest.

Protesters begin gathering outside Parliament for this afternoon's 'freedom rally'. Photo / Jason Walls
Protesters begin gathering outside Parliament for this afternoon’s ‘freedom rally’. Photo / Jason Walls
Parliament’s security was out in force and there were police officers dotted around Parliament’s grounds.

A police spokesperson said they had been made aware of the rally planned at the Beehive, and were in contact with the protest organiser.

“Police’s role is to ensure safety and uphold the law, while recognising the lawful right to protest.”

They added that the police would recognise the lawful right to protest, but were “ready to respond to any issues should they arise”.

But Te Kahika brought his own security who followed him around as he spoke to his supporters, and stood close by as he spoke.

Days after removing outgoing United States President Donald Trump from its platform, Twitter’s crackdown on far-right and QAnon-related accounts has reached New Zealand’s shores.

In the past week, the social media giant has removed more than 70,000 accounts, most of them for posting banned content related to the QAnon conspiracy theory, which falsely posits that Donald Trump is in a secret holy war against a Deep State cabal of prominent Democrats who are actually Satanic pedophile cannibals.

The accounts of a number of New Zealand-based far-right and QAnon activists were removed on Wednesday morning. Some were low profile accounts, like the @QNarrative one belonging to amateur cartoonist Ted Charlton or QAnon YouTuber Sarah Smith’s ‘Sarah Speaks’ account. Others served some of New Zealand’s most popular far-right YouTubers, like Damien de Ment and Vinny Eastwood.

De Ment spoke at a conspiracy theory rally in Auckland in early September and has previously spoken about his opposition to “mass migration” and the non-binding United Nations Global Compact for Migration – a common dog whistle for the far-right and a bugbear for the March 15 terrorist. He also frequently discusses conspiracy theories about central banks that verge on anti-Semitism.

“The New World Order is sort of the brand name of the illuminati, the brand name of the deep, dark, secretive societies that literally control 99.9 per cent of all the wealth on this planet and use it, effectively, in corruption,” he falsely claims in a June 2019 video.

“The entire planet as we know it is run by evil central banks who basically buy off everyone – the media, politicians, academia. You name it, the banks rule everything.”

Eastwood, meanwhile, is New Zealand’s highest-profile conspiracy theorist. He is an Alex Jones-style conspiracy theorist with a daily YouTube show who believes Oranga Tamariki is running an “industrial-scale child trafficking ring”, that the March 15 terror attack was a hoax and who publishes videos with titles like “Elite CLONES, Freemasons, Demons and the communist new world order”.

Mothers Who Stand For Freedom, a far-right and QAnon-linked group targeted by anti-conspiracy campaigners in December, was also removed from the platform, as were longtime Twitter trolls the Redbaiter and Democracy Mum.

Former ACT Party candidate Stephen Berry also had his account suspended on Wednesday.

“We’ve been clear that we will take strong enforcement action on behaviour that has the potential to lead to offline harm. Given the violent events in Washington, DC, and increased risk of harm, we began permanently suspending thousands of accounts that were primarily dedicated to sharing QAnon content on Friday afternoon,” Twitter said in a statement on Tuesday.

“Many of the individuals impacted by this updated enforcement action held multiple accounts, driving up the total number of accounts impacted. Since Friday, more than 70,000 accounts have been suspended as a result of our efforts, with many instances of a single individual operating numerous accounts. These accounts were engaged in sharing harmful QAnon-associated content at scale and were primarily dedicated to the propagation of this conspiracy theory across the service.”

De Ment, for example, has a long history of being removed from Twitter before returning under a different username.

The YouTube and Facebook accounts of many of these far-right activists remain online.

I was “caught” in a media photo

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