New Zealand’s broken health system

New Zealand’s broken health system

Yesterday I spoke at length with a dear friend who developed life threatening “Serotonin Syndrome” at the weekend.

Health line informed her to rush to hospital immediately She did North Shore Hospital, Auckland

She was placed in a side room filled to the brim with others in very dire straights

They were all left there overnight with no medical checks or attention She did not receive the medication she needed throughout the night In the morning a nurse came in with taxi chits for each patient in the room.

They were loaded into taxi’s and sent to the local private Accident and Emergency clinic where they all received the care that they did not receive in hospital.

At the same time the ambulance bay was “stacked” with stationary ambulances providing potentially life saving care to injured and sick People will be DYING every day in the NZ hospital system because of this inability to provide first world emergency care.

It is broken beyond belief

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